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A cool sci-fi board game for 2 or 4 players, who will take the role of owners of an orbital mining station.
A cool sci-fi board game for 2 or 4 players, who will take the role of owners of an orbital mining station.
471 backers pledged $26,613 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. X on

      I received mine yesterday. The postal service managed to lose the first copy. Hobby World were great: Quick, polite, professional. Would back again.

    2. Hobby World USA LLC 3-time creator on

      @Matt Then it may be lost in transit. This happens from time to time, unfortunately. We'll write you via messages.

    3. Missing avatar

      Matt Forrest on

      Unfortunately no Christmas miracle for my copy yet :(

    4. Hobby World USA LLC 3-time creator on

      @Jake *Curiously* What means "splitted"? Are they divided into 2 pieces, so you have twice more cards now? : ))
      In general, let us know when you check everything, better via messages ("Contact me"). We'll send the replacements.
      We wish you the best gaming time ever with Septikon, and Berserk! :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Jake Kuska on

      Finally got my bundled copy but, the card packs split during the transit.

      Going to have to check the lists to ensure everything got in....

      Still, the boxed copies look great and I'm looking forward to playing Septikon and Berserk over the next few days.

    6. Hobby World USA LLC 3-time creator on

      @Trent Your copies should be on a way from Germany to USA. We hope that you will receive them soon enough.

    7. Missing avatar

      Trent Coombs on

      Still no delivery. Still no update with "proven information". Still "hoping" everything is sent

    8. Hobby World USA LLC 3-time creator on

      @Trent We hope that everything is sent. We will make a n update when we have proven information.

    9. Missing avatar

      Paul Backhouse on

      Got mine in Perth, Western Australia. Havn't cracked it open but from the outside, all looks good

    10. magisystem on

      Since no one seemed to have problems with the card sizes, I checked again. Seems I grabbed the old wrong sized cards from the KS for my comparison. The replacement cards have the same size. So it was a mistake on my side! Sorry for trolling...

    11. Hobby World USA LLC 3-time creator on

      @Spuckfunkel We haven't run scientifical experiments, but we think they are absolutely toxic free. It's a smell of new plastic.

    12. Missing avatar

      Spuckfunkel on

      Game received. Very fun game and everything looks very professional. Congrats! My only complain are the plastic miniatures. They smell very strong and a little toxic. I'm very skeptical about plastic that smells toxic. Can you say me if the plastic miniatures are toxic free?

    13. magisystem on

      Game received. Looks good and complete so far.
      But the Berserk cards...
      5 of the 6 cards are damaged (one can nearly be called "near mint", but the others are "played"). And the cards seem to be somewhat larger than my other berserk cards. So large that they don't really blend into my decks. You can always clearly tell where the next promo card is in the deck. Anyone else noticed that?

    14. Captain Absinth on

      Also arrived in Finland today. Looking good!

    15. Missing avatar

      Jake Kuska on

      Congrats on hitting the home stretch. Can hardly wait to get the games on my table for the holidays.

    16. Hobby World USA LLC 3-time creator on

      Meanwhile we got Berserk copies at the warehouse. Now we are organizing the last shipments!

    17. Riccardo Previdi on

      Received mine yesterday, in Italy. Nice sturdy package from Germany. Also, sent a mail to @Hobby World ^_^

    18. Missing avatar

      Fubarname on

      just received mine \o/!

    19. Thomas Heinig

      Septikon arrived here in Germany today!
      Played it, loved it.

    20. Hobby World USA LLC 3-time creator on

      @Fabian Great news!

    21. Missing avatar

      Fabian Kern on

      Got mine today! Thanky you! Next step: Components check ;)

      Greetings from Germany

    22. Hobby World USA LLC 3-time creator on

      @Bernd Berserk promo cards are in each Septikon box. So the delay with added Berserk copies have nothing in common with Berserk promo cards, as they are printed with Septikons and added at the factory.

    23. Missing avatar

      Bernd Lindenberger

      I allready have Berserk. I backed your first KS. Are games with those promo Cards also delayed?

    24. Rainer Åhlfors

      Happy Halloween (for those who observe it)

    25. Hobby World USA LLC 3-time creator on

      @Bernd Yes, we are really sorry for this. We hope that the delay won't be really noticeable, maybe a week or so. It depends on how fast the things will go on.
      The reason is that we are getting Berserk copies from one place and Septikons from another place to the same warehouse. Septikons are there, Berserks are not yet.
      In general, that's why we are not going to make such "double game pledges" ever anymore. It's easy when you have all games consolidated in one warehouse... or at least in the same country. But in our case, when we print in different countries and establish delivery from other countries, that all appears to be a huge headache.
      Bernd, a personal moment. As we are actually sending now a few copies of Berserk + Septikon (not much, we have a few and are sending them without delay 'cause we can do it; most are delayed it was stated above), we checked if you are in the list. According to our information, you backed only for Septikon. If there is some mistake, please let us know, if not, then it is ok.

    26. Missing avatar

      Robert Duman on

      @Bernd Hopefully this will cheer you up--I live in the USA, and added the Berserk package, so you'll get your delivery a few weeks before me. Meanwhile, others in the USA have received and been playing the game for almost two months...

    27. Missing avatar

      Bernd Lindenberger

      So Backers who also backed Berserk are delayed once more. Great News.!
      What´s next ?

    28. Rainer Åhlfors

      Excellent news!

    29. Holger Døssing on

      Great, looking forward to receive it.

    30. Riccardo Previdi on

      Hoorray for EU deliveyy! ^_^

    31. Hobby World USA LLC 3-time creator on

      Just a little update about how the things go on. For those who read Comments section :).
      Worldwide copies of Septikon reached German warehouse. If all goes right, worldwide delivery will start at the end of this or at the beginning of the next week. That wasn't our initial intention to ship at the time of Halloween, but... :)
      We are going to ship most of Septikons, except for a few that are accompanied with Berserk copies. These will be delayed a little more, hopefully not for a long time.
      At the same time we are starting to send some replacement figures for USA backers. We will send some of them at this week and some later, when we receive some more copies of Septikon ourselves to gut them for components that will be sent.
      Full-length update will come in the next week, when we receive confirmed information about the worldwide delivery.

    32. Ruddy ARDOUIN

      Thanks, doing it now ;)

    33. Hobby World USA LLC 3-time creator on

      @Ruddy If you are moving in 2 weeks, the package won't reach you before that time. It's better to give us your new address, and the faster the better.
      As Rainer said, please use messages via Contact me button. For example, if it is a message, we can easily look for the country you are from to undertand how soon the package may reach you if we send it for example in 1.5 weeks, but with comments it is like "copy the name - go to backers section - make a search - the search somehow does not work, as Kickstarter is not ideal in this - manage to find the backer somehow at last - now you know his country - hoorey!! - now return to messages..." : )

    34. Rainer Åhlfors

      @Ruddy: I would recommend using the "Contact me" link on the right to ensure that they see and can respond to that comment properly. =)

    35. Ruddy ARDOUIN

      Do you have any information about a delivery date ? I'm moving in 2weeks and If I need to change my adress It could be great to do it now if you are sure to not deliver in this time.

    36. Hobby World USA LLC 3-time creator on

      @Jafet, @Bernd There will be an update in a few days. We hope that we will name the exact dates etc. Sorry for this delay once again!

    37. Jafet Valdez on

      I haven't received my game yet but I've been waiting for this game since I first saw your presentation live during, if I recall correctly, Essen 2012. So now I'm really excited that it will be here soon along with a side-dish of Berserk. :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Bernd Lindenberger

      Basically the same comment than 2 weeks ago......

    39. Hobby World USA LLC 3-time creator on

      @Alexander Göransson, We are close. There are some complicated things so we just don't want to disturb everybody with rather technical than useful updates. If all goes right (as we hope) - next week should the worldwide delivery start.

    40. Rainer Åhlfors

      @Alexander: Om det får det att kännas lättare för dig kan jag berätta att en svensk fått sitt spel. (Å andra sidan bor jag i USA, så det kanske inte räknas ...)

    41. Missing avatar

      Alexander Göransson on

      How is it looking for shipping to Europe? I was very patient but now that the yankees are getting their copies I'm getting a bit jealous :)

    42. Julien Duprie

      @Holger : yes I received on 13th october a tracking mail from TNT. package sent from Lituania. So it's TNT who bring me the game.

    43. Holger Døssing on

      @Julien: Congrats! :) Was the game delivered by courier or by the mail man? Did you receive any kind of tracking information prior?

    44. Julien Duprie

      I received my copy just now ! (for your information, I'm french)

    45. Jens H. on

      What about an update regarding European shipping? But maybe you are too busy with Essen ...

    46. Missing avatar

      Fubarname on

      septikon is not listed in their essen I guess the custom problem is not quite solved yet…

    47. Missing avatar

      Bernd Lindenberger

      Any News of Septikon shipping ? I guess it will be sold at Essen before european shipping even starts.

    48. Anthony Rubbo

      R&D card "Multiple Shields": Does using this result in placing 3 or 5 Shields total?


    49. Hobby World USA LLC 3-time creator on

      @Fubarname Fighting at the customes threshold. We don't want to write an update about it because things are too complicated : ) Everything is OK in general, just got a sudden delay.
      But probably time for update has come, it 's a great chance that we'll summarize how do things go in the nearest days.

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