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I want to live in Tonopah, Nevada's Clown Motel — the "scariest motel in America" — for a month. Then write a book about it.
I want to live in Tonopah, Nevada's Clown Motel — the "scariest motel in America" — for a month. Then write a book about it.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Hiram G Wells
      on December 24, 2016

      Been reading the book. Feel dirty a bit greasy. Gonna go drink in the parking lot. Bastard commies

    2. Stephen Whitney
      on July 25, 2016

      yeah whats going on with the rewards?

    3. Mychal Ludwig on July 17, 2016

      Chris, have the art prints shipped yet?

    4. Stephen Whitney
      on May 17, 2016

      Any any updates on the portraits?

    5. ghostgirl on October 1, 2015

      I am unreasonably excited that this got funded. Also, ZOMG SEANCE YASSSSSS :D

    6. Melisande Bliss on September 30, 2015

      This sounds awesome! I can't wait to see how the book turns out. I'll definitely be hitting you up for a copy. Stay safe, man!

    7. Chris Visions on September 30, 2015

      Is there a room 237?

    8. Right Reverend [REDACTED] Ryan Richards on September 29, 2015

      I could use page 23 torn out of a Clown Motel Bible, that is if you're not gonna eat it.

    9. Kaitlin Edlund on September 26, 2015

      Please name your book "Clowning Around"!

    10. Missing avatar

      Delicious McAnderson on September 25, 2015

      Super excited for this Chris. I was born in Tonapah and lived there a few years. If you get bored one day take a day trip south from Tonapah on the 95 and check out the nuclear testing site at Yucca Mountain or even try to sneak into Area 51.....

    11. Joseph Snider on September 23, 2015

      This is awesome, I have made the drive through Tonopah many times when I lived in Nevada. Every time we would stop to just admire how creepy the Clown Motel was, never had the guts to stay there. Really looking forward to reading your book. Quick tip, people in Nevada take mispronunciation of the state name personal, it is "Nev-AD-a."

    12. Hay on September 21, 2015

      now this is a kickstarter worth backing

    13. Missing avatar

      Pat Cummings on September 19, 2015

      Tonopah's a great place to stay! And October will be a better time to be there than August, when we visited... Looking forward to the eBook!

    14. Mosenwrath
      on September 18, 2015

      Hey Chris, Good Luck on your stay in Tonopah. Looking forward to the completed e-book provided the clowns let you write it ;)

    15. Missing avatar

      K Dear on September 15, 2015

      Don't whisper anything about me.. Keep me out of it!! I just think your a little bit crazy and I like that about you�

    16. Hansel Moreno on September 14, 2015

      If you make it out alive that's cool but I really just want a comic.

    17. Polli Sunshine on September 14, 2015

      We are so excited to discover this project and support it. We stayed in the Clown Motel in the summer of 2013 on our journey from Houston To Seattle. Can't wait to go back!

      We also wanted to let you know that this is not the scariest motel in America. We are pretty certain that title should go to the Budget Inn in a little town named Angleton, Texas. We stayed there one sleepless night the same summer of the Clown Motel and have forever referred to it as the Murder Motel. We are pretty sure there was a body under the bed. Some highlights from that place include a microwave oven that turned itself on even though it was unplugged, demonic music coming from the room next door, duct tape holding the front door closed, and a cast of zombie-like people that looked like they had occupied the other rooms for centuries.

      ~ Rick & Paula Pursley (Everett, WA)

    18. Kylie Walker
      on September 11, 2015

      More T-shirt or postcard pledges please ... The clowns told me to ask.

    19. Robert Wilson IV on September 11, 2015

      I request that my pledge be used for something to keep you alive since these sickos insist on sending you to live in a clown motel.

    20. Alison Berry on September 7, 2015

      Chris please don't tell the murder clowns my name i don't want them to find me.