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I'm making a robot to perform in weddings. Ring bearer, flower girl, dancer, officiant (!)... WeddingBot can do it all.

Hi, I'm Jon Schmig and I'm making a wedding robot. I think having a robot in a wedding is an amazing idea. It's too late for my wedding, but I think other people will be interested.

This wedding robot is a battery-powered remote control vehicle that will perform various tasks associated with wedding ceremonies AND receptions. The robot is currently being built but the final feature-set will depend on funding.  WeddingBot could function as a ring bearer, a flower girl, an usher, a dancer, or even an officiant.

What makes me think I can just build a wedding robot? Well, last year I built my first robot, an automomous roving robot named Charlie. Charlie rolls around a tries not to bump into things, and he makes beeping sounds. He's kind of like a pet.

Making Charlie was a fantastic learning experience. I knew how to write a computer program but before making Charlie I didn't know much at all about electronics or basic electrical components. I now know all about voltage and current, resistors and capacitors, soldering those parts together without melting them, and I know a LOT about the Arduino. Arduino is a microcontroller, or a small computer that fits on a single circuit board.

Arduino will also be the brains of the wedding bot. Instead of little rubber wheels, though, this robot will have heavy-duty tank treads, Johnny Five-style. On top of the tank will sit a little tuxedo'd torso containing all the robot guts. On top of that will be the robot's head, a cube that rotates with eyes that blink.

Once I've finished the robot my plan is to rent him out to anyone who thinks a robot would be the perfect addition to their special day. I'm sure there are nerds in love out there who will jump at the chance. I want to help make their dream come true.

Robot parts are expensive and this is why I need your help. In order to realize my ultimate vision for the WeddingBot I need lots more parts, things like servo motors, bluetooth receivers, text-to-speech translators, compressed air canisters, and aluminum sheeting.

So please help me out if you can. Thank you!

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There are always aspects to a project that don't go quite as planned, but I'm confident that I'll be able to overcome any hardware or software challenges that arise in the development process.


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    PROJECT UPDATES - You'll get a hearty Thanks and also detailed email updates about WeddingBot progress, if you wish.

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    CUSTOM VIDEO MESSAGE - I'll create a video of the WeddingBot delivering any provided message while gesturing appropriately, up to 1 minute in length. I'll post the videos on YouTube and provide you with a private URL.

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    WEDDINGBOT APPEARANCE - Have a robot at your party, BBQ, game night, etc., pending WeddingBot's availability and limited to the Twin Cities area. This is just an appearance for fun, where it's not necessarily all about the robot.

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    PLAYDATE! - Get to know the WeddingBot, learn about how it works and have a little fun driving it around. Also pending availability. Twin Cities area preferred but I may make exceptions for other areas of MN and WI.

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    WEDDING! - Give WeddingBot the satisfaction of fulfilling its destiny and give your guests a memory they'll never forget. This is a limited-time introductory price. Any location in the Upper Midwest will be considered.

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