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BRUSHSTROKES IN HOLLYWOOD is a feature length documentary film about pioneering Chinese American artist and Disney Legend, Tyrus Wong.
Created by

Pamela Tom

411 backers pledged $44,154 to help bring this project to life.



THANK YOU to our 212 BACKERS for helping us raise $29,013 in 19 DAYS! That’s over 100 new donors in the past week! (Click on our Facebook page to see our personal thanks)

Our HUMBLE AND MOST SINCERE THANKS to the TYRUS WONG FAMILY for generously donating two original pieces of art to our campaign.

THANKS ONCE AGAIN to JAMES BAXTER (Kung Fu Panda, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast), for his generous offer to contribute his extraordinary animation talents to the film. Wow!

And to our AMAZING CREATIVE TEAM for helping us bring Tyrus's story to the big screen --

DP: Shana Hagan (cinematographer behind so many award-winning documentaries)
Editors: Walt Louie and Tim Craig
Associate: Frances E. Chang
Sound: John Oh
Music contributions by Nathan Wang, George Shaw and Kathryn Bostic
...And countless others who have given their time, talent, sweat and smarts to the film.

And to Leslee Leong, Tina Price, Nan Rae and Colin Tom for their generous reward contributions.

-- Pamela Tom, Gwen Wynne, and Tamara Khalaf (Producers)



Paintings are matted, framed and signed by the artist.

Deer with Birds
11.25" x 8.25"

You'll spend hours of contemplation enjoying the exquisite beauty and simplicity of this ethereal watercolor of two deer in a forest. In the two decades that Tyrus worked as a sought-after Christmas card designer, deer and other woodland animals found their way into his designs. Inspired by his work on Bambi, this landscape features Tyrus’s “less is more” compositional style and technical mastery.

Vibrant Abstract
10.25 "x 7"

Imagine hanging this gorgeous abstract painting in your own home! This dynamic painting beautifully showcases Tyrus’s masterful calligraphic talents and bold sense of color, complete with twinkling accents and vibrant brushwork. Like other calligraphic, abstract works by Tyrus, this vivid composition evokes the movements of a dance. A unique addition to any collection of modern art!


Giclee refers to a special printmaking method that produces high-quality reproductions of original artwork.

We’re thrilled to add as a new reward LIMITED EDITION SIGNED giclee prints of two of Tyrus’s most exquisite paintings – “RECLINING NUDE" and one of his signature HORSES.

Title: Horse

India Ink on paper by Tyrus Wong.

This giclee print is on a high-quality watercolor paper using UV inks. Each limited edition print is numbered and signed by the artist.

Title: Reclining Nude

Oil on canvas by Tyrus Wong. This exquisite painting has never before been reproduced.

Prints will be on canvas using UV inks. Each limited edition print is numbered and signed by the artist.

Prints are sized approximately 18" x 24", but do not come with a frame.
*Note that the final size will fit a standard frame, but may change by a couple of inches, depending on the exact aspect ratio of the artwork.

Owning this beautiful art is just a click away.


Amount raised so far: $29,013
Days left in the campaign: 13 (ends Dec 18)
Amount we still need to raise to meet our minimum goal: $5,987
Amount we still need to raise to meet our maximum goal: $120,987
Daily amount we need to raise to meet our minimum goal: $460
Daily amount we need to raise to meet our maximum goal: $9,306

PLEASE continue helping us SPREAD THE WORD and keep the momentum going!



We’re grateful to our donors and fans – not just for their pledges, but for the many encouraging words and inspiring stories they share with us. Here are just a few:

Tyrus' work has always been a major inspiration to me and everyone I worked with. I was so happy to shake his hand and see that he is still contributing beautiful things to the world. What you are doing is very important, and I can't wait to see it. Thanks!

- Thomas Cardone

I saw your campaign and I knew that I was going to back it. This is exactly the type of project that I like to be involved in.

- Mitchell Williams

I probably wouldn't live in So CA had I not seen Bambi, as a 3 year old, and eventually moved to LA to study animation at CalArts, and worked in the industry after that. Love his art!

- Moira Hahn

Tyrus Wong's story is so very precious and needs to be shared with the world through your documentary. So as a fellow artist I wish you the very best of luck and hope to see Tyrus' story on the big screen!

- Jeff Nishinaka

God I love his work!

- Tom Jones


Q: Is my donation tax deductible?
A: Kickstarter donations are NOT tax deductible.

Q: Do I have the option of making a tax deductable donation?

A: Yes, but not through Kickstarter. Please contact us to find out how.
*Please note: Rewards are only offered to donors through Kickstarter.

Q: Does it matter if I donate on Kickstarter or through other methods?
A: It can. If we don't meet our Kickstarter goal of $35K, we receive none of your pledges! So until we do, we actually prefer that donations go through Kickstarter. It’s your personal choice and we absolutely welcome and appreciate any method of donation.

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