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A cool sci-fi board game for 2 or 4 players, who will take the role of owners of an orbital mining station.
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When sci-fi meets fantasy: free add-on for all Septikon backers

Posted by Hobby World USA LLC (Creator)

Good news everyone!

Klondike Industries is proud to become your very own gate to another world.

As you may know, Septikon is our second project on Kickstarter. The first one was Berserk: War of realms, a tactical fantasy card wargame. We decided to surprise our Berserk backers. But it should also be an interesting surprise for you ☺

In all boxes of Septikon you will find an exclusive set of Berserk cards (as a free add-on). All of them are mechanoids—they are what comes closest in the Berserk universe to the harsh low tech world of Septikon.

The set consists of 6 cards from the 6 realms of Berserk—so you can find a card for any of your Berserk decks. As long as mechanoids are alive, they will cause a lot of damage, but… But they have a clock-work mechanism and lose energy very fast. So be quick with your attack or find a way to wind them up again ☺

Berserk is a game with wonderful art, and if you are only interested in Septikon, we hope you’ll enjoy them as pure art cards. But that is not all…We have also created an option to order Septikon together with Berserk (including all free exclusives, but not the paid add-ons). So you can order both games, Septikon with a discount for $55 and the Berserk Deluxe box for $50 and the shipping costs will be the same as for one box of Septikon. 

Thank you! And stay tuned!

---this update was approved by Klondike Industries---


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    1. Kevin Blacksheep Thompson on

      For those of us that are previous backers to Berserk, will these bonus cards ship with the Berserk game, or do we have to wait until May to get them (shipped with this game)? I hate to have to wait so long.

    2. Ray Smith on

      Absolute awesomeness!!

      Anytime I can get additional Berserk cards is a wonderful plus!! I certainly hope more full decks for Berserk are forthcoming.

      And, go Septicon, go!

    3. Hobby World USA LLC 3-time creator on

      yes, Berserk is not language independent and it is in english only

    4. Dermott

      but berserk isnt language indipendent is it? And there is no german language rules right?