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A delectable documentary about two strong-headed Oklahoma sisters who travel to Alaska to open a bakery. Help us finish the journey. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on November 8, 2012.

A delectable documentary about two strong-headed Oklahoma sisters who travel to Alaska to open a bakery. Help us finish the journey.

About this project

UPDATE: Yes!  We've reached our goal of $10,000.  I cannot thank you all enough. Any extra funds raised will go towards bringing the film to even more cities through festivals or screening events, so please keep sharing the link and keep giving. I'm touched so many people believe in this film, thank you all so much!

What's this documentary about?

Jackie Johnson stands on a hill overlooking a spit of land stretching into the Kachemak Bay on a chance vacation to Alaska. Homer, Alaska is the Halibut fishing capital of the world and to Jackie the most beautiful place she’s ever seen. Growing up in a stable Oklahoma family she dreamt of two things: baking and adventure. Now working in an assisted living center in Texas pays her bills and affords her a nice house, but it isn’t her dream.

Jackie drives down onto the spit. There she finds an omen: a bakery for sale.

Homer Spit
Homer Spit

She buys the bakery and knows it will change her life, but had no idea it would end up involving her family.

After her father’s death, Jackie’s mother Doris and older sister Kathy decide to join in the adventure. Jackie is 50, single and fiercely independent. She’s been distant from her family for most of her adult life, but for the bakery to succeed she’ll need their help.

As the two sisters, Jackie and Kathy, set out from Oklahoma to drive to Alaska in a used RV filled with baking supplies, they couldn’t have predicted the challenges that would lie ahead nor their opportunity for a second chance.

Why did you decide to do this documentary?

I get asked this question a lot. Jackie was a childhood friend of my mother’s who I’d met once in the 1990s. My mom called me one day a few years ago to tell me about this crazy plan of Jackie’s. I should point out we’re not from a privileged class at all. My family and Jackie’s family are blue collar Oklahomans. We’re not the kind of folks who can afford to take risks and who usually do things like this. For Jackie buying this bakery meant giving up every single thing she had and then some. After that phone conversation I couldn’t sleep for several nights because I was so excited about the story. I needed to make this film (in retrospect buying a sleep aid would have been cheaper).

Why are you doing a fundraiser?

We had an incredible Kickstarter fundraiser in the spring that paid for all of the remaining travel to finish filming. The bakery owners were so kind to allow me to sleep on their floor again and to eat their leftover cookies which helped keep costs down but not my weight. Now we need to finish the film to get it to audiences. This film has been three years in the making and all of it is for nothing if no one sees it.

How can you help us get the film out?

We need to raise $10,000 to pay for several things:

  • A composer to score the film’s soundtrack
  • A designer to do the graphic art
  • A professional color technician and audio technician to get the picture and sound to broadcast and festival level quality
  • Festival entry fees
  • Marketing and copies of the film on DVD

This is how we get the film out so that you and everyone else can see it.

Why does this film matter?

This film is our story, all of us. We are conditioned to believe that we will find happiness in stability and are surprised when we don’t. We are told that being a strong individual means being able to do it all on your own, when really it takes a village - or a fishing village in this case. I hope this film encourages people to rewrite the definition of success.

Are you actually posting these questions and then answering them yourself as if this were an interview involving another person? 


Risks and challenges

The difficult part of this will just be interviewing and hiring the right people. I'll seek advice from others in the industry for recommendations.

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