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A stealth inspired deck of playing cards custom made with metallic engraved symbols (Heart, Diamond, Club and Spade) on every card.
A stealth inspired deck of playing cards custom made with metallic engraved symbols (Heart, Diamond, Club and Spade) on every card.
838 backers pledged $28,428 to help bring this project to life.


Hi Everyone,

Shipping is in full swing

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ratna Vangara on

      I live in IL and haven't received my cards either. Mr. Anes, you need to respond and inform everyone what is going on with our orders.

    2. Raymond Wong on

      Maybe They have already arrived. You just can't see them because they are "Stealthed"...Okay lousy joke, I have not received mine either :(

    3. Riekelt Goucem on

      As to this day, still haven't got my cards either...

    4. Stan Sieler

      Bill ... thanks!

      I've emailed him. I'm hoping I'm not out $100.

      Still, AK should be posting here on a daily basis, telling people how many orders he shipped each day, or explaining why he hasn't.

    5. Bill Loewen on

      Give him a call.. 248-207-2322 or send him an email

    6. Joshuah Torres on

      I never received my cards either. What do we do?

    7. Missing avatar

      Arnaud Caffort on

      I never get mysets of stealth cards!!!! Why? You kept the 55$. I'm waiting for your answer

    8. Bill Loewen on

      @Roger Would you mind posting a link to the sale page on ebay?

    9. Mondo Alcorn on

      Yeah no joy here yet, I think this maybe it

    10. Roger on

      I got a few decks off of eBay he was selling the quality is horrible I hope what I got was. Prototype because they are unshuffleable you can fan them they mark so easy. I have already gotten my pillow though and the poster arrived it was damaged and not save able

    11. Lars Haendler on

      I haven't received my cards yet. Do I have to worry?

    12. jsjamboree on

      Still waiting myself, in IN. Buddy received his a couple of weeks ago and lives right by me. Have not received response to my messages either. Must have shipped out a small percentage and then stopped.

    13. Mike Eid

      I just realized I have not received my cards either. As long as they will be sent relatively soon I am fine, but I want to make sure they were not shipped but not delivered.

    14. Lisa Kruse

      Nothing here in Illinois yet

    15. Missing avatar

      Theresa Butler on

      Good to see there are other people who've not received their cards so I'm not alone. Have they all gone out? I keep checking my mailbox. :(

    16. Fred Almonte on

      I'm still waiting for mine here in NY. My friends have gotten theirs several days ago.

    17. Crashdoom on

      Received mine today! Very nicely made, although the box is a little dented, but that's just the rough handed UK post! Dated April 12, 2013

    18. David Hampson on

      Hey Yuvraj - Good to hear that you got your cards, I'll be keeping a look out.

    19. Missing avatar

      yuvraj arora on

      i got mine today.. dont wanna comment on them but yeah i got them

      you guys should get yours soon i suppose.

    20. Paul Emous on

      I wonder what is in those packaging if we all did not receive our cards... Why go through all the effort and then don't ship?

      Anes, please update?

      Thank you,

    21. David Hampson on

      I guess no one has heard anything then eh? :( This is a shame because I thought that backing the "small people" who like me dream of putting a deck together would be a great idea and very rewarding.

      As disappointed as I am in the lack of communication here, I hope that you will be able to give us an update soon.


    22. Missing avatar

      Dean Howard on

      Mr AK Graphx, whatever problem you are having, you need to let all your backers know. Shit happens in business and running away from it is a serious character flaw. It is a whole bag of guilt that you will have to carry with you for the rest of your life. It is definitley not worth it for the amount of money we are talkng about here. You said that you only needed $12 000 to get this off the ground and you received over $28 000. If it was $28 million then I could see the temptation to run off to a tropical island and retire with a bevy of beautiful girls. But $28 000 barely buys you a decent motorbike. So what has happened? What went wrong? Let us all know so we can all come up with a solution. It's only a deck of cards - it's not life or death. We all loved your idea and design and you could have a great future if you can get this delivered. Don't be one of those assholes, be a real man, stand up and let everyone know what has happened and you will be surprised how may people will actually help you out.
      I hope you are still around and checking these posts and can hear the disappointment in people's messages.
      Life is too short to be like this.
      Dean. Australia.

    23. Missing avatar

      yuvraj arora on

      yeah i doubt he ll call back.. his last reply was on the 19th of march almost a month ago , i am in india and thought that it would take longer than usual for me but after reading all the comments am worried now....

      come on AK do the right thing....
      replying n comforting all your backers is the least you can do ....

    24. Bill Loewen on

      I will pass along any info I get but I doubt he will call me back

    25. Kevin Cox on

      Would appreciate you updating us Bill since it seems that we can't get an official update.

    26. Bill Loewen on

      So I did some investigating and came up with his personal cell phone #.. left him a voice mail lets see if he returns my call.

    27. Missing avatar

      Martin Salter on

      This is a disgrace, it's theft and fraud and taking advantage of people who have backed and believed in you.

    28. Missing avatar

      Reza Nia on


      Its not like i am in some weird obscure place thats difficult for shipping. I am in London and if i have not received it after all this time, it clearly means it was not sent in the first place. You are ignoring every single person who is writing to you because you have taken our money and dont give a damn what we say anymore. Shame on you. I shall be contacting kickstarter to complain and hope everybody else also does the same.

    29. Kate on

      Still waiting in Virginia. I agree with the others, there should be some sort of an update.

    30. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Shotts on

      I agree, I am starting to think you only answer posts made by pretty Asian girls named Valerie...
      Still waiting in Alabama. Still waiting for the absolute coolest deck of cards I have ever seen. I hope to see them soon. Thanks.

    31. Missing avatar

      Steven T. Crosbie on

      Anes...ive been waiting for ages while you "checked into" the delivery of the cards,which STILL have not arrived. there are a lot of people on here complaining of no delivery, and poor update/correspondence. lets get a reply and an update a s a p, tired of waiting,like a LOT of others on here who sent you money. please treat our questions and concerns with the same enthusiasm when you wanted the backers, we deserve that. thank you.

    32. Missing avatar

      Erik Parker

      None in Washington either.

    33. David Cochrane on

      Same in Australia. I haven't received anything yet. Any update would be appreciated.

    34. Jason Montgomery on

      I live in Calgary and haven't gotten my deck yet. Is there a problem with shipping?

    35. Bill Loewen on

      I'm in Vancouver and I haven't seen my decks yet either.

      Update would be great..Cheers

    36. David Hampson on

      I'm in Toronto and I was just wondering if you did airmail or ground mail? Any update would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Donny on

      I'm in Texas, no sign yet, could you please at least inform us as to your shipping status, are they 50% shipped, etc...

    38. Richard Cook on

      No sign in london and I am moving in 14 days any chance of a ETA ?

    39. Missing avatar

      Ratna Vangara on

      I live in IL and haven't received it. Please update or inform when they are going out for everyone.

    40. Missing avatar

      Cindy Esthay on

      I received them today and love them. Can I order additional decks?

    41. Mac White on

      Nothing here in DC

    42. Missing avatar

      Derek G on

      No cards here either, in Arizona. Should I expect them soon? Thx

    43. Fred Almonte on

      I can't wait for mine to get here. These look like great cards.

    44. Missing avatar

      Reza Nia on

      Still waiting in London!!! Its nearly end of March and stil no sign

    45. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Shotts on

      I am also wondering about tracking #. Checking everyday, very excited!

    46. Kevin Cox on

      When are all of the cards going to be shipped? Will you be giving tracking information, or are these just being sent first class?

      It's been nearly two weeks since the last update, so I'm hoping to see mine in Cincinnati soon.

    47. Dennis Keating on

      Waiting and checking everyday! Still nothing. When did you actually ship the cards? And what method? Usually, we get pretty fast service to Honolulu.

    48. Missing avatar

      Keith Ramphal on

      Any chance of a tracking number? Still hasn't shown up for me.

    49. Missing avatar

      Charles on

      So have all the US shipments been sent? I'm very much looking forward to my Stealth backer package.

    50. AK Graphx Creator on

      International order are shipping daily, they just require more tedious paper work :( not fun