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I am building a 58-panel (80" x 56" to 80" x 7") painting space to create a four-room, psychologically charged painting-in-the-round.
92 backers pledged $10,205 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Ryan Fontaine on August 14, 2012

      CONGRATS!!!! (and sorry for the belated enthusiasm)

    2. Creator Lisa Nash on August 11, 2012

      !!!!!!!!! :)

    3. Creator Cornelia Oliver on August 11, 2012

      THANK YOU, JESSAMYN and EVERYONE!!! I am PUMPED!! Back to work!!

    4. Creator Jessamyn Lovell on August 11, 2012

      Congrats on a successful campaign! You rule! And now you can git 'er done!

    5. Creator Cornelia Oliver on June 21, 2012

      This means so much, Brigid!! I am pumped! Thank you all!!

    6. Creator Brigid Smith on June 21, 2012

      It will happen, Cornelia - We believe in YOU!
      All the best from Conn.

    7. Creator Cornelia Oliver on June 21, 2012

      THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! Can't wait to send a piece of me back! :)

    8. Creator Jackie Houck Toops on June 21, 2012

      Happy to support your artistic vision!

    9. Creator Cornelia Oliver on June 20, 2012

      THANKS SO MUCH, JOSE!! Happy you are getting to ride with Maria and Adam and the baby to NJ! Wish I could be there with you all! Send my love to the family!

    10. Creator Jose Paredes on June 19, 2012

      Nice Work I Pledged !

    11. Creator Cornelia Oliver on June 15, 2012

      @Caitlin: THANK YOU for being you and loving and supporting me for the better part os 2 decades. We have been through a lot (you were the FIRST person in a new town to invite 8 year-old me to your birthday party!) and I will not forget the love and support of it all. It has been amazing growing up with you, and I hope to be able to share this next adventure as well. :)

    12. Creator Cornelia Oliver on June 15, 2012


      From my mom: PLEASE READ and PASS ALONG!

      "Dear Noonie,

      Being a little behind in the social media world I am watching this Kickstarter thing with no small amazement.

      We knowingly acknowledge the achievement of the famous- We are all on board with Rembrandt or Kahlo, but how often do we think about the artist before he or she was The Artist, when making truth out of pigment and a square of white canvas was a compelling but lonely, uncertain activity? How many “art lovers” would see in the early unknown and unchampioned work of a peasant miller’s son the long and illustrious career of Rembrandt, or could connect with the tortured introspection of a young Mexican girl of mixed Hungarian –Jewish heritage? The early appreciators of an emerging artist are in many ways essential to that artist’s survival as a creative force- even the greatest genius needs to eat, and rejection and discouragement take a toll. If the essence of art is an interaction between the creator and her audience, its survival and development is often an interaction between the creator and her patrons.

      I wish I could send you a pope or a Medici-or a Medici pope-to underwrite your endeavors. (Even Michelangelo’s projects got a little out of hand as he struggled to express on flat plaster the workings of his inventive imagination.)
      If 400 friends, admirers and just kind strangers send you $25 each, your project is funded. If 200 friends, admirers and just kind strangers send you $50 your project is a reality. Unbelievable.

      This is a hard climate to ask for money, but you have little choice but to ask and be grateful for what people can spare. What is meant to happen will happen, but if they can the friends, admirers and just kind strangers who see what you are capable of will try to help you get there. And you will always remember-and celebrate- their kind investment in your remarkable potential.

      ~Your Mom"

    13. Creator Caitlin Burns on June 15, 2012

      I can't believe I won!!! I never win anything and this is such an incredible prize. Cornelia has been one of my dearest friends for more than 17 years. I have watched her grow as an artist and it has been an amazing journey. I will hang this peice in my home with honor. I think I saw it at every stage in its creation. I never thought I would be able to afford one of these remarkable pieces and I am so excited that I will have an original from one of Cornelia's first collections to call my own. I know what this painting means to you, Noon, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to give it a home. Please encourage everyone you know to support Cornelia's dream. She never does anything small, this is a grand endeavor and I certainly just won a grand prize.