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SHE is a dance theater show celebrating the strength of women, featuring the 2015 world premiere of "The Abduction of Genoveffa"
115 backers pledged $7,198 to help bring this project to life.

76 Backers, $4,870 and 3 days to go to make our amazing goal!

Posted by Dalia Carella (Creator)
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 Hi everyone: We have 3 days left.  Our hearts are all beating and as the Artistic Director, i'm close to heart palpitations!  : )  Really, it has been such a time of excitement and love.  We thank you for your donations.  We are all thrilled to see committed fans such as yourself.  We have raised $4,870 and 76 backers! We have $1,630 to go and we are ready to go to that finish line with flying colors!  

 As a thank you, I wanted to send you this clip of Beth Kucharczyk, who is portraying my Nani, Genoveffa in the show.  This is from our NYC premiere of "The Abduction of Genoveffa" as part of the "SHE" Project.  This is Beth's first rehearsal  practicing our script for the show and working on her broken Italian accent.  This is her first try and she is doing remarkable.  Next time you see her will be at the show and you will see Beth transform as Genoveffa Colonna Carella.  

If you can think of anyone else that you think would like to contribute to the show, send them this link.  Spreading the word for us in our final hours will be amazing.  Thank you all!  We are so grateful.

Love Dalia 


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    1. Barbara Sinclair on

      Bravo, Beth! You're amazing! :)