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What music brings to your ears, Sisyphus brings to your eyes. Kinetic art, technology and design merged in stunning meditative beauty.
What music brings to your ears, Sisyphus brings to your eyes. Kinetic art, technology and design merged in stunning meditative beauty.
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February, 2018 update:

Posted by Bruce Shapiro (Creator)

It's been a busy and challenging month here at SI. Let's just dive in -

Shipping progress:

Total shipped tables to date is 828 (581 end tables, 247 coffee tables).  These numbers didn't grow as fast as we were expecting, and reason: We received feedback from a handful of backers who noted that their newly arrived coffee tables had veneer problems. One was damaged during shipping, but the others showed "buckling" - areas where the veneer had lifted. With over 500 end-tables already out in the world for some time now, we hadn't heard from any backers about this previously (nor had we seen it with our production tables here). So far, there are only a small number of veneer problem reports with the metal coffee tables, and all these are from relatively high humidity locales. But we take this issue very seriously. We think we know what the problem is, and why it's showing up now. Our veneers are real wood, and all wood acts as a sponge when it comes to humidity. We ran into this problem (though in a different way) with our original solid wood design for the wood table's top hoop last year. (For those of you interested in the details, look back at Update #13, March 4, 2017). Both then and now, the vertical grain direction maximizes expansion / contraction in the horizontal direction. A metal coffee table's horizontal veneer strips are significantly longer than an end-table's strip, making the expansion / contraction forces greater - the likely reason we hadn't seen this with the end tables. The solution we have chosen is to change to horizontal grain direction for the strips, which greatly reduces humidity-caused changes in the strip's length (by a factor of ~10). Plus, they look great!

metal coffee tables with new grain orientation
metal coffee tables with new grain orientation

If you have received your table and it has veneer, please run your hand along the four veneer strips surrounding the side of the table. You may feel very small elevations, which is normal, but there should be no large or visible areas where the veneer has separated from the underlying powder-coated steel. Please notify us on our support site if you find problems or have questions. Rest assured - if  your table is affected, we will make it right.

Because of potential return-shipping expenses, until we have more feedback on our new veneer strategy, we are temporarily holding shipping outside of the US.

(The wood table veneer process is completely different than the metal table's - wood tables are NOT affected by this problem.)

Wood table status -

I know it's been a long wait, but the first crated, white-glove service delivery of a wood table is scheduled to be picked up March 5 - destination: San Francisco. We have turned our downstairs space (previously the prototype lab, Micah's office, and our "showroom") into the wood table assembly center. Once we have confirmation our shipping strategy looks solid, we have lots of tables ready to go!

wood table assembly space
wood table assembly space

We've expanded our production space -

Once we got our production chain figured out, it rapidly became clear that we could be more efficient if we had more space. The palletized cardboard for our packaging alone fills an enormous area. A space right across from the main loading dock recently became available, and we nabbed it.  We now can store far more table frames, and we moved our monster 4x8 CNC router so that now, when we have to move the many tons of aluminum composite panels (they make up the large flat parts of our tables) from the delivery semi-trailer to the CNC, it's only 20 yards away.

out of Nordeast Makers makerspace, and into our new space!
out of Nordeast Makers makerspace, and into our new space!

Backers with tables are experimenting and sharing -

I mentioned, last update, that Micah had just put up our new SI site on Reddit. The number of users continues to grow, and is now 76, and we're super excited by the stuff that's been happening there. Several of these subreddit contributors are programmers, but you don't have to be to download their tracks! I shared one backer's offering last time (reddit handle, "SlightlyLoony"). Here are four more:

recent Reddit posts,  clockwise from upper left, - experimental creations by hero-pup, lagomorph, dithermaster, and markyland
recent Reddit posts, clockwise from upper left, - experimental creations by hero-pup, lagomorph, dithermaster, and markyland



We've received many requests from backers who've received their tables, for information about how they can order another - for themselves, family, friends. We also get a ton of email asking the same question, from people who missed the Kickstarter campaign. If you are a backer, we already have your contact information, and we will keep you up to date on when more orders are possible. If not, you can sign up to be notified on our website. We are nearing 15,000 email addresses on our list. The reason we have not begun taking new pre-orders yet is to ensure that we stay focused on our most important goal: Making sure we get the highest quality art tables we can build to our Kickstarter backers as quickly as we can. Most of you are phenomenally kind and patient - you're amazing, and it's deeply appreciated. Some of you are frustrated that we don't provide specific shipping dates well in advance of shipping. That is because we can't. Quality assurance takes precedence over delivery date. Despite the current temporary delay related to veneer issues with the metal coffee tables, we are still on track to complete all fulfillment by the end of summer. But if new information alters this, we will continue to be transparent and keep you up to date. Now that we are well past half-way in the fulfillment process, we are gearing up for a new "pre-order launch" open to the public. We are shooting for late March / early April. I'll be sharing more details as we get closer.

And now, for your SI moment of Zen - Collin recently texted me this video of a discovery Jimmy made at the shop:

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
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 ***WARNING*** - If you try this at home, make sure you put something soft (like felt) under the magnet. Any dirt / contaminants under the magnet can scratch the glass!

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    1. Bruce Shapiro Creator on

      Reddit is very new to me, but as I understand it, you don't have to log in to view all the posts (only to add to them). Shared tracks are not hosted on our subreddit - the three subreddit users (so far) that are sharing their tracks have put them on their Github sites (the links to these sites are on our subreddit) - here is an example:
      If you click on this link you will see SlighlyLoony's github for his experimental software that make is possible to create Sisyphus tracks in its native file format (*.thr). You will need some solid experience as a programmer to set it up on your system - but he also provides example files that are already made. To download those files, the easiest way is to click the green button "Clone or download", then choose download Zip file. Open this file once it is on your computer, and look in the example tracks folder - there you will find a pictures of the tracks on sand (jpg), thumbnail pictures (png), and the track files (thr). All the thr files can be sent to your Sisyphus by using "Upload track to Sisyphus", in Settings, using the web browser version of our app. Sorry - I know this is a lot of steps. It will get much easier in the future when we've had time to streamline things.

    2. Andrea Duncan on

      Thank you for the updates, I truly appreciate that you keep us in the loop and look forward to my table when the time comes.

    3. Missing avatar

      Lauren Richman on

      How can we download new tracks if we have never used reddit and don't want to create an account there?

    4. Bruce Shapiro Creator on

      That's an experiment by hero_pup - you can read about how he did it on on the SI subreddit:

      Glad you like your table :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Dan Bowersox on

      How did someone change the color of the LED?? Did I miss it in the set up or in the ap?

      LOVE my table!! 2 glasses of wine and the table and some relaxed conversation and that's an evening! So peaceful!

    6. Missing avatar

      Macnyc on

      Still totally fascinated by my table and thrilled with it. Thanks for the suggestion about Reddit - will do. I have a whole folder on my phone - can't pass by without taking a shot. Much to my amazement, however, the cats completely ignore it - I thought they would like it even more than I do! Best of luck.

    7. Robrynola

      Received my end table and it’s perfect so far. When can we typically expect coffee table after receiving end table? Can we drive to Minnesota and pick up sooner if delayed delivery on coffee table? Finally do you have extra end tables for sale?

    8. Missing avatar

      James on

      Regarding the video with the magnet, I'm going to try putting paper on the surface of the glass (preventing scratches) and attaching a pen/pencil/sharpie to the magnet to get a permanent "drawing" of the pattern.