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This humorous video was shot in one take for the band Winbourne, as an effort to fund the band's first full length record! -ENJOY!
This humorous video was shot in one take for the band Winbourne, as an effort to fund the band's first full length record! -ENJOY!
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    1. Carl on

      ~Project Update~

      Jordan Earles of Winbourne responded with the following to an inquiry I had made recently. He says that the band is on a break from playing live and is waiting for the album’s release that has been tracked since June. (They are also surprised it is not out yet.) They have a mixed and mastered single that was mentioned in Update #2 on hand but are waiting for the tweaks to be implemented and have it sent back to them. He says he will _try_ to get that to us by the end of the week.

      Thanks for all the hard work, guys. We are all looking forward to the new stuff by Winbourne.

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      Michelle Zoghbi on

      WOW!!! You did it. Commotion is gonna be awesome. So very happy for you guys. I know how hard you work and make it look so easy. God bless you all. EXCITED to share this journey with you. Make a Commotion and continue to WHOO us all******MUCH LOVE*******

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      kevin d dees on

      So glad to see the goal was met. Now get in that studio and make an awesome record for us all!!

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      Travis and Sheri Cothern on

      So excited y'all made it! Can't wait to enjoy this new record :-) we love y'all!!!!!

    5. Audios Maximus on

      We believe it's going to be a great record! Great job on the video too! Looking forward to having you back on The Tour Bus Music Show to talk about the new album!

      Todd, Ana, & Kenny!

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      Kenny Fairchild on

      Good luck guys! Cant wait to hear the finished album!

    7. windstormranch (Humboldt County) on

      Humboldt County, We need Winbourne to come to our HOME TOWN and book a show!!! Let's see if we can raise $2000 or more and get them to California...

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      Rachel on

      Awesome video! I haven't been to a show in far too long, so backing a great band is a small token of my musical appreciation and a promise to come and listen soon. Love, Rachel

    9. Duke Bardwell on

      Hey Guys....I'm Bless Hornby's "Unca Duke" and I got the hit on y'all from her facebook post. Man, that video was so well done...and seriously funny. If your music shows any of that kind of creativity then I really want to help out. I'm hoping your backers put you way over the top and if that happens, I would really just like to receive a copy of the record and that's all. I am looking forward to hearing what you fact...if you have any MP3 on any of your work, I would love to hear it. . Thank y'all and the best of luck to you. duke