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What music brings to your ears, Sisyphus brings to your eyes. Kinetic art, technology and design merged in stunning meditative beauty.
What music brings to your ears, Sisyphus brings to your eyes. Kinetic art, technology and design merged in stunning meditative beauty.
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January 2018 update:

Posted by Bruce Shapiro (Creator)

Now that we're on the other side of holiday season and despite the arctic weather many of us have endured, the days are starting to lengthen, it's time for a brief update on our progress:

Shipping metrics: We're just about to cross the half-way mark of fulfillment in terms of raw numbers of tables (736 out of 1547 total, across all award levels). However, this does not mean we've shipped nearly half of every type of table. The current breakdown of shipped tables:  

  • 22" metal, 2017 estimate - nearly all the domestic rewards; 25 to Canada; 5 to the UK; 5 to Australia. 
  • 36" metal, 2017 estimate - 167 domestic (of about ~575).

Yes, we are behind in our 2017 delivery estimates for most of you. From the onset, our stated plan was to start with the smallest (therefore easiest) tables, develop and refine the assembly ->test->pack->ship process, and then once we received feedback from those who received them, add the next “hardest” tier – the metal coffee tables. These two metal table rewards far outnumber the wood table orders, so we concentrated on them first. This does not mean, however, that wood table fabrication was stalled (as pictures I've posted attest). But for all our award levels, the major issue that has limited delivery speed has been ensuring your table survives the trip once it leaves our dock. The 22's have had far fewer shipping issues since they are smaller. But early "disasters" with the 36's' shipping box required both redesign of the box and the packing strategy. We have instituted these and are resuming shipping at full capacity, with a keen eye watching for further problem reports. We planned to ship our first wood table this month, but it took longer than expected to arrange both crate fabrication and "white glove" delivery service (un-crating at delivery address, in-home set up, removal of crate and packing materials). We intend to start shipping wood tables domestically in February. For those who have not yet received your tables, I know it's already been a long wait. We hear from a fair number of you every day, checking to make sure we didn't lose your info, and wanting a better arrival estimate. Please know we are doing things as fast as possible, without sacrificing quality - which will always be our highest priority. Keep in mind, that we began our very first shipments only 4 months ago, and that every month efficiency and number of tables out the door continues to climb steadily.

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90 more coffee table frames arrived at our dock yesterday. Time to bring them inside! 

Software: Our developers have been working hard on a major update of our app. We are doing the last testing and debugging now - look for these new features coming in the next week or two: 

  • more readable and intuitive interface 
  • sleep / wake / nightlight timer function 
  • pause between tracks option 
  • ability to delete playlists and tracks 

For those of you looking for more tracks from others, or composing your own, we are still working on the "Community" section of the app. We will open it once the above update rolls out and we have some feedback on it. In the mean time, Micah has created a place for techies to share knowledge and questions on Reddit in the subreddit  "/rSisyphusIndustries".

"NestedBubbles", by Tom Dilatush
"NestedBubbles", by Tom Dilatush


Other stuff:    

The kind folks at Kickstarter invited us to have one of our Sisyphus tables at their booth, at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Bev, Micah, and I flew out and experienced our first CES (mind blowing). A big shout out and thank you to Kickstarter!

Bev demo'ing the coffee table, and Micah and I being interviewed on the KS livestream
Bev demo'ing the coffee table, and Micah and I being interviewed on the KS livestream

 30 min. interview of Bruce and Micah at CES Kickstarter booth.   

Sisyphus will be at the Super Bowl! - OK, not really "at" the Super Bowl, but within 5 miles of it. If you happen to be enough of a sports nut to travel to Minnesota in February for the game this Sunday, and have some time to visit us - please stop by! (contact us for directions). The predicted high temp for game day is 11 degrees, F. (but we do have heat at the shop :)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Judith Linsenmeyer on

      Being patient, I have a large area in my family room still waiting for my coffee table. :) Love the updates.

    2. Micah Roth Collaborator on

      Copper - Been there before ;) I'll reach out to you directly to get you back on track

    3. Copper Flame on

      Help please! My husband of course immediately started messing with the firmware and bricked it. Could you please send us a copy of the firmware? Or a download link? Please?

    4. Missing avatar

      Shannon Knispel Robinson on

      We've had our table awhile now and love it! It works perfectly! When times get tough, just wanted you to know you have another very satisfied backer out there who is cheering you on!
      One of our great joys is seeing the looks on the faces of people when they first see the table at our house! They are stunned, amazed, and want to get one for themselves. Keep up the great work! We're with you all the way!

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Schoettler on

      My new table has arrived and is nothing short than awesome! My son, who has a masters in computer science and programs satellites, sat with me the evening we set it up. We both watched in amazement the table create unbelievable patterns. I lost count the number of times he said “that is so cool!”. I have to agree... I love it!!!

    6. Kimberly Nicole Smith on

      So I got my table well over a month ago but I had to rearrange things to make room for it. We finally put it together last weekend. It took probably 20 minutes, much quicker than expected. The app set up even went flawlessly. It is amazing. And the cats love it. Luckily it is sturdy so the cats jumping on the top does not even phase the little ball or disturb the design. Thanks!

    7. Joseph Kremer on

      Keep up the hard work! Loving it!!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      dixon gilbert on

      Can I just add how excited I am!! Thx! for the updates, the amazing project and all the hard work!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jim Stichter on

      We really enjoyed meeting the Sisyphus team on our recent MN trip. Was neat to see the shop too, and how it was all beginning to come together for you guys! That made it even more special when the delivery guy showed up later at our door. Totally worth the wait!!! :-) A heartfelt ‘THANKS A BUNCH’ to Bruce and the entire Sisyphus team for such a brilliant product...Keep up the great work!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Anne Marchant on

      Our table is in town and should be delivered today. So excited!

    11. Missing avatar

      Juan Lacayo on

      I am super happy with my tables. Some of the best things we have in our home!

    12. Etty Farrell on

      It is perfect, an absolutely beautiful piece of "art in motion". My husband, who is an artist in his own right, thinks it is one of the most amazing things he has every seen and compliments it every time he goes into the room where the table sits. If I could I would buy 5 more, 10 more for myself and as gifts as everyone who has laid eyes on it has coveted it. Congratulations and thank you.

    13. Old Tom

      Echoing what Elliot said. Sisyphus is easily our favorite KickStarter campaign.

    14. Elliott Holland

      I have to agree. The Sisyphus campaign continues to be my all time favorite Kickstarter project. Thanks for the great communication and all the hard work so far.

    15. Shay Thurmon on

      So worth the wait. We absolutely LOVE our table. It is so peaceful to watch. We have tried some of the community designs and it is fun trying to guess early on what the design is, and then being blown away about hidden figures in them! Awesome. Keep up the good work. We will want a second one for another location!

    16. Missing avatar

      Valentin Mathis d'Arce

      Your project is simply magical.

      Your communication is fair and honest, and with a bit of kind gentle magic too.

      Each step of this adventure matters!

      Each newsletter is wonderful to discover.

      Isn't reading it the best way to continue daydreaming about this intense beauty you are bringing to the world? :)

      THANK YOU! <3

    17. Molly

      Thank you for this detailed update. Looks and sounds like things are going well.