Septikon Uranium Wars

by Hobby World USA LLC

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    1. Dermott

      Where was the game produced and where is your warehouse? Just to know how long it will take for this process?

    2. Mike on

      I second Dermott's request, where is the boat coming from and going to? If your manufacturer has provided you with tracking for your shipping container that would be even better if you where willing to share so we could watch the travel.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jake Kuska on

      Based on previous postings, the game was being produced in China, just like 90% of the other games out there these days.

      If it's on the boat, I'd say about 4 weeks for shipping; 2 weeks for customs; 2 weeks for collation and packing; 2 weeks for delivery. This is based on numerous other KS projects from China rather than any actual knowledge of this project.

      I'd love to have it sooner but, it's good that it's almost done.

    4. Hobby World USA LLC 3-time creator on

      @Jake, We'll try to follow your plan =)
      @Dermott and Mike, game was produced in China. In USA our logistic partner is Game Salute and for the rest of the world we'll send Septikon from Europe.