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A 22' tall aluminum Dodecahedron with a pendulum that can be ridden like a swing. The pendulum traces lines in the playa surface.

This structural sculpture is a partial dodecahedron made of aluminum. It is 22 feet tall and 25 feet at it's breadth. A pendulum will hang from its center that can be ridden like a swing. The point of the pendulum will also act as a tool that will traces lines in the surface of the playa. As it moves from side to side it will create asymmetrical designs based on the whims of the players within. This is an interactive space and focal point for people to collect and play. 

The funding goal amount for the kickstarter will just (barely) cover the material costs of the aluminum to make the sculpture. We plan to cover the engineering, fabrication, transportation, and other expenses ourselves.

Things I’ve created in the past have had various shapes and materials. I’ve used wood, metal, fabric. I’ve made (or helped make) large structures, domes, and even one year, the Temple. The driving theme of these structures is that I can create a space for a community just by building an interesting frame and letting people do what comes naturally: find each other and interact.

A lot of different shapes can attach together to create a space. The most common one is obviously squares or rectangles attached at their edges to make boxes and houses. Another common example is triangles attached together to create geodesic domes. I've experimented with a lot of different shapes over the years, and I’ve found that pentagons attached to each other along their edges as a dodecahedron create a very basic, interesting, and efficient shape –it’s an open dome-like structure that requires very little material and relatively little labor to create it.

After fabricating several models of dodecahedrons, I researched the shape’s history in an effort to figure out my own affinity for them. It turns out I’m not the first to be impressed by dodecahedrons. Plato, in his dialogue, Timaeus, says that the dodecahedron represents the shape of the very Universe itself. Researchers have uncovered numerous small bronze dodecahedrons from ancient Rome. A lot of games use dice that are dodecahedrons or “12-sided die.” Mystics believe the shape holds various meanings. In a strange coincidence, starting in 2003, a group of scientists formulated a model of the Universe that tends to agree with Plato: they say that the Universe really is a dodecahedron, they call their theory the “Poincaré Dodecahedral Space.” So, the shape comes to us very intuitively.

Another interesting characteristic of this installation is that it’s made of aluminum. Aluminum is one of the most abundant materials on Earth. But, at one time it was thought to be so rare that it was more expensive than gold --in fact, Napoleon Bonaparte served his fancy dinners to important dignitaries using aluminum flatware. Since then we’ve created the technology to cheaply remove it from the ground as aluminum ore –called bauxite-- or to smelt it from aluminosilicate which is very abundant clay.

In total, this structure represents what people can do. We can map the Universe by thinking about it. We can find each other in a void and create relationships. We can make the rare very common and the very common interesting. This structure is about us and how we fit together.

pendants (pledge reward)
pendants (pledge reward)
simulating the mechanical design
simulating the mechanical design


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