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LIGHT - The evocative beauty of human life in Lebanon's video poster

A filmmakers odyssey through the echoes of a living past in search of the profound beauty of everyday life in Lebanon. Read more

Portland, OR Documentary
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This project was successfully funded on August 12, 2011.

A filmmakers odyssey through the echoes of a living past in search of the profound beauty of everyday life in Lebanon.

Portland, OR Documentary
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I believe that to walk in the shoes of others is the best form of documentary.  While Light is an intensely personal project for me, I am approaching it in a pragmatic fashion: my intent is not to tell my own story in the film, but rather to create a beautiful amalgam of images and sounds that are evocative.  I would like to build a breathing organism of a film so that people feel as though they are exploring these locations and characters with me.  My sentiments will more than likely bleed through in every shot I take and cut I make, as I compile a snapshot of an alternate existence.  What I will capture could have been my life.  But more importantly, it could be any of our lives.  Hopefully, one of the many things this film will convey is that we may find ways to detach ourselves from foreign existence, but at the end of the day we needn’t look much further than our own hearts, minds, and mundane experiences to truly empathize and identify with those across the world. In my eyes, that is true beauty and LIGHT.


Max Dameron (of Wizard Rifle) will be composing the score for Light and I am incredibly fortunate to have had him both as a friend and collaborator throughout the past three years. He scored my first feature film, The Painted City—the music used in the Light pitch video.  His gift for inventive use of minimalism, as well as a mastery of the crescendo has well suited my previous work and he never fails in bringing a unique and rich soundscape to my projects.  We both agree that music is as crucial a component as imagery in any film wherein it is employed, especially Light.  I look forward to working with him again and am wholeheartedly confident that I will be floored by his final production.  To quote Max on his goals for this upcoming project: “Chris, your idea is weird.  So I want to do something weird too.  But make it beautiful.” 

-Project developed in collaboration with Devious Goldfish (


  • Although I am certainly a student of DIY guerilla filmmaking, the outcome of this process will ultimately yield a feature-length documentary, and even though I'll be shooting and editing the film myself, there are invariably production costs involved. I've set the target funding goal of this campaign at the bare minimum amount that I believe is required to realize this work. A minor portion (approximately 15%) of the budget will be used for travel expenses as I will be relying heavily on the generous hospitality of relatives during my stay in Beirut. 30% of the budget is to cover the production of the original score so crucial to the nature of this film, another 30% is allotted for film equipment, and the remainder is for a bare minimum amount of post-production, and Kickstarter reward fulfillment. Any additional funds raised over the target goal will go directly towards post-production (editing, color correction, sound design, etc) improvements.

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    TRAVELING COMPANIONS - You are a part of this journey, and believe in the beauty and light of the human experience, regardless of location. You will have access to exclusive project updates (some while in Beirut), including sneak peeks at rough footage of the film throughout the production.

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    BEYOND BORDERS - Music is a universal language: You will receive a digital copy of the original film score by composer Max Dameron (whose music from "The Painted City" is featured in the project video), AND an invite to the online screening of LIGHT once finished in early 2012, plus the above rewards.

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    KEEPSAKES FROM AFAR - To commemorate this collaborative process we share together, I will send you a signed DVD of the finished film (in early to mid-2012), your name will be immortalized in the credits as a supporter, and I will send you a handwritten postcard from Beirut this Fall, plus the rewards above.

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    INSATIABLY CURIOUS - The curiosity you nurture that so defines your world view wants MORE than can be contained in a feature length film! To appease your voracious appetite, in addition to the above rewards, you will ALSO receive a companion DVD of additional material from this adventure including unused footage highlights and a behind the scenes video diary that I will keep during production that will offer greater insight into my personal experience while there.

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    INNER CIRCLE - As one of the staunchest supporters so vital to this project, you are invited to attend a private cocktail party and viewing of an early cut of the film in Portland late this year, in addition to the rewards above. Watching the film together, the feedback that is collectively generated therefrom will help to inform and shape the final stages of this project. For this, you will also receive an Associate Producer credit in the finished film.

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    FIVE SENSES - The finite images and sounds contained within the duration of a film are but two facets of a more complex sensory experience for which you crave. To sate your hunger, the varied delights of a traditional Lebanese, multi-course, homemade meal - rich in enticing aromas, unparalleled flavors, a spectrum of textures, and a heaping portion of Lebanese hospitality - will be prepared and served to you and a guest at a small, intimate dinner party in Portland, Oregon later this Winter, in addition to the above rewards. We will break bread together, exchange stories, laugh and delve.

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    WHAT IF...? - Have you ever wondered what it would be like to redefine yourself as a filmmaker? Perhaps you have a great idea for a short film or scene that has tickled at your thoughts, or you've just wistfully wanted a hands-on way of learning the fundamentals of filmmaking, but never knew where to start. For your integral support of LIGHT at this level, you will receive a full day to do just that with me as your guide. Let's take your idea from script to screen. Whether it be a written dramatic scene, or a playful montage of your cat in action, I will walk you through development, camera operation, editing, and release with a day-long DIY film school. You are sure to leave with a new set of fundamental skills, something you are proud to call your own, and a new identity as a fledgling filmmaker. The rewards at the $100 level are also included. (Limited to the Portland, OR area, or further if you wish to cover additional travel expenses.)

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    THE FULL SPECTRUM - My skills are yours for a week's time. I will see through a project of your choice; whether you need a promotional video for your company's website, a commercial, or an event videographer/editor, my time is yours. The week includes a day of development, a day and a half of shooting, and two and a half days of editing. Because you have chosen to make an incredible contribution to my life, I will repay you with something you can proudly put out as a representation of you, what you do, and who you are. (Limited to Portland, OR.) All of the rewards at the $250 level are also included, and your name will be commemorated as an Executive Producer of the finished film.

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