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Please support our feature film documentary telling the story of the UK Video Games Industry from 1979 to the present day.
932 backers pledged £60,550 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Tuxzek on February 28

      A big Hello to Nicola and Anthony, I wanted to post an update with feedback but have been busy with various bits. So here goes, I finally got to see From Bedrooms about 4 weeks ago and I totally enjoyed it. Very well conceived and put together, it really brought back memories of the hay day of British home computing when I had a Commodore 64. It even inspired me to go out and buy a ZX Spectrum which the documentary really shows is an iconic piece of British computing history. I now look forward to The Amiga Years! which I have just backed. One final surprise was the fact that I work with Stephen Caulfield. Great going Stephen, I will be buying the soundtrack for sure.

    2. Creator Nicola Caulfield & Anthony Caulfield on February 17

      Hi everyone, just a quickie to let you know that T-shirts and physical soundtracks all ordered and due to be shipped in around 10 days time (could technically be earlier). Soundtrack or higher tier backers who have not recieived a download code for the 30min making the music documentary please contact us at and we'll get you a code asap!

      Other perks have shipped, are shipping or very soon to be shipped. Everyone should have individually been contacted about their perks by now, however if (for whatever reason) you have not been contacted please do not hesitate to message or or feel very free to email direct at You never need to be worried, if you miss something we'll make sure you get it.

      By the way thank you for such positive comments on the film. Also thank you Kickstarter backers in general for continually 'nudging' us along the way over the 2 years. We can look back on this film, this entire experience as being one very much worth doing. This is why it is very important that these perks and other final bits and pieces are got out to you so you too have enjoyed the overall experience! If you want to ask us feel free to write.

      Very best wishes!

      Ant & Nic

    3. Creator James Schall on February 17

      Any news on the T-Shirts?

    4. Creator Shadow Stalker on January 11

      Hi, I just received my copy in Oz and it can only be described as a Quality documentary (In Depth and Well Researched). Awesome Job, Ant and Nic : )

    5. Creator Erik Pede on January 7

      I think it's more than worth noticing, anyway, that the staff offered immediate (and I mean it) assistance and found a prompt fix to my problem, even going as far as to give two possible solutions. This is definitely nice. =)

    6. Creator Erik Pede on January 7

      On a side note, it is at least the correct edition: I backed the Special Edition and that's what I got, albeit on the wrong format.
      And yes, back then when I upgraded I emailed to ask for a confirmation and I got a positive reply...

    7. Creator Erik Pede on January 7

      Just got my package and... it's the DVD version, not the BD version I paid for.
      Other than that, the discs are unusable anyway: they detached from their supports and danced around the box all the trip long, getting scratched in the process. Ouch...

    8. Creator Scott Mackay on January 6

      Has anyone received the soundtrack CD yet?

    9. Creator Steph Wyeth on January 3


      I saw the main feature last night - well done!! :-) :-) I applauded from my sofa at the end. As a youngster I vividly recall saving my 50p per week pocket money to save up for a postal order for a game that I'd been aiming for.

      To see the other side of the coin, as it were, recalled by those who were there (a great many names I recognised) was a real delight.

      Thank you again. :-)

    10. Creator Thierry on January 2

      @Nicola and Anthony -- Problem here : I pledged 120£ for the DVD special edition, but I received... the Blu-Ray special edition instead :( Is there any way to solve this problem please ?

    11. Creator Steph Wyeth on December 24

      My copy arrived in the post this morning - thank you Ant and Nic. A long journey but you've made it, congratulations! :-)

    12. Creator Steph Wyeth on December 24

      Newsletter - 23rd December.


      Hi all,

      Another 'quick one' before christmas!
      Like Ships in the Night!
      Just to let you all know that all physical copies of the film have been posted.

      There are 4 versions, DVD & Blu-ray single disc standards, and DVD and Blu-ray 2-disc special editions. The stock arrived to us from Sony across 4 days last week, the first day being the DVD standards, and the last day (Saturday morning) being the Special Edition Blu-rays. Each day the stock went straight to Royal mail who already had the addresses and on each day they were (at least as far as we are aware) were stamped and posted out directly.

      No one was prioritised or singled out or held back, Royal Mail just mailed out the addressed envelopes as the stock came in, that is the same for our many (many) overseas backers as all of you are as important as each other, as you ‘all’ helped us make this film.

      Regarding perks, it became increasingly apparent that we needed to focuses solely on shipping the physical copies of the film for the moment so we will be in touch very soon individually with backers about the other perks. Hopefully our Indiegogo backers will testify that all the perks (from what seems like a thousand years ago now) T-shirts, posters, computers, games etc were honored and this will be exactly the same with Kickstarter and website backers.

      To be honest with you Nicola and I are beyond shattered, I know there are people out there doing jobs on this planet with probably more reason to be tired and shattered than us right now but in the last few weeks we have had to jump through a thousand hoops and literally move mountains to get those discs into manufacturing and then turned around and shipped to us, then sent to Royal Mail, then posted out to you before Christmas. Therefore we are going to take a week or so over Christmas and switch off the machines and take a breath and spend some time with the kids.

      Nic actually told me not to say this but she’s gone out and I’ve added it to the message afterwards so there Nic, but from the end of last week into this week I have actually been laid up (along with the kids) with a really terrible flu and Nicola singlehandedly nursed us all and oversaw all of the shipping with meticulous detail and for that I really need to say thank you to Nicola as she was adamant the films ‘had’ to go out before Christmas!

      Just to add, if your copy doesn’t turn up, or if someone wanting a Special Edition gets a standard, of if someone gets their copy before you then please do not worry and certainly don’t take it perosnally, it will all get sorted out. You’ve stuck with us this far, we are hardly going to go to all this effort to make and manufacturer the film and then not ensure you get exactly what you pledged or paid for and that every single backer is happy that they backed ‘From Bedrooms to Billions’.

      And finally...

      We barely had time to even look at those dvd and Blu-ray boxes, they came and went so fast, but we did feel kind of strange, proud, sad, delighted all at the same time. Those developers out there (or anyone who has worked on a long project) will perhaps know what it feels like to get to the end of something that has filled your life for so long. However as soppy as this may sound there is a piece of every backer in this film, as we all made it happen. An idea became reality simply because a large group of people ‘positively’ wanted it to happen. That is why those Oliver Frey covered DVD and Blu-rays are so important, anyone that has one in some capacity helped make this film. Someone said recently to me 'why have you dropped Ollie's art?' Not realising that we 'had' to let it go to make this version worth while to you all, they'll be very rare and unique as the years roll on as we are never making them again!

      Therefore thank you every one of you and have a wonderful Christmas or seasonal holiday and an equally safe and prosperous New Year!

      Best wishes,

      Ant & Nic

    13. Creator SimpleUser on December 22

      Received my dvd, special edition, in the post today (UK) Thanks.

    14. Creator Stew OotG Knight/Captain Bloodcoffee on December 22

      Got my dvd today, can't wait to watch it over the holidays :)

    15. Creator Dan Martland on December 22

      Just got my DVD in the post (UK) - thank you so much!

    16. Creator Nicola Caulfield & Anthony Caulfield on December 7

      Hi Julian, part of your pledge reward is also a digital download which we delivered around 8 weeks ago. Appreciate it if you don't want to watch it and holdout for the DVD which will be with you before Christmas.

    17. Creator Julian G Hicks on December 7

      I have just had a ;look at your website...more shop than website....but no way to see if I am the only one who is a bit upset or if there might be others who also feel that being offered the same extras to buy is not really a substitute for the product that we paid for....?

    18. Creator Julian G Hicks on December 7

      Not watching it on-line....not going to a cinema and really really really not wanting to pay out even more money for some extras for a project which has failed to deliver my reward despite being well over a year late now :(....please can I have what I paid for?

    19. Creator Nils Rockafella on December 1

      I still haven't received my blu-ray, have they been sent out?

    20. Creator Steph Wyeth on October 24

      I've just watched the trailer [] and am very much looking forward to the disc popping through the letterbox.

      Well done! :-)

    21. Creator Klaus T on October 15

      Any update on when the DVD/bluray disks and soundtrack CDs will be sent out?


    22. Creator Paul B on October 5

      Just finished watching the film.
      Utterly, utterly brilliant!
      Thank you so much for the biggest nostalgia shot I've had in years, fantastic work guys!
      Now to delve into the extras...see yuu on the flip side :)

    23. Creator Paul Greenop on October 4

      Just finished watching. I think I'll be walking around with a lovely, nostalgic glow for the next couple of days! Excellent documentary!

    24. Creator Nicola Caulfield & Anthony Caulfield on October 4

      Hi everyone, this is very short I know but Nic and I are so very tired right now gradually ticking things off our list. We just wanted to make sure that all of you know that if anyone is having any trouble getting their digital links for the standard or special editions of the film then please do not hesitate in emailing us at asap and we can sort for you. By the way remember regardless of what pledge you went for (Digital, DVD etc) 'everyone' gets a digital copy so what is currently happeneing is the fullfillment of that part, DVD's Blu-rays and perks is later this month but you will hear from us next week on that anyway! Also people are asking about the 2.5 hours of extra features, you can now get them on their own at Finally thank you for all the kind words, we WILL make sure we respond to each and every one of you. Best, Ant & Nic

    25. Creator Ian J Potter on October 4

      Well that was the shortest 2 and a half hours ive known, it went so quick, the names, the faces, the games, the machines and even the ads all brought back so many great memories. Well done to everyone who was in anyway involved with this film. Awesome job..

    26. Creator Albert Soler on October 3

      Congrats Ant & Nic! Just finished watching - a very interesting and enjoyable documentary; very pleased to have backed it! Well done guys :)

    27. Creator Steph Wyeth on October 2

      How did the premiere go? Was it well received by the audience?

    28. Creator Nicola Caulfield & Anthony Caulfield on August 21, 2014

      Hi there everyone, we do appreciate all this, there's an update going out tomorrow (22/08/14) with the backer release, credits, everything covered.

    29. Creator Iain Rockliffe on August 21, 2014

      "my problem with you moving away from Kickstarter is very simple, this is where we belong this is where we backed with our money and I see questions here that are not answered and somehow I can't see the answer anywhere else on your channels..that to me is not very respectful. I usually keep my mouth shut and let people do their thing but I must admit I feel left out here. "

      Spot on, that is just how I feel and I know I am not the only one. People are asking direct questions like how many clearances are left to be sorted out or give us an ETA on the dvd/blu rays that we all paid for. Please just give us some direct answers. We are now almost a year after the estimated delivery of the dvds and still no end in sight.

    30. Creator Michael Hampshire on August 20, 2014

      Hi Guys,
      This may be addressed elsewhere but being in Australia were a bit backward.... Understand the reason for not uploading the film due to piracy (although you can't be silly enough to realize it will be uploaded by some a+*hole 30 seconds after release anyway), but why can't you print the DVD's and Blu-ray and send to paid backers?

      Having worked on several films that require clearances from various parties (I worked for the American PBS for a time), you may never get fully watertight releases like those clearances in writing the way lawyers like.

      That then comes down to risk vs reward. Follow the Lawyer and literally wait another 1-3 years to release OR release NOW and mop up the few remaining with thousands of happy backers supporting you.

      I think your losing the mental support of your backer. No one likes paying money for nothing (certainly not Dire Straits).

      I can see the frustration in your messages and newsletters, but try to block some of the legal stuff out, as they always spoil the party. We never got sued and we were in the USA !

      Lastly, you've not really given an updated timeframe, how many clearances left ? 5 or 72? Etc. if we know your chasing a few big ones, fair enough, but tons of little ones means I fear we're years, not months off release.

      I've supported 9 projects thru Kickstarter, this was the 1st (all film or doco's), yet it's the only one I've not seen. Even stumped up the extra £20 for the 'Special Edition' Bluray so I don't miss anything. That $100 Aus money with current exchange. Not small biscuits to watch a movie.

      Lease before you get frustrated, remember the people that have give you this opportunity.

      Thankyou for your time. Goodnight and Goodluck.

      Michael Hampshire
      Melbourne, Australia.

    31. Creator Nicola Caulfield & Anthony Caulfield on August 17, 2014

      Hi Ernst, we do appreciate your comments but as I said since we moved away from Kickstarter and made the communication more central 9 months ago this is the first time an objection has been raised.

      The newsletters we feel are frequent enough at every 2-4 weeks and we simply would not be able to update faster than that as our daily workload is simply massive on the tail-end of the film. People are writing to us all the time and the common questions we always incorporate into each new newsletter, there's one going out this week in fact with release date details etc.

      I think the main reason you feel the latest information has been repeated here is because it is exactly that...the latest information, that is exactly where the project currently is, clearing 3rd party materials so we can release generally. It is a task occupying our almost every waking moment at present. When compared to making the film it is laborious, a little tedious, but regardless it has to be done.

      Sometimes people post onto this thread and then write to us directly as we always ask for the email be used so we can keep track and try and respond regularly and then they get responded to. One good thing about your post Ernst for us is for us to consider the people that have posted here, but not messaged us directly, either by Kickstarter messenger or email. Therefore we will keep a closer eye.

      Many thanks!

    32. Creator Ernst Krogtoft on August 16, 2014

      First of all I do appreciate the quick response I know you guys are hard at work and trying to do the best documentary possible, which we all deeply appreciate. I get your newsletter and regularly visits the backer zone (even thou nothing much is going on there) my problem with you moving away from Kickstarter is very simple, this is where we belong this is where we backed with our money and I see questions here that are not answered and somehow I can't see the answer anywhere else on your channels..that to me is not very respectful. I usually keep my mouth shut and let people do their thing but I must admit I feel left out here.
      I know you put a lot of time in your newsletters but in my humble opinion you can update us with just a few lines now and then..maybe you don't have any news but just let us know you are there...
      Like I said I appreciate your response but for the most part you just keeps repeating yourself.. I feel like this response was a summary of the last few newsletters...

    33. Creator Nicola Caulfield & Anthony Caulfield on August 16, 2014

      Hi Ernst,

      Thanks for this and first off sorry to hear you are not happy. We have answered each of your comments in turn.

      First off regarding our reasons for moving off Kickstarter directly was simply to bring all the communication traffic into one place. As we have mentioned before it is only the two of us and managing 3 separate communication channels was proving very tough and taking our work away from the main project…which is obviously the film.

      This moving of the primary source of communication to the and our website was carried out more than 9 months ago and since we did this no one has raised an objection (other than perhaps missing the info that it had happened in the first place), in fact it was something that was frequently being suggested to us by backers and we were even starting to get complaints that we hadn’t done it sooner.

      We view ‘all’ backers as important so that includes those who chose to back us via Indiegogo or via our website directly as well as of course Kickstarter. Every time we were doing an update we were basically having to do three times the work to get the info out there. The newsletters brought all of that together, besides we did launch the newsletter service included with our new ‘backers zone’ ( and also a bunch of free HD clips to download all of which we got really positive feedback on.

      We do consider communicating with our backers vital and we quite rightly agree that without them we simply could not have funded the film, in virtually every single newsletter or posts on Kickstarter/Indiegogo we have said a big ‘thank you’ to everyone and why you are all so important to us. The film is now made thanks to all of you…fact! We say a ‘thank you’ regularly quite simply because we believe it to be true, we are incredibly thankful to ‘all’ backers (from whichever platforms they came to us on) for supporting us and helping us get the film made. So communication with many backers is something that is pretty much going on all the time, via the newsletters or website, then the feedback and questions we get back directly, but with it all coming into the one place it has been so much easier to maintain. Newsletters go out either every 2 weeks or so but at least once a month. Therefore whether or not you like what is contained in the newsletters we feel we are regularly updating ‘all’ backers on the progress of the film as it proceeds now through the approval of third party clearances. In addition to that this Kickastarter channel is still obviously open, and of course Indiegogo, we asked backers if they didn’t mind going through the channels we requested simply to help us, but these others are still available, as well of course the website as we already mentioned and our Facebook and twitter platforms as well.

      When we on occasion see a backer on Kickstarter, Indiegogo or our other social media areas (Facebook, Twitter etc) who talk as if they have heard something about screenings, clearances (or any of the other things we cover in our newsletters) from someone else rather than us directly it usually tells us that for whatever reason that backer is not getting the newsletters, and often worse they were not even aware of the ‘Backers Zone’ on our website (all backers have free access to all of this, contains loads of extra footage and music etc) and that they are entitled to a 20 minute + HD bundle, often sitting there unclaimed waiting to be downloaded.

      Therefore your words ‘when we finally do hear from you’ do make us think that you may not have been getting or reading all of the newsletters and from our point of view info going out from us has been fairly frequent so that is why we reach that conclusion. Any backer can login to their backers account on and read ‘any’ of the newsletters that have been issued, they can also watch over an hours’ worth of material from either the film or bonus material immediately as well as watch the 4 short films again released for free to ‘all backers’. If anyone for whatever reason was unaware of this (including questions on the 2-disc, 4.5 hour version of the project) then we urge you to read the earlier updates on this, Indiegogo updates, or simply write to us at and we will do our best to help.

      Now with regard to what we have been talking about in those regular newsletters, well we insist on giving all backers as full an account of the current production status as possible. We try to keep the wording clear and as open as possible, but thorough. These updates have info that has ranged from the filming that was going on at the time, who we were interviewing etc right through to editing, creating the soundtrack and then right through that to a completed cut of the film and then seeking 3rd party clearances. Many many people have written to us who have really enjoyed our production logs because though informative we try to keep them personal and as ‘uncorporate’ as possible. You don’t have to read them, but the info is there and it explains in detail exactly what is happening, and in some cases how we feel about it.

      We have already very clearly explained on several occasions from a long time ago why we postponed the film from last year, the success of Kickstarter allowed us to go off and shoot a load more interviews, plus the running time has been increased from 90mins to now over 2 hours because of this. The film is a lot better, far more in-depth due to those extra interviews and now longer. No one has had to pay any more for that, we made the decision as we knew it would benefit the end result…and it has as the film is finished.

      Where you say as a backer why should you be hearing of such things? Well it is because you are a backer that we are telling you as they are the direct, specific facts concerning the project…in essence it is exactly what is going on. Therefore because you are a backer we are giving you this information because to withhold it would be absolutely the wrong thing to do.

      Now that the film is finished whether we like it or not the fact surrounding 3rd party clearances are that for material we want to use in the film that does not belong to us must be cleared by the owners of that material. You can’t know exactly what material you wish to use (some of it you do but not all) until you reach an edit lock on the film. Once you do you can start seeking permissions. In addition often the owners of that material want to see the entire film so they can ensure the context with how their material is being used is correct. Now this process is for footage, stills/photos and also music, as even though we have the new Rob Hubbard Ben Daglish soundtrack written specially for the film we still have sought to license some copyrighted music. We could always strip material out, but unless permission has been refused we would all lose out if we didn’t allow some time to get these clearances in place. We simply cannot afford (even if we wanted to) to let this approvals process go on indefinitely but we are very nearly there. When we are there it then allows us to set a firm distribution date to backers for digital versions, DVD’s and Blu-rays as that date will simply be based on the mastering, replication, packaging and postage turnaround which is days rather than weeks or months. However to be clear, we cannot master and release the film to backers until ‘all’ clearances are in place as we would be liable.

      In summary after 2.5 years of production well over a hundred interviews have been filmed (many of which were 1 per day, each one lasting for between 2-3 hours), huge amounts of archive footage, photos and imagery have been researched, collected and then added to the film. The film has been edited and locked, the original music has been scored, recorded, mixed and mastered then added to the main film. The extras have been created and all the other assets to finish the film and discs etc are ready. Nic and I are very pleased to be at the end now, as we are at the very end now as our days are now being filled with chasing these clearances and now assembling the perks (which will give us our spare room back!)

      The production process for the film itself has actually been fairly smooth and ordered. Interviews, editing etc were incredibly hard work but all managed and our edit schedule has been pretty much 12-16 hours a day since we entered a kind of ‘edit crunch’ since January so we’re both pretty tired now.

      The screenings, well again we have made it really clear for some time now that people have been approaching us about handling ‘closed screenings’ which we have said anyone can approach us with and we only ask that they are ‘100% free’ for those that attend so if this is of interest get in touch on

      I hope this helps Ernst, as it does matter to us!

    34. Creator Ernst Krogtoft on August 16, 2014

      Heres an email I wrote Ant and Nic.. I might be harsh but if so please let me know:)
      I'm just tired as a backer to be forgotten.

      Guys for god sake whats going on..I know you have moved away from kickstarter as a communication tool. I don’t know who’s decision that was but what a shitty move..this is where everybody who backed you guys can communicate together and make their voice heard it amazed me how little respect you have for the people who actually help make this project a reality.

      When we finally hear from you you just keep rambling about piracy and screening and postponing.. I can understand some of your concerns but where is the respect of the backers..are we all forgotten as I remember I did pay a lot of money to receive the documentary why should I be hearing of piracy and screenings where most people don’t even have the oppertunity to join

      I’m gonna post this on you kickstarter wall you may decide not to act on it and show that you care but I care and I think there’s about a 1000 other people who do as well.

      Maybe this project has gotten to your heads or you just have lost control either way let us know whats going on.

    35. Creator Ernst Krogtoft on August 16, 2014

      I know you guys are busy and summer just ended and all but for god sake please update on whats going on..we don't really hear from you guys and when we finally do you just keep postponing, rambling..I'm really getting tired of this circus

    36. Creator ozoli on August 15, 2014

      Has anyone received any of the non film related perks yet?

    37. Creator Klaus T on July 30, 2014

      Just got todays newsletter. Summery for Kickstarter backers: Nothing new. Just more ramblings about the screeners which most people can's see anyway.

      This is getting frustrating. Sure delays happens but it's getting to get insulting that the Caufields can't give us a release window. I'm not expecting a solid date at all. Almost delayed for 1 year now and still a lot of stalling and delays.

    38. Creator Julian G Hicks on July 26, 2014

      So I hear that some people were at a screening of the film tonight...?
      When do you think that I will receive my DVD and my digital download copy? - I mean if it is ready to be watched?

    39. Creator gavin on June 27, 2014

      Can I please get clarification on the recent update about the cinema showing, torrent leaking and "4.5 hour special edition".

      I backed the £30 Blu Ray reward originally.

      Am I right in thinking that I should paypal over another £20 and I will get a "2-disc Blu Ray" version which will have 4.5 hours of total footage?

      I would like to do this, as I would like the most footage I can get, I want all the extended interviews and stuff. Basically want the most footage I can get.

      Is that what I should do? Thanks and good luck at the cinema showing, I wish I lived closer and could go myself but I will be happy to wait for my own copy

    40. Creator Nicola Caulfield & Anthony Caulfield on May 20, 2014

      Thanks Eliot, really kind of you to think of us!

    41. Creator Eliot Lash on May 12, 2014

      I wanted to let you know that Kickstarter is running a film festival and you might qualify for inclusion.

    42. Creator Ernst Krogtoft on May 10, 2014

      Hi Ant and Nic, thanks for the swift communication on email.
      I somehow must have missed the last newsletter where you ask your backers if the can wait with the perks until the release of the documentary. Makes perfect sense to ship everything out at the same time and I would have voted the same.

      I’m sorry for somehow have missed that information. I can’t wait too see the documentary I know you guys do everything you can to make it as good as possible and as a backer that makes me really feel awesome..

      Keep ud the good work

      All the best and a great weekend to you guys

    43. Creator Nicola Caulfield & Anthony Caulfield on May 9, 2014

      Hi Ernst, the reason I'm directing you elsewhere ( and talking about the newsletters is because we are not using Kickstarter a communication tool anymore (and haven't for about 6 months) and it is simply more efficient and quicker for both of us. We have replied to your email and answered your questions, so would you mind checking your inbox again or your spam filter please. Many thanks,

    44. Creator Ernst Krogtoft on May 9, 2014

      Why can't you just answer the question instead of pointing my somewhere else. As backer from the higher tiers I would like to know when the items from that tier is showing up at my front door. I got your mail in march answered it and have only gotten one newsletter which talks of delaying the item items (not the documentary) but the cool items that made me back with a lot of money..please give me a straight answer to my question

    45. Creator Nicola Caulfield & Anthony Caulfield on May 7, 2014

      Hi Ernst, we wrote to you back at the end of March and we didn't hear back from you. We explained that all the updates are being handled through a newsletter, which includes details of how to access an area of our website with lots of 'backer only' content. I'm sorry if it seems we've been ignoring you, yes we have been very busy on the film (which is right at the end now) but that isn't the case. If those newsletters have not been coming through why don't you contact us directly on and then I can forward them all to you and you can also ask any further questions you may have. Best wishes, Ant & Nic.

    46. Creator Ernst Krogtoft on May 6, 2014

      Come on guys whats going on? how come we don't get any updates..I have asked more than once when we can expect our items.. I think we all deserve better.. at least communicate with us. I know you're working hard to make the most of it but please don't forget the backers who made this possible

    47. Creator Nicola Caulfield & Anthony Caulfield on March 10, 2014

      Hi Iain we said quite a few months ago that we were moving everything over to newsletters.

      It was proving impossible to update Indiegogo, Kickstarter and supporters from the website all at the same time. Ironically for this conversation we were actually getting complaints that we hadn't done that earlier in fact!

      You have never had a newsletter from us Iain? I have checked and they were sent (perhaps they hit your spam) but one clue is that I can see that you are yet to access the backers zone on our website nor have you downloaded all the free stuff we sent you links for (making of Manic Miner, Elite, Deus Ex, Rob Hubbard etc) and it also seems nor have you watched the 10 minute extended clip from the movie posted in there way back in December. You are registered on the website but I can't share your login details in public, why don't you write to me at I promise we won't bite and we'll get you all sorted out with this stuff it looks like you've not seen.

      May I also ask if there's someone else out there like Iain who for some reason is not aware that we've been doing our updates via newsletter for the last 4 months please write to us asap at because there is a lot of stuff you're entitled to that you've missed.

    48. Creator Iain Rockliffe on March 10, 2014

      So why are you not updating the kickstater update page, I am not the only one who is wondering this. To be honest I have never had a single email from you.

    49. Creator Nicola Caulfield & Anthony Caulfield on March 9, 2014

      Hi Iain, it's not like that at all. We assume you have been getting the newsletters? if not write to us on The latest newsletter is out tomorrow and it is because of our backers that no one will be able to buy the film after 31st May as we're not making it available anymore after that date, the one you;re getting will be unique. It is because of our backers, the absolute most important part of this entire production that we've decided to close it off for further orders. Your comment has really bothered us tonight because nothing could be further from the truth on how we feel bout our backers Iain. There's a cinema tour and and a lot of great stuff to announce about the film that we've been really busy on so I suggest you at least read the newsletter and if you have any questions then simply write to us. As like any backer we take it really seriously, like we take this film seriously.

    50. Creator Iain Rockliffe on March 9, 2014

      Nice off you not to update your supports yet again. I have just read a post on the retro gamer forum stating the film will not be out until May. Thanks for kicking your supporters in the teeth

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