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Watches made from recycled Mustangs, powered by an automatic mechanical engine, and a tribute to an American icon. This is the P-51!
Watches made from recycled Mustangs, powered by an automatic mechanical engine, and a tribute to an American icon. This is the P-51!
553 backers pledged DKK 3,193,364 to help bring this project to life.

UPDATE: Fulfillment Status Pt. 2

Posted by REC Watches (Creator)

Hi everyone!

After some very very hectic days, here comes 2nd part of the fulfillment update! Truth be told none of us have ever experienced so hectic and consuming days as the last 96 hours!

There are a few points to go through, where not all points relate to all backers, but please read to the end none-the-less ;-)

1. ALL but eight (8) Kickstarter rewards have now been sent! We were literally near collapsing when FedEx came late friday afternoon, which is the only reason why those eight have not been shipped. The affected backers will be notified and the orders will be shipped out first thing next week (FedEx does not pick up during weekends)! 

We went 3 days without sleep packing these (no surrender!!), and I must confess that my brain was pretty fried at the end there. As such, mistakes may have occurred. If you order does not match your pledge, please just let me know via 

2. I understand that many of you have not received a FedEx tracking number. Do not worry - this does not mean your order was not shipped - FedEx are just bloody morons sometimes, and awfully slow at sending the tracking numbers. I will contact our FedEx customer account manager there first thing Monday to hear what's what. To stress this point, a small handful of backers may even have received a tracking number and then a cancellation email immediately after, because FedEx had botched the first packing slips. Again, this does not mean your order was not shipped.

Further, it seems that some have been informed that they need to pay for shipping. I want to stress that this is incorrect; we have already paid for shipping. Customs, however, necessarily should be paid by yourself (as with all international orders). 

3. As mentioned in the last update, some of the Kevlar straps did not pass the QC, and there is no way in hell we will be sending out faulty products. Again, this will affect a small handful of backers, and I will personally contact each. Once we get the next batch of Kevlar straps - which should be pretty soon - these will be sent. It's also possible to change to one of the other extra straps (Denim/Olive) for immediate replacement. 

4. As some of our Danish backers noticed (many of which have already received their watches) the story cards were not active earlier today. That's now fixed, and all story cards will now link to a (pretty darn cool, if-i-may-say-so-myself) video of the specific car which became your watch. All story cards are both NFC (Android-compatible) and QR compatible, but if you run into any trouble activating it, just let me know!

5. We literally received all the watch rolls Thursday evening (again, pretty stressful!) and found that the color tone of the brown watch roll did not match that of the Kickstarter campaign (it's a darker brown). It's too late to change now, and we have sent those (darker) brown rolls to all backers who opted for a brown watch case in the survey. Still, we feel that the quality remains pretty good :-)

6. I've already received a few emails on how to set the time and date on the watches, so I figured I would address that in this update as well. Please note that a guide is attached in the accompanying instructions manual as well, but here goes: Once the crown is loose/screwed out, you can pull it out in two positions, which you can actually both hear and feel. The first position, where it's not completely out, sets the date. The other position, with the crown completely out, sets the time. As easy as fresh-baked pie!

Also, for those who may be unfamiliar with Automatic watches: If the watch does not run when you receive it, simply put it on for about and hour, and watch the magic happen! ;-)

Finally, changing the straps is designed to be incredibly easy. ALL the straps come with a quick-release system, which is basically just a visible pin, on the back. Press in the pin with a fingernail and voila!

7. All the watches are equipped with anti-reflective coated sapphire top glass of the highest quality, why the glass will have a blue-ish glow in certain light. This is completely normal.

8. We've experienced that the Green Olive leather (extra) strap can leave residue color on your wrist when used. This is especially true in humid weather conditions, and you may have experienced something similar with other colored leather products. Again this is completely normal (although a little annoying), but should completely disappear after it's been used a few times.


I hope, and think, that addresses all the points which have I had noted! If not, you know where to find me. I will also answer all the inquiries which have been sent via email or the Kickstarter message system. In the mean-time, your patience only has to last a little while longer!

I truly hope, and solemnly believe, that the product lives up to all your expectations! It's no secret that this is our very first automatic watch, and we have been very very prickly about all the details (hence the delay) - so we simply cannot wait to hear your feedback and wristshots!

Rock on! 

Jonathan & Christian!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Fernando Sosa on

      Just one more thing about the case, if you look at 9 o'clock it is the front of the Mustang, at 3 o'clock looks like the back of it with the 3 lines on each side like the back lights of the car. You really made it up to the last detail!

    2. Missing avatar

      Fernando Sosa on


      I got my watch on Tuesday, it's just great! Better than expected. I love every single detail. The dial with the Vin number is gorgeous. The PR looks great, and the window with the time and date just fantastic.
      The straps are also pretty cool. The box kind of car oil can is very cool and original.
      And the idea of the card with the QR code to watch the video adds value to the product and the dream of Mustang!
      And the case, it's fantastic, I love it! Everybody as me about the watch it is really cachy!
      Very good job guys! Thank you very much.

      Fernando Sosa

    3. Missing avatar

      Sudarshan on

      Hi Jonathan & Christian
      I received my P51-01-0084 yesterday i paid 30% more on the duties felt it was a bit high, this feeling disappeared once i had the feel of the watch. You guys have done a great job, the watch looks brilliant feels awesome to wear and superb packing too.
      It was worth the wait.
      Thanks a lot guys.
      - Sudarshan

    4. Loren on

      Jonathan! You guys are not filling out your fed ex paperwork correctly. Fed ex will not deliver my watch because your values don't match. I need your email address to give to them ASAP or they'll be retuning the watch I paid for. This is aggravating because I've been trying to reach you and fed ex has been trying as well. Email address please.

    5. Missing avatar

      Poh TH on

      Hi Jonathan & Christian,

      I recieved my P51-01 Mustang watch last night and it is dammed awesome! It is really worth the long waiting time

      I feel compel to email you to thanks you guys for the great job, watch and the fantastic packaging. I owned a large collection of watches and I have to say this piece really stand out from the crowd. Excellent story and design work!
      And by concident, the watch no. 01-0028 match my birthday Jan 28! Haha!

      I look forward to your next project and wish you all success! Congratulation and keep it up!

    6. Missing avatar

      Marc Truant on

      I just wanted to say thank you!

      I received my P51-1 in the post today and I must say that it was worth the quality related delays.
      Fantastic job guys! Everything from the watch itself to the packaging, watch roll and spare strap, it's all perfect. I can't wait to see what you come up with next so I can buy it as well!
      have a great day guys!

    7. Missing avatar

      Panayiotis Lambropoulos on

      This was my 1st kickstarter investment and you guys didn't make me regret my decision. I just received my watch. Great job on the packaging - makes for a great customer experience. The watch looks and feels great. I must admit, I had my doubts as the delays were mounting but given your desire to do it right or not do it at all, the dividends paid are huge. Can't wait to start wearing my new piece and getting questions about it. My only regret at the moment might be that I didn't get 2.

    8. REC Watches 2-time creator on

      @Brian: No worries, we've encountered a few of those already. Please send an email directly to my colleague Christian at and he will help you out! :-)

    9. Brian Spaid on

      FedEx needs to know the value of the components (Movement, Case, Strap, Total value) so they can pass that required information along to US Customers. Can you please provide that?

    10. Svetoslav Popov on

      Well, I am even more impatient now :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Jan Christensen on

      Wow - how nice it is to be a danish backer...... I received my watch today, and I can confirm the very, very high quality..... Nice to wear, nice view at my wrist and it feels good to have a "storyfull" watch....
      Very well done to you guys Copenhagen......
      Gratefull thanks from me.....