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A cool sci-fi board game for 2 or 4 players, who will take the role of owners of an orbital mining station.
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Research & Development cards!

Posted by Hobby World USA LLC (Creator)

Good news everyone!

The Print ’n’ Play files of Septikon are almost ready. Tomorrow we’ll post a backers-only update with a direct link to download the files. After downloading them you’ll have a chance to wage your first battles for uranium!

Meanwhile we want to introduce 6 special Research & Development kickstarter exclusive cards! These cards upgrade some of your station´s modules, making it uniquely suited to your battle plan.

Augmented Nozzle will help your rockets and biodrones to move with the speed of light!  

Multiple shields will keep your station safe even in an extremely hot battle.

The Emergency Warehouse can really save your station as it is very useful to have some resources that can’t be damaged or blocked.

The Plutonium Reactor will improve your nuclear reactor. You will not only get energy for lasers and energy shields but you will also get a nuke to crash your opponent!

Specular Protection is a really great defensive technology that will help you to prevent an opponent’s laser attack.

The Nano Hospital will cure those of your clones that are irreplaceable in the management of your mining station.  

We will also add a reference card that will help you to use R&D cards correctly.

---this update was approved by Klondike Industries---


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    1. Ray Smith on

      Fabulous! Love the variety this will provide.

    2. Scott Bender

      Yes, I was also struck but the art. Good stuff! Plus these look like really fun cards to have in play and I really like the asymmetric element this will add to the game.

    3. Mike on

      I love the graphics they look awesome. Can't wait to get this game. Thank you for the update on print and play now to talk the wife into letting me use all the ink in our printer to print it out.

    4. Missing avatar

      Josh Prymak on

      Love it! Great work to all involved!