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Watches made from recycled Mustangs, powered by an automatic mechanical engine, and a tribute to an American icon. This is the P-51!
Watches made from recycled Mustangs, powered by an automatic mechanical engine, and a tribute to an American icon. This is the P-51!
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New Project Incoming & We Need Your Help!

Posted by REC Watches (Creator)

Hey everyone!

At the end of March we are extremely excited to be launching our next Kickstarter Campaign! True to the REC Concept - and as many of you already know - this new collection will be made from recycled and salvaged classic Porsche 911's from the air-cooled era ('64-89). 

Design Sketches
Design Sketches

We simply cannot wait to show you what we've been working our a**es off on the last year, and we're very very pleased with the results! Hopefully you will appreciate the fruits of blood, sweat and tears as well! We hope to see many of you back us once again, but know that we have to earn that privilege!

If you want to know more about this upcoming collection, feel free to write us an email at or join our email campaign (just email us and we will add you!).

But we need your help!

As part of this new campaign, we want to feature small video of YOU and your experiences with REC Watches and/or the P-51 Watches! Of course, this is not without merits, and anyone who helps us out will be rewarded with a free extra strap of your choice! Along with our eternal gratitude, that is!

If this sounds interesting you, all you need to do is follow these four simple steps:

1. Grab your smartphone, tablet, camera, video camera or what other device you might have that is able to shoot video. We recommend that you use the highest possible quality for your device, as a minimum the recording has to be made in 720p (HD, 1280x720 px)   

2. We would love to see where you live! So we kindly ask you to make your recordings in a place that represent your local community the best, most interesting way - i.e. if you live in New York we do not ask you to go to the Statue of Liberty to do the recording, unless you insist, but maybe do the recording from your local coffee-shop, while waiting for the subway or what else is convenient for you while representing the place you live!

3. When ready to record please start your recording by stating your name and where you live (city and country) and show us your REC watch! - i.e. Hi I'm NAME from CITY in COUNTRY and this is my (i.e P-51)... or My name is NAME and I come from CITY, COUNTRY and this is my (i.e P-51)...  

Be natural, feel comfortable! We don't want this to feel forced or staged. So be you and don't dress up for the occasion, unless you insist.

4. Answer the three questions below. Please make sure to include the question in your answer (see examples below)

- What made you choose the P51?
Remember to answer something like: The reason why I wear/chose the P51-01... or I choose/got/bought a REC watch because...  

- Are you happy with your P51?
Remember to answer something like: I am ....... with my watch because...  

 - Would you recommend REC watches to others?
Remember to answer something like: Yes/no, I would/wouldn't recommend others to buy a REC watch...  

That's it!

The video contribution doesn't need to exceed 30 seconds. 

You can make you video today if you like, but we would need you submission no later than 28-02-2017! If you are up for this and want to help out, please contact Christian at for more information and to confirm your contribution.

Thanks in advance!

Christian & Jonathan

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