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A based-on-true-life "Go the F*** to Sleep" style picture book about a recent graduate job-hunting bunny rabbit. NEW preview pics!! :)
102 backers pledged $4,000 to help bring this project to life.

HOURS LEFT to get your name into the book's "Thank You" pages & "The Washington Monthly"? Cool!

Hey all - the clock on the kickstarter thing is ticking, and now it's down to just HOURS left for backers to make their pledges and get their names into the "Thank You" acknowledgements of the book. 


Since the Huffington Post, I've been seeing news of my book just POP UP places ... without me begging reporters to cover my story! The news is making itself ... ohh yeah :)

Here it is in the Washington Monthly's blog titled "College Guide." Washington Monthly is a regional DC magazine whose editor in chief is a former speechwriter for President Clinton. Being a huge fan of Bubba's speeches (I shook the President's hand once!) of course I am a fan. 

Unfortunately, this reporter didn't do a ton of research like the others (well it was just a small blog post but still). Though the writer clearly liked my book, it does kind of bother me that he ended the piece with "but she still hasn't secured an actual job." I do work regularly for a small company/startup that pays me money... in addition to publishing my book, which is a LOT of work in itself! Now, lets say that the reporter didn't know about the work I do for the startup. There's still the publishing, which I unflinchingly consider genuinely to be work. It's untraditional, but I love it, and I don't see why being an artist/publisher can't in itself qualify as an "actual job." #artsgetnolove

Regardless - I'll still take it! #yaymoremedia

Rabbit Careers by Daniel Luzer

... Apparently Mercado eventually published the book, which you can see here. It’s really entertaining, though it’s likely exactly the sort of book that only appeals to adults (what kids want to read about job hunting?).

“Creating this book has been one of my proudest accomplishments,” Mercado told Kingkade. “I really believe that if your basic needs are taken care of, there are other things to be proud of besides how much money you make.”

That’s certainly true, though it’s worth pointing out that, despite the MBA and the book, “Bunny” still doesn’t seem to have secured an actual job.

Read the entire article here

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