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A based-on-true-life "Go the F*** to Sleep" style picture book about a recent graduate job-hunting bunny rabbit. NEW preview pics!! :)
A based-on-true-life "Go the F*** to Sleep" style picture book about a recent graduate job-hunting bunny rabbit. NEW preview pics!! :)
102 backers pledged $4,000 to help bring this project to life.

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Sending books! Another calling for mailing addresses

Hey all,

Thank you again for your support last spring. If you are among the last few who have not received your book in the mail, there is a good chance that you fall into the category of those who haven't provided a mailing address to me :)

Please send it on over if you would still like to receive your book! If you are having trouble working your way around the kickstarter emailing mechanism, shoot an email to

As an update from me, I just completed this awesome project for a guy who wanted to create a picture book for his girlfriend. A couple of pictures can be viewed on the facebook page: The book contains 15 scenes of their favorite first dates spanning 3 cities: Boston, LA, and SF.

Hope you all are well.

Happy holidays!


Mailing out some books!

Hey guys - I'm just chillin, watching some dudes in suits debate on TV, while also getting books ready to send through the mail! Those of you who have submitted addresses should receive your books soon. Those of you who still haven't sent addresses should do it as soon as you can, so that I can send yours as well. Thanks so much! - Tina

Books have arrived!


Yes, that's right ... my living room resembles a mini version of the back room of barnes and nobles, except that all the books are Bunny Books. 

(Shouldn't all book stores be like that?)

Anyways, I am really psyched about how they came out. The hardcover makes them 1000x more professional-looking, and I couldn't be happier. 

Excited to share them with you!!!


Book printing update!

Hey everyone - quick update re. book printing: I received word that my books should be arriving (to me) during the week of September 24. Once they arrive, I'll ship them to you via media mail :)

Thank you for your patience!

Super Important Notice - All Backers!


Hi guys!

Part-way before the end of the campaign, I added an extra incentive to encourage people to donate: the opportunity to have your name in a printed "thank you" page of the book. So as not to make it a financial burden to my friends who wished to support me, I offered this incentive to anyone who pledged at any level (not typical of kickstarter - usually people ask for some threshold amount).

The problem is that I may have captured some people who wish to remain anonymous. If this is the case - let me know ASAP if you'd prefer to remain anonymous in the book!

- If you're a friend of mine and I know that you were aware of the "thank you page" incentive, and you don't reply to me on this, I'll assume that you want to be listed

- If you are connected to me through a friend or are a member of the kickstarter community, I'd prefer that you email me about this ASAP. I'll try to follow up individually, too. If I don't hear, I'll only list your first name and last initial if available.

Here's the list of backers:

thanks !!

xx, Tina

oh ps - HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

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