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Hollywood: Make Your Own Blockbuster is a fast-paced board game about making movies!
783 backers pledged $40,792 to help bring this project to life.


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“Easy to explain, the theme makes sense, I really like it!” Tom Vasel (The Dice Tower)

Our Kickstarter campaign for Hollywood: Make Your Own Blockbuster is finished!

Thank you to all Hollywood backers for great support! With your help, we have unlocked 14 stretch goals and added more than 30 free cards to Hollywood!

If you’ve missed our campaign or just made up your mind, there’s still a chance to get Hollywood with all stretch goal cards by visiting our pre-order site: . Please note that this site will not be on for too long.

Welcome to Hollywood — where dreams are made and stars are born! Did you ever wish you could shoot a perfect movie? Hollywood: Make Your Own Blockbuster lets you live out that fantasy.

Hollywood is a board game for 2-6 players and it plays in about 30 minutes! You will pick the most talented actors at drafting, win superstars contracts at auctions and create award-winning blockbusters. Our game is easy to play for newcomers but offers enough depth to satisfy board game veterans.

Hollywood was released in 2013 in Russia. It became an instant hit among boardgamers and got positive feedback from reviewers. We were humbled to receive the “Best Family Game” award for Hollywood at Igrosfera — the largest regional board game fair.

Over the past few months the most frequent question we were asked was: “When will the international edition of your game be published?” We are happy to say that Hollywood can finally become available to every boardgamer! But only with your support the international edition of Hollywood will beсome a reality!

1. The theme makes sense! All of the cards and actions in the game are tightly connected to the movie-making theme. If you love movies, you will love Hollywood!

2. It’s always your turn! All actions in Hollywood are done simultaneously. No matter how many players participate, you’ll never have to wait for your turn!

3. Hollywood plays fast but has plenty of depth. The game is easily accessible for new players. At the same time there are a lot of creative strategies to go after!

4. Game components are language independent. All of Hollywood’s cards use icons. Detailed explanations for all of the special cards are included in the rules. Rulebooks are printed in English, German and French!

5. Hollywood is “EU friendly” — there are no extra customs charges for EU backers. We will provide free shipping for USA. Shipping for the rest of the world is just $15 only!

Actually, we are selling ourselves a bit short with this 5 features list. There is so much more to Hollywood! Take a look at our starting video or read on for the gameplay explanation. 

Make sure to check out our stretch goals! They are going to be constantly updated, reflecting the funding milestones of our project. Most of our stretch goals are Kickstarter exclusive!

We already have a lot of stretch goals achieved - read all about them in Stretch Goals section of this page. We also have a few cool add-ons available. Check them out:

You can find more info about The Other Side of Hollywood down the page!

And now let’s move on to the part where Hollywood is being described by the great gaming gurus! Their words of wisdom are both enlightening and entertaining. We proudly present…

Hollywood has received a warm welcome from famous board game critics across the world. We are infinitely grateful to everyone who made the Hollywood reviews! video review by Tom Vasel from The Dice Tower video review by Tox from Crits Happen video review by Dan “The Game Boy Geek” King from The Dice Tower

Video reviews explain gameplay, so if you want to understand how Hollywood plays, welcome! interview with Nikolay Pegasov by Matthias De Ridder from Board and Games audio interview with Nikolay Pegasov by Paco G. Jaen from G*M*S Magazine review by Matt Drake from Drake’s review by Jim Wittwer from review by Dale Yu from The Opinionated Gamers review by Jonathan H. Liu from GeekDad

We will be adding more reviews links here as soon as they will appear. Once again we would like to thank all of the reviewers. THANK YOU!!!

Before we move to Stretch Goals and other goodies, let us give you an explanation on how to play Hollywood. Some may call us pedantic, but we love Hollywood and we want to share our experience!

These are the basics of Hollywood. Stay tuned for upcoming updates filled with a lot of information on great gameplay features of Hollywood!

Hollywood: Make Your Own Blockbuster is all about movie production. In Hollywood your tactical decisions and long-term strategies will bring you to victory. Do you go for the “awards hunt” or produce a bunch of low budget movies? Do you spend a fortune on a famous superstar or look for a perfect script?! It’s your call!

You will be building your own movie-making dream team to become the most prominent film producer. All of your film crew members are represented by cards. Have a look at pictures below:

You get the most of cards for your movie by drafting them. The best “star-cards” can be obtained at an auction. The auction in Hollywood has a twist — every player pays, even if they didn’t win the bid. This makes for a mini mind game. You’ll need to think twice and double guess your opponents’ bids before you bid on a card yourself!

Each movie requires exactly one script and one director. You also need to have at least one actor or one actress in your movie.

Once you’ve got the basic structure for your movie — a script, a director and an actor or an actress — it is time to throw in more cards. You can add one more actor or actress along with as many special cards as you were able to get.

All of the special film crew cards have a strong thematic connection to movie-making. You can hire a makeup artist to “turn” an actor into an actress. An agent can be used to poach a needed person from one of your opponents.

Each movie in Hollywood has a specific genre. You can make an action, a thriller, a romance or a comedy.

To make a great blockbuster you need to get as many cards of the same genre as possible. If you give a job of making a thriller movie to a director skilled only in comedies your movie would be ... hmm… not so good! Unskilled director could still make an OK movie, but it would be much better if you could task a master of thrillers to do a thriller!

There are a lot of other interesting ways to make your movie a success. If you’ve managed to get an actor AND an actress for your movie you will form a Leading Duo. This will allow you to make a few more million dollars out of your awesome movie!

Hollywood would not be Hollywood if there were no movie Awards. To get the prestigious “Movie of the Year” trophy you need to collect cards with award symbols.

The movie with the most award symbols wins the trophy. If the players are tied, the trophy will be awarded by voting! The trophies will not only make you a famous and honorable producer but will also bring you huge profits at the end of the game!

Download the rules of Hollywood: Make Your Own Blockbuster by clicking an image bellow:

These are the final rules of Hollywood. Each copy of the game will have 3 rulebooks: English, German and French.

Rules of Hollywood were also translated to Spanish language by Miguel Viñas:

We have just received Brazilian Portuguese translation of rules from Paulo Ricardo Correia da Silva!

Please note that Hollywood will not ship with printed Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese rules. However, thanks to our backers - Miguel Viñas and Paulo Ricardo Correia da Silva you can download and enjoy Hollywood rules right now!  

We have already unlocked a lot of stretch goals and added many cards to the base game. We are grateful to all of you for support and great ideas! Some of your suggestions are already being implemented and worked on. Now, as we have promised, we are ready to show you something very different.

All of us, as movie fans, mostly see the final result of film crew’s hard work when we go to a cinema. You buy a ticket, grab your pop-corn and enjoy a great (or weird!) performance of movie stars. You argue about plot holes and admire visual effects.

However, a big part of movie-making process remains unseen. Why that terrible actor got the main role?!! How on earth a controversial director got signed up by a big studio?! Now comes eternal question: is there still room in Hollywood for genius scenarios that do not fit any mainstream genre?!

The Other Side of Hollywood consists of 21 brand new cards. All of these cards have a special ability: you can pass a card to another player or you can use this card in your own movie.

Why would you want to pass the cards? Because they affect usual movie production rules and impose some limitations! Here is an example. Producer’s Son is not very skilled and he will decrease your box office with his terrible acting. However, he is still an Actor. The decision to keep him or to pass him is yours!

Art House Actress, on the other hand, is quite experienced but you can’t add any green crew cards to her movie. Why? Well, art house movies usually don’t need any special effects or anything that high budget team can offer.

If you got an “Other Side” card from another player you have to use it in your movie. You can’t get rid of it by discarding it! All of the “Other Side” cards have a ten-pointed star in the background to be easily recognizable.

The Other Side of Hollywood shows you the darker side of Hollywood but does it in a light-hearted manner. It is worth mentioning that all of the add-on’s cards are optional to use. You can add all of the new cards in to the deck or try any combinations.

More interaction to the game. More strategies to try. More interesting decisions to make!

Stretch goals are the main driving force of any Kickstarter project. This is especially true for our campaign. Most of Hollywood's stretch goals of Hollywood are Kickstarter exclusive!

Only you — the backers of Hollywood — will get the extended international version of our game with all of the extra cards! We have plans to create an expansion out of these cards later in Russia, but it will be available in Russian language only. We can only guess if it will be eventually published worldwide in a very distant future. More than likely, it will not be released in other languages at all.

Essen 2013. You can see Nikolay Pegasov, the game author, standing just left of the Hobby World logo. He had a great source of inspiration for creating new cards. It was players’ feedback!
Essen 2013. You can see Nikolay Pegasov, the game author, standing just left of the Hobby World logo. He had a great source of inspiration for creating new cards. It was players’ feedback!

The additional game components which will become unlocked by achieving the stretch goals will be added for free to every reward level, starting with PREMIERE ($36).

Let’s make Hollywood even more fabulous!


What does the PR Specialist do in the game? She will greatly increase your chances to grab the “Movie of the Year” award for your movie. However, she will not bring you any additional profit at the end of the game. It’s just like in real life!


By popular demand! You got yourself a script, an actor AND an actress, a bunch of great cards... but no directors? These guys will help you! Surely, they are not well-known. They are also not very skilled. But hey, at least you can hire them any time you want! If you got the cash, that is. 

Second Unit Directors are a lot like Worthless Script cards, allowing you to get a no-genre Director. You’ll also need to pay as many millions as the number of the cards in your movie. This stretch goal adds 6 Second Unit Director cards to the game!


Introducing the best of both worlds! The Actress-Director! She can be an actress. She can be a director. But you get the final say. This stretch goal adds 2 Actress-Director cards to the game.

This courageous professional is not afraid of any high paying jobs! This amazing universal specialist will be a great addition to any movie-making team! The stretch goal adds 2 Actor-Director cards to the game.

The Lawyer is the Agent’s friend. They’ve got so much in common! Both of them have the hobby of stealing opponents’ cards! With Lawyer’s support you can be specific about the card that you want. On the other hand, your opponent will have the option to pay Lawyer’s fee to avoid losing cards. The stretch goal adds 2 Lawyer cards to the game.

Assembled a near perfect team, but one of your actors is not good at the required genre? No problem! Method Acting Teacher comes to the rescue! He can “teach” an Actor, an Actress, a Director or even a Director Assistant a new genre! This stretch goal adds 2 Method Acting Teacher cards to the game.

The Singer is unmatched at transferring money into artistic value! Coins are this singer’s best friends! Got coins on your cards? They’ll count as award symbols too! The stretch goal adds 2 Singer cards to the game.

You can have up to 3 actors or actresses (in any combinations) in your movie if you have Director of Photography recruited. Director of Photography is managing cameramen, he is the boss. That’s why Director of Photography has become a Star Card. Since all Star green cards in Hollywood are unique we are adding 1 card with this stretch goal.

The Actor-Actress card gives you a great flexibility. You can make him (or her!) to play any role in your movie. This means that it will be very easy to form a Leading Duo. We are adding 2 “Actor-Actress” cards to the game with this stretch goal. This means that now you will be able to form an ultimate Actor-Actress Leading Duo out of these 2 great cards!

With this stretch goal we are adding 6 player aid cards. There will be 2 copies of each card in 3 languages – English, German and French.

Each of player aid cards is double-sided. One side of the card has short description of game setup and all game stages. On the other side of the card you will find a handy scoring summary. We also have included the genre bonus table to player aid cards.

The Location Scout will find the best place to shoot your movie! Perfect location = greater chance of getting the “Movie of the Year” award. It’s not about profit, it’s about art, remember?! The stretch goal adds 1 Location Scout card to the game.

  Gaffer is a regular green card that gives a thematic boost to your Leading Duo! If you have a Gaffer, Leading duo will provide a bonus of 7 million instead of just 4. Thematically, Gaffer highlights great acting performance and this allows your movie studio to gain extra profit.

The Dance Choreographer adds a final touch to your perfect movie! All of your cards that have coins will bring one more coin! Everybody dances! With a few more millions in your pocket you’ll want to dance your happy dance too! The stretch goal adds 2 Dance Choreographer cards to the game.

Movie Critic can write an excellent review, making weaker parts of your movie look strong. For each Worthless Script card and for each Second Unit Director card used in all your movies you get 1 million!

With this ultimate stretch goal we want to bring the most requested features: events and festivals. Idea for this deck appeared after we read your comments. We were speaking about movie festivals in comments, we were discussing events. Now it is coming true. A whole new Festival Deck of 12 cards has become the stretch goal of Hollywood campaign!

Each card of Festival Deck represents… as you already guessed, a movie festival! You reveal a card from the Festival Deck at the beginning of each production year to add some surprising flavor to your movie making groove.

This is the ultimate stretch goal but not final! We will be adding more stretch goals as we progress towards Festival Madness!

Hollywood will be shipped from the USA and from Europe. Because of that, we are able to set low shipping rates for everyone!

We’ve decided to avoid the unnecessary over-complicated shipping tables. Here are our shipping rates!

Shipping is free for our backers in the USA.

Shipping to all other countries is $15.

Please send us a message via “Contact me” if you would like to get more than 2 copies of Hollywood and we will provide discount and the shipping quote for you.


Grab your copy of Hollywood at Essen fair this year! If you are going to be at Essen 2014, you should not pay anything for delivery. So Hollywood shipment is free for everyone who visits Hobby World’s booth at Essen!

If you are going to be at Essen and added 15$ for delivery, please click on “manage your pledge” and click "in the USA" even if you are no in the USA. Your actual address will be confirmed later when we will send you the survey.


Get Hollywood avatars by clicking the link bellow! Decorate your profile with style!

We just wanted to add this bit here. We are very grateful to all of Hollywood’s supporters. It is an incredible honor to have our game chosen by you — our backers. We sincerely hope that you will love Hollywood and that this game will become a great addition to your gaming collection!

Please share your ideas and ask us any questions. We are always happy to hear from you!


Risks and challenges

Hollywood is already released in Russia. Most of the art for Hollywood is done. The game was seriously playtested. However, there exists a tiny possibility of delays with adding art for our stretch goals. The chance of such a delay is pretty low (our artist, marvelous Uildrim, is working hard to draw everything in time!), but we think it is still worth to mention it.

We have decided to print Hollywood in the EU. Manufacturing our game in Europe allows us to have an exceptional control over the production process. We have already produced a small print run of Hollywood for the Essen fair and we are extremely happy with the quality of our game’s components.

Shipping of Hollywood will be handled by well-known companies in the USA and in Europe. We are going to work with true masters of shipping and we believe that they will provide fast and reliable shipping for everyone!

Hobby World has two successfully funded projects on Kickstarter — Berserk: War of the Realms and Septikon Uranium Wars. Launching Kickstarter projects was a new experience for us and we’ve learned a lot from it. Thanks to this, we now have a great understanding on how to do a top-notch Kickstarter campaign! Berserk: War of the Realms is now delivered to most of backers. The printing of Septikon was delayed due to huge efforts put in to making the finest miniatures and ensuring overall game quality. The game is now being printed and it should be delivered in a few months. We are confident that everything will be fine and that backers will be pleased with quality of our games!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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