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Help us revolutionize the equipment amateur athletes have at their disposal with this ECG-monitoring t-shirt.
Help us revolutionize the equipment amateur athletes have at their disposal with this ECG-monitoring t-shirt.
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Update: Our Technical Triumphs and Our App Improvements

Posted by HeartIn Inc. (Creator)

Dear backers,  

it has been a bit more than a month since our last update. We worked really hard to make our project happen. And now we have some great news to share with you! We have already ordered all parts and on May 28 started manufacturing our first batch of 1000 pcs. All the final assembly will be done in Florida and we would be proudly using devices that are Made in the US.

Here is our current manufacturing timeline:

  • PCB - in progress, release date 07/15
  • Plastic boxes - tools are done, samples shipped, release date 07/10
  • T-shirt final samples confirmed, release date 08/31
  • Package boxes - design in progress, release date 08/01
  • Assembling process from 07/15 to 08/15, vendor is ready after receiving PCB
  • Button snaps ordered, shipping date 07/05
  • iOS app - in beta stage, testing, release date 09/15
  • Android app - BT, signal quality was tested, UI in progress. Alpha version release date 07/15, beta 08/15, release 09/15
  • Bulk shipping preparation - 08/31-09/10, release date 09/15

Plastic box design 

Hear is how our final HeartIn model will look like (3D model renderings): 

Here is how the real HeartIn box parts will look. Check out how small and beautiful they are:

Testing process never stops while we do the manufacturing  

Our team doesn't stop perfecting the user's experience and working on bugs fixing. We do our best to ship the perfect product to you, guys. Here is an example, our early adopters - professional athletes are testing the samples now. It’s a pilot with the National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine, to provide and validate new algorithms to measure everything we need in aerobic and anaerobic regiments.

Good news on the battery side - we had projected about 2 hours, but our real environment tests show that the battery can last up to 10 hours.

Design, iOS app and features

We are constantly improving our app to allow you using it not only for your workouts while wearing HeartIn T-shirt, but throughout the day, setting up your health goals and monitoring your progress.  

If you'd like to, you can play with the current app version here:  

Alternatively, you can register at, click the button on your dashboard “Download from App Store” and play on your device. At the moment, we only support iOS, but Android app is on it's way.

Our current version has following features:

  • HR showing with graphs
  • Targets for the whole time, time for high HR, distance etc.
  • HRV measurement to calculate Total TRIMP and Fatigue indices
  • TRIMP zones
  • Real-time monitoring of electrocardiogram and detection of heart rhythm abnormalities   
Here are some of the screenshots:

Now you see that we are on track to deliver your HeartIn in time. Let's share that news with your friends! They still can preorder HeartIn with the significant discount to the retail price.  

Please, send us back your opinions and feedback about what you like to add or change.  

Have a great day!  

HeartIn team


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