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A cool sci-fi board game for 2 or 4 players, who will take the role of owners of an orbital mining station.
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It’s time for the awards ceremony!

Posted by Hobby World USA LLC (Creator)

Good news everyone!

We would like to thank all of you who participated in our BGG contest. Now that it has ended, we are proud to announce our winners!

Here they are: 

The Grand Price goes to Michael Xuereb. He will get one copy each of Septikon, Berserk and Hollywood.

And the runner-up prizes go to Christopher Ebert, Maciek Palmer, Sergio Macias, Robert Manore, Jon Fox. Each of them will get a copy of Septikon. 

If you couldn’t participate in the contest or you just want to know the right answers, you may find them below. 

1. Five clones can repair 5 mining station modules in 5 hours. How many clones do you need to repair 100 modules in 100 hours 

  • a) 100 
  • b) 10 
  • c) 5 
  • d) 20

2. Three clones were captured near the uranium storage. One of them had stolen a valuable portion of the uranium as he is a spy. Your special interrogation machine noticed that the spy told the truth only once. The interrogation machine, however, can’t point out the spy. Try to detect him yourself. 

Here are the clones' words: 

Clone 1 

  • I have never been in the uranium storage. 
  • The second clone stole the uranium 
  • The second and third clones were sharing the stolen uranium 

Clone 2 

  • The first clone stole the uranium 
  • Uranium smells so lovely, that it is hard to resist its temptation 
  • I haven’t stolen the uranium 

Clone 3 

  • I hate uranium
  • The second clone stole the uranium 
  • I haven’t stolen the uranium 

Who stole the uranium? 

  • a) The first clone is a thief 
  • b) The second clone is a thief 
  • c) The third clone is a thief 
  • d) My mindless clone is a thief. Are you kidding?!
3. One of your clones was captured by your enemy and now is sentenced to death. But your vicious opponent want’s to give him one last chance. He shows him two doors. One will lead to the freedom, another to his death. Near the doors, there are two bio drones, and luckily, one of them is really honest. Your clone has the right to ask one question. The other drone will surely lie to your clone, the honest one will tell the truth. But which is which? And a more important question – which door to choose. 
What question will save your clone? 
  • a) Your clone should point out one door and say: “Would your friend say that it is a saving door?” 
  • b) Your clone should point out one door and say: “Is it a saving door, liar?” 
  • c) Your clone should point out one door and say: “If you are honest tell me, is it a saving door?” 
  • d) Just let me die. My master can easily replace me. 
4. How does a rocket with a uranium warhead differ from an ordinary one? 
  • а) it deals 1 more damage 
  • b) it deals 4 more damage 
  • c) it deals 7 more damage 
  • d) it turns the clone nearest to the explosion into a Hulk 
  • e) it blows up your opponent’s mining station 
  • f) it is not certified for use in some countries 
5. The spies on the opponent’s mining station are useful, as they can: 
  • a) Steal resources from warehouses. 
  • b) Blow up the enemy’s modules 
  • c) Waste valuable resources to produce unnecessary things. 
  • d) All of the above 
  • e) All of the above and they can kill enemy crew members 
  • f) All of the above and they can wear an awesome coat  
6. Your bio-drone has landed on your enemy’s mining station. In the hall, it can see four doors with signs. Three doors were mined and one is safe. 
This is what the signs say: 
  • a) Only two of these statements are right 
  • b) Walk through this door 
  • c) Danger! No entry 
  • d) You can’t walk through door “b” 

What door should your bio-drone choose? 

  • Just open any door, I can send another bio-drone 

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our contest !


And one more thing...

Looking at other similar projects, running on Kickstarter now, we have found a couple of interesting sci-fi projects, which have a lot of similarities to Septikon. We just thought that these projects may be interesting for you.

Burning Suns is a tactical sci-fi game with a lot of miniatures!

 Generation One: Children of Mars - it as a very picturesque comic about the first generation of children born on Mars.

Pls take a look on them – they are worth it!

Thank you! And stay tuned! 

 ---this update was approved by Klondike Industries---


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    1. Robert Manore on

      Thanks for the contest! Looking forward to playing Septikon!

    2. Hobby World USA LLC 3-time creator on

      @Brius we have found them in one old russian book :) but I think it is possible ti goole something like this

    3. Brius on

      Do you know where I can find more mind puzzles like the ones in 2 and 6?