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Please support our feature film documentary telling the story of the UK Video Games Industry from 1979 to the present day.
Please support our feature film documentary telling the story of the UK Video Games Industry from 1979 to the present day.
932 backers pledged £60,550 to help bring this project to life.

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ZX Spectrum


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Soundtrack CD's, Perks + a little plug!

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Hi all,

We hope you are all well!

We just wanted to let everyone who is expecting a CD Soundtrack know that we now have the signed CD's back and we are packing as we speak and expect to ship them out to all to you this Friday! Please note that will include (if you are expecting them) T-Shirts and Posters, but please note that posters will come in separate packaging because we're a little old school when it comes to them and insist on rolling them and sending in tubes, but they will be sent at the same time!

Would you please make sure your address info on Kickstarter is up to date with your latest address and contact details as this is what we will be using to create our address labels.

There are some developments on the more specialist perks still outstanding but we will continue to write individually to you on those so expect messages before Friday on those.

And finally, we very much hope you don't mind us mentioning but we have 3 days left to run on our new Kickstarter to do a follow up on From Bedrooms to Billions called 'The Amiga Years!. Please see new Oliver Frey created cover art above. This new film featuring new interviews will be looking at how the Amiga came to be made and then from there how it went on to have a major impact on the video games Industry. To watch the new trailer or read more about the film please visit the campaign here;

We are operating a loyalty scheme for all our original backers which is if you kindly pledge on 'The Amiga Years!' on one of the listed tiers (the minimum being a digital copy of the film or higher) then we will send you a digital link to a never before released 10min Making of Jet Set Willy starring Matthew Smith and Shahid Ahmad, plus when the new film is released you will receive the below set of 4 x A6 postcards which represent every cover of the original 'From Bedrooms to Billions' ever created, and includes Oliver Frey's original concept sketch for the film poster.

To receive the Jet Set Willy documentary link and postcards simply back as described above and then write to with just the word 'backed' and we will send you the link.

In addition if you choose to back us on The Amiga Years! at £65 or higher we will also include a high quality glossy A2 Elite Poster as shown above, just make sure you write to with the words 'backed Elite'

Thanks so much to all of you for supporting us over the last few years, we hope you don't mind the plug for The Amiga Years! and if you have any questions about your individual perks or anything else please just ask or write to us at

Best wishes,

Ant  & Nic

Happy New Year - Update on Perks!

Hi there,

Happy New Year to you all! 

Thank you so much for so many wonderful comments on our film, we are so glad that so many of you have taken the time to write to us telling us how much you enjoyed it. 

As most of you will know now the digital and physical discs have now been shipped we are now working on getting the remaining perks (signed computers, games, posters etc), T-shirts and CD-Soundtracks out very soon, as it is very important to us that 'everyone' will get exactly what they were expecting! 

If you have not received your physical copy of the film (if you were expecting one of course) do not hesitate to contact us on if you have any questions, but if you just want to ask when your perk will ship please just bear with us as it is our plan to write to every backer expecting a perk individually to make sure they all get there and quickly.

If you have ‘not’ received an email via Kickstarter requesting your T-shirt size then please get in contact asap confirming; your preferred colour (black or white) and T-SHIRT size picked from the list here; 

 S – 34-36 inch chest, M – 38-40 inch chest,  L – 42-44 inch chest,  XL – 46-48 inch chest,  XXL – 50 – 52 inch chest,  XXXL – 54-56 inch chest 

Also regarding the SOUNDTRACK as many of you will know the music was finished last year and soundtrack backers should have got a digital code. However those expecting a physical copy will also be expecting a 'Making the Music Documentary' along with the CD. This short film is virtually complete however we have a small problem that with there being so much music and the documentary being more than 20 minutes long we cannot actually fit it on the CD, there just isn't enough room. We feel it would be both a shame to chop the documentary down, or compress it to a ridiculous level just to fit it on the CD so we have decided to make it available as a separate HD download and provide you all with download codes in the next week or two.

And finally on the subject of music, the very fine Chris Huelsbeck is running a Kickstarter campaign for a Piano Collection and Score book over here; 

It got funded pretty quickly by the looks of it but with only a few days left it is really worth your support as these types of projects are a little different and (with the greatest respect) would struggle to be picked up by a commercial publisher. It is unique projects like this score book that makes Kickstarter (and other crowdfundiing sites) a really special place where creative people can find like mind individuals and they can work together to create something special.

That was our own experience with Kickstarter, the number of you (yes you) who just made that little comment, or email...something that helped, advised or enthused to nudge us back onto the clear (and rather long) path!    

Oh and if you know anyone that would like to buy the film (digitally or physical) then please help us by directing them to as we are self-distributing and really rely on people who enjoy the film to tell others.

We look forward to talking with you all again soon and once again Happy New Year!

Best wishes, 

Ant & Nic

'FREE' TICKETS TO WORLD PREMIERE - From Bedrooms to Billions

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Hi everyone, 

This update is an exact replica of our 'Backer Newsletter' that went out on 22nd August 2014. Therefore if you have already read this newsletter then there is nothing new here. However if you have not read or received this newsletter, or any of our previous newsletters then it is vital you get in contact with us as quickly as possible at because it is possible you are not aware of your backer login on our website ( or even the backer zone at all which all backers are entitled to access. The final leg of this production relies on your accessing of this area so please get in touch if you are not aware of this on and we can sort this out for you.


We have decided to keep this update very much to the point as we appreciate the need to get some straight answers out on release dates and backer copies first and foremost. Whilst we have read a few saying that we have been ‘going on about clearances’ we would appreciate if you would read this next paragraph. 

Why the delay? 

For the last 6 weeks or so we have been working on clearances. We are aware some people out there could not care less about clearances and are perhaps a little sick of us mentioning them. A clearance is the usage of a piece of material that doesn’t belong to us, so we try to find the owner and obtain that permission, tick it off the list and move on. 

Why can’t you just release what you have to all backers and to hell with it? 

Well we have been taking legal advice right the way along and we are aware of that but some clearances are more important than others, as inclusion without permission is a direct breach, such as a piece of copyright music we want to use, or an interview, or a piece of archive. However in some cases their removal would directly impact the film structure and even in some cases its quality. For example a section in the film features ‘Blue Monday’ by New Order, a great piece of music, now the band have approved its use which is great, but we are still waiting for various bits of paperwork held up by the holiday season despite near constant chasing. Now this is only one tiny example out of many different cases, but if we had created a release date set in stone say of 1st August then your version would have no ‘Blue Monday’ and then a later version released to other people could have contained the track, therefore making your version inferior in our opinion, which to us is unacceptable. Therefore it is a balancing act as to how long you should give it which is why we have been resistant to set a final release date. The plan was to really break the back on the clearances and not give unreliable dates. However the word ‘clearances’ is so ambiguous and it is such a big subject that you are getting sick of hearing about it just as much as we are sick of talking about it. Someone said to Nicola and I recently in public that we had lost credibility in our backers eyes due to the clearances, well if that is true that is sad, but we genuinely do not know another way we could have done it, not if we’re going to do the best by the film and all of you. 

Therefore we have decided to create a cut-off date of Wednesday 10th September. This allows us to push hard prior to that date, then on hitting the cut off date we remove if we know it ‘must’ be removed or make a judgment call on the others. In addition by creating this date it allows us to plan possible backups for material that may have to go or be swapped and schedule enough time to master everything up. We cannot go on any further without giving you a release date.

When is the film being released? 

The film including all extras and special features will be available to all 'backers' on Thursday 25th September from 12am GMT. Every backer who has bought a copy of the film (digital, DVD or Blu-ray) receives the digital version regardless so this delivery happens then with the physical copies (DVD or Blu-ray) being issued within 14 days as we always wanted to allow a clear 2 weeks from turning masters into physical discs. 

Please note these releases are the same for the standard version or 2 disc (4.5 hour) Special Edition versions, both come as digital ‘and’ physical versions, so regardless if you have pre-ordered a physical version you will still receive a digital version in addition to your physical version. 

When will I be getting my copy? 

Digital version (everyone) – Thursday 25th September 

Physical versions (DVD’s and Blu-rays) – by 10th October 

What about the Perks? 

We are aiming to ship everything with your copies, please note if you are to receive perks you will be contacted first to establish contact as no one likes playing the ‘will I miss the courier’ game. If we can’t establish contact with you where we need a phone number and correct address WE WILL NOT ship your perk. Some of these items are rare and no one wants the headache of replacing them if they get delivered to a rogue address. 

When can we check the end credits? 

Another newsletter will be going out next week (email if you are not getting newsletters!) with details on how to access the ‘end credits’ to the film which will allow you to check your entry if your inclusion has been established by perk or some other agreement. 

When do you want my address for postage? 

That same newsletter next week will also give instructions on how to provide us with your postal address. 

What is the difference between the 'Standard Version' and the 'Special Edition version'?

Standard Blu-ray (Comes as Digital and DVD as well!)
Standard Blu-ray (Comes as Digital and DVD as well!)
Special Edition (2-disc) Blu-ray (comes as Digital & DVD as well)
Special Edition (2-disc) Blu-ray (comes as Digital & DVD as well)

Apologies again for this appearing in each newsletter but we are asked this regularly so it is easier to just paste in the same info from last time. 

Some of you have written to us wanting a little more clarification between the standard version and Special Edition versions of this project. As all of you have pre-ordered the film therefore ‘backing’ it into existence you would all have at least bought the £15 Digital, £20 DVD or £30 Blu-ray versions. We are ourselves only going to do one replication run of this film so we have always used the wording ‘Backers Version’ or ‘Pre-order Version’. However this is ‘not’ the 2-Disc Special Edition! The 2-Disc Special Edition has been around for over a year now, devised on the Kickstarter boards by you as a place where so much of the extra footage can reside. This Special Edition contains a 2.5 hour bonus disc with a huge number of extended interviews, game makings of, music makings of and is the most comprehensive and we would say because of its limited nature the most collectible version of the entire project! This 2-Disc version is open only to pre-order backers of the film and will never be available in this same form with this exclusive Oliver Frey reversible cover again. Out of fairness to all our backers the only way to get hold of this version is by upgrading your standard copy of the film (digital, DVD or Blu-ray) as soon as possible by clicking here to visit the ‘Backers Zone’ clicking the ‘CUSTOM PLEDGE AMOUNT’ button near the top right of the page and paying the one-off £20 upgrade fee and in your PayPal note stating your current version (i.e. DVD) and that the £20 is to upgrade your current version to the Special Edition. Your PayPal receipt will act as your proof of upgrade as we receive the same info at the same time as it is not recorded by the site as the item is not available as a standalone product, the Special Edition is simply an upgrade option

 Please note, the version of the film on either the Special 2-Disc version or Standard Edition is identical, the difference is the second bonus disc (or folder if you're upgrading your digital version) with the 2.5 hours of extras! 

Please also note, if you are already a backer from Indiegogo or Kickstarter though you have access to the website and login, when you do login it does not contain your pledge info. This is simply because that info is recorded on the Indiegogo and Kickstarter platforms and it would have been a waste of resources transferring all that data over when it is actually still on those sites anyway. Anyway who does order anything via the website will find those items stored. 

Public Screenings of the film?

Again that newsletter next week will give you full instructions on how to come along to one of our public screenings of the film, all starting with EGX on 25th September, the day we officially release the film. 

And finally… 

We hope you haven’t lost your faith in us, everyone may have different feelings on that we’re sure, but it doesn't really matter, what does matter to us is we feel we have created something that is far greater than the sum of its parts, a record of a wonderful time in both of our lives and that you will be getting that and hopefully enjoy watching it as we have enjoyed making it. Yes it took more than two years, but we never expected to shoot 147 interviews (107 more than originally planned) and find so many supporters along the way. 

Oh and one final thing…if anyone’s still listening that is…the film is 2 hours and 20 minutes long! That’s right I know we said 2 hours but try as we might we couldn't get the main story any lower…there was just too much to tell. Our original backers on Indiegogo back in June 2012 who were told ‘a 90 minute documentary with 20 – 30 interviews’ will be able to see better than anyone how far we have all come. That extra 20 minutes is because we wanted to do the best by the project, and yes, if we had stuck to 20-30 interviews and a 90 minute running time we would have done it a lot faster of course but we don’t think it would have even been comparable to what we now have. 

Until next week! 

Best wishes, 

Ant & Nic