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Please support our feature film documentary telling the story of the UK Video Games Industry from 1979 to the present day.
Please support our feature film documentary telling the story of the UK Video Games Industry from 1979 to the present day.
932 backers pledged £60,550 to help bring this project to life.

Rob Hubbard and Ben Daglish signed and numbered soundtrack album

We are very proud to announce that you can now pre-order your copy of the soundtrack for the film which will feature all new music from Rob Hubbard and Ben Daglish. We have new soundtrack related perks that will only be available during this campaign, so when the campaign ends they will not be made available again! These include signed and numbered copies of the album by Rob and Ben, a 'Making of the Music' documentary featuring Rob and Ben writing and performing the music for the film. We also have a highly unique perk, a display case containing Rob's sheet music and CD performance of his classic 'High Score theme' from 'Commando', placed in a unique presentation display, along with the game artwork signed and numbered by him. See attached clip for a sample of Rob performing this theme on a Steinway piano specially for the film soundtrack. 

As these items are signed and numbered by Rob and Ben, those numbers will start at 1 and run upwards until the campaign ends. In fairness, each number will be assigned in the order that the perks are claimed.

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    1. Nicola Caulfield & Anthony Caulfield 4-time creator on

      Hi all, please note we have just created and launched some updated perks that for ease bundle the film and soundtracks together. We have also launched a kind of 'mega bundle' that allows you with just the single pledge to have all of the merchandise along with your name in the end credits included with the film and soundtrack. Because we've created a discount as an incentive for this bundle, some of you may need to re-scale your pledges accordingly and now just grab the tier you really want rather than having to message us to let us know you paid on top of a previous tier.

      Hopefully this makes things easier for everyone but if you have any questions just let us know.

      best wishes,

      Anthony & Nicola

    2. Missing avatar

      Jay Loring - Xenon Special Forces

      Think that £50 is a bit of a ridiculous high price to pay for a CD. I had upgraded my pledge to this level thinking that I would still get the Blu-ray included too, but have now downgraded to the DVD edition (never really understood why blu-rays cost more than DVDs when the major cost is the making the movie and not the blank disc it is burned onto). Have backed over 40 kickstarter projects and this is the first time that I have ever even considered backing out, but I just love my retro games and am really interested in watching this documentary. Please note that all kickstarter projects that I have backed always included the previous tiers unless it was an upgrade (dvd to br, download to box etc.)

    3. Nicola Caulfield & Anthony Caulfield 4-time creator on

      Hi all, we've noticed that some backers have been writing to us with some confusion over this.

      Just to be clear, the soundtrack represents a different product and stands separately from the main film product. If you want the soundtrack (in either format, digital or hard copy) then you have to scale up your contribution (whatever it may be) to meet it. For example if you have already pledged £30 for the Blu-ray version of the film and you now want the signed and numbered CD Soundtrack then you need to 'up' your contribution by another £50. If you only wanted the digital MP3 soundtrack perk then just 'up' your contribution by £25, and then drop us a message to confirm your order.

      It seems some people have been inadvertently cancelling their copy of the film which they may have pledged £20 for the DVD version for originally because they have upped their pledge by £5, thinking they were going to get both, but in reality they have only spent £25. So Kickstarter assumes you no longer wanted the original perk, (which for this example is the film) and just leaves you with the soundtrack and no longer a copy of the film.

      The making of the music documentary is only part of the £50 CD and is not part of the £25 download CD version, as this is what makes the £50 CD unique to Kickstarter along with the signatures of Rob and Ben. Also just to confirm the ‘making of the music’ documentary is unique to the Hardcopy soundtrack CD only and will not be appearing on either the DVD or Blu-ray copies of the film.

      We hope this clarifies everything.

      Best wishes,

      Anthony & Nicola

    4. Missing avatar

      Scott Mackay on

      yep, I'm assuming they are separate pledges - although a confirmation would be useful :-). Still not sure then how to do multiple pledges - you only get one choice with the radio button (and I want to select the DVD and the CD)

    5. Missing avatar

      Darren on

      Yes, most times it would say this and all previous ..
      Something like that.

    6. Adrian Brown on

      Yes but its unclear whether upgrading to a 25 from 20 pledge will just give the soundtrack perk or the dvd and soundtrack. If someone could clarify whether the perk pledge 25 includes the 20 dvd and likewise for blue ray etc.

    7. Marc Bright on

      I'm not associated with this campaign, just a backer, but in case this helps the previous commenters - a quick google search will show you how you can change your pledge level to a different perk.

    8. Missing avatar

      Darren on

      Kinda in the same place as Scott. I have pledged £20. Do I have to add another £25 pledge to get the soundtrack perk or can I up my pledge from 20 to 25?

    9. Missing avatar

      Scott Mackay on

      Okay how do you select multiple pledge levels. I have already selected the dvd for £20, and I'm quite interested in the CD (although £50 seems a little steep for a CD). So I would need to change my pledge to £70 but I can't select multiple pledges. Also does the digital soundtrack at £25 include the making of Mp4? Thanks