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A beautiful 2D sci-fi metroidvania about love, hope, and redemption. Gameplay influenced by Super Metroid and Dark Souls.
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Profiles: Saymund & The Reskk

Posted by Matt White (Creator)

Saymund of Ayon 9

A mysterious entity who wanders the moon, eternally observing, eternally studying. He aids the player by providing wisdom and insight. His identity and motives are unclear, but he is nonetheless a fountain of knowledge, eager to impart wisdom and tell stories of the history of Lorian V.

Saymund with Dizzy in toe
Saymund with Dizzy in toe

Saymund is one of the central NPCs in the game. Among other things, he is the vehicle from which backstory and lore are delivered. He frequently tells tales remotely via his droid companion, a small floating droid named Dizzy.

Encounter a curious artifact, or see something unusual in the environment? If Dizzy is with you, Saymund is never far, and he's more than willing to tell you all about it.

Reskk, The Devil Stalkers

The Reskk are fearsome warriors, the corporeal arm of the Gornah. Their origin is a mystery, but they tend to show up wherever there is any threat to the local Gornah. You will come across several during your travels on Lorian IV, usually alone, traveling the caves and tunnels, looking for the Construct. They are not interested in you and will ignore you unless aggravated, in which case they respond with deadly force.

Devil Stalkers are well protected by thick bio armor, and wield powerful blades
Devil Stalkers are well protected by thick bio armor, and wield powerful blades

Random Events

Speaking generally, using a save room will cause common enemies to respawn in the game world, as well as roll dice to determine certain chance based occurrences in the game world. Make no mistake, this is not, generally speaking, a "random" focused game, but there are a few occurrences or appearances that are based on chance that help to enrich the experience.

One type of chance based encounter are Devil Stalkers. There are a number of locations on the map where there is a small chance one can appear, this dice being rolled any time you use a save room.

Devil Stalkers are among the most powerful entities in the game. Fortunately, they are not interested in you and will ignore you unless provoked. Once spotted, they will go about their way, traveling the map, until they make their eventual exit. 

It is technically possible, however unlikely, to defeat a Devil Stalker, but doing so will require the most powerful weaponry and defenses available.

House Cleaning

- As I usually say, the Paypal store remains open to anyone who is interesting in lending their support. 

- I know some of you probably wanted to see new screenshots or animations, but I am going to be a bit stingy on new game assets for the time being, I want something a bit more polished and interesting to unveil -- Which will be at the soonest possible time. I don't want to oversell, but I think you guys will be happy once you see the game.

- I'm considering options as far as promotional ideas for early next year, especially if we go forward on Greenlight. I've stayed out of Greenlight so far because I thought it was too risky -- The idea being, if you list on Greenlight, your hands are tied and you'll have no route onto Steam until you become greenlit, which could take a long time if it even happens at all. We have had many inquiries and offers from various publishers (publishers who can provide Steam access) -- But this is an important decision with pros and cons all around. Suffice it to say, I'm less nervous about the idea of Greenlight than I once was, with my confidence in the quality of the game growing as well as confidence in our supporters.

Which leads me back to my previous thought: Would any of you be interested in participating in a game jam hosted by Ghost Song? It's something I'm considering for early next year. There'd be an appropriate theme, prizes, and other contests/fun to go along with it as well. This could potentially be a nice way to build some community as well as have a lot of fun with like minded people. (Incidentally, if you would like to be a sponsor and throw a prize onto the pile, get in touch with me directly. My direct email address is listed in my twitter profile.)

About to sign off for now -- One quick last thing. A friend of mine launched his own Kickstarter a while ago and he could really use some support. He's been working on this thing for a long time. It's kind of an interesting, Scrabble-like spin on Puzzle Quest. It's called Apexicon. If it looks like something you might enjoy, consider giving it a back or two.

Safe journeys!


P.S. So who's getting a PS4 and who's getting an Xbox One? :) I don't know a lot about PS4 yet as it pertains to Unity fees, but I've learned Xbox One will cover the Unity fees to those accepted into their Indie program. Combine that with every console being its own dev kit, and this is very interesting indeed...


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    1. JJ Mahoney on

      PS4 for me! I'm loving it so far.

    2. Missing avatar

      Lipfi Lenba on

      I still hope for the Wii U version. Seems like the perfect choice.

    3. Casey Dombos

      Ps4 obviously far superior over xbone. But yes I would host a game jam in Portland for sure.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jens mogensen on

      Getting both the PS4 and the Xbox One. I'm in a tier 2 country though so I will get to enjoy the PS4 several months before the Xbox One will try to claw away my attention.

    5. Saif on

      I think you shouldn't show the game as much or Greenlight it until your satisfied with the quality

    6. Matt White Creator on

      It won't be like Bastion. There's no narration. Here and there in the environment are "lore points" -- curiosities or areas with apparent history. If you have Dizzy with you, these can be inspected and Saymund will tell talk to you about it.

    7. Darmin Hadzic on

      Will exposition be delivered in a similar manner as, say, Rucks from Bastion? Just wondering about how much will be left to the imagination?

    8. Jacob Chambliss on

      Yes, give us more! (As appropriate, of course. :P)

    9. Missing avatar

      Kyle Ryan on

      I never cared much for x box, just not my cup of tea. If anything I like is released on Wii U, like a new Metroid maybe? I might get one. I will probably wait a while before getting a PS4. But I will get one once there are games to play. I was going to try and ply Ghost song on a PC.

      I am happy that you are waiting to show off the game. I like the updates you have made so far and would really like for you to just keep teling us about things like this. I have a feeling this is the game I have been wanting for some time! I can wait to untill it is done to see/play it!

      Thanks Matt!

    10. Brett Morehouse on

      I have a Wii U and no interest AT THIS TIME in the PS4 or Xbox One. None of the launch titles really "got" me, and only a few upcoming games even interest me - inFamous Second Son, Final Fantasy XV, and Kingdom Hearts III. The latter I do hope to see on my console of choice - the Wii U.

      Regardless, PS4 looks like it'll worm its way into my collection at some point, and I hope the Xbox One has more games than Crimson Dragon that even remotely interest me.

    11. Eric Ramirez on

      Plan on getting a PS4.

    12. Matt White Creator on

      Just to clarify, the game is coming out on windows/mac/linux no matter what (obviously) and any and all consoles I can get it to. if I have it my way we'll be on all of them eventually.

    13. Shevai Asan on

      I've got a PS4. I was a loyal Xbox LIVE subscriber since the original Xbox was released; and after learning that PS+ was basically giving away full games and huge discounts(upwards of 50 and 75% off) on digital purchases; I felt like I had drank Microsoft's kool-aid for long enough and not been rewarded for my loyalty(despite never really even playing online because of the horrible community of teenagers all too ready to smear you on comms. It felt like walking down the hallways of a middle school with no teachers around.)

      Whichever system you decide to maybe push Ghost Song too, I hope it benefits you as the developer. I'll gladly play the game on my PC, and I can always push the game to my HDTV via HDMI.

      I like the character style you're going for, the world you're shaping is definitely going to stand out with the way you're molding it. I'm thoroughly excited to see more; and I don't easily get excited for most things.

    14. SilverLimit on

      Excited to see what you've been cooking up! Judging by the look of Seymund, I'm getting a strong "alternate playable character" vibe from him (which I wouldn't mind at all). As far as new platforms go, PS4 is supposedly more open to Indy developers as far as keeping restrictions lax and allowing for easy patching/updates. Can't wait to see the finished product, and keep up the great work!

    15. Nick Soisson on

      I know I am getting an Xbox One, and would love to go achievement hunting in Ghost Song! Best of luck finishing the game, and hopefully applying to ID@Xbox

    16. Missing avatar

      Tevaul on

      May can't come quick enough!

    17. Tyrone Wested

      Got my PS4, want to play Ghost Song on it!

    18. Erik de Vos on

      PS4! The Xbone is very unfriendly to both developers and gamers..also extremely expensive.

    19. Will on

      I have a PS4, so good!

    20. S.D. on

      Neither console. Sticking to desktop gaming (perhaps a micro-console, they compete on price, and my desktop will always be far more beautiful, so there's no point in pricey consoles).

    21. Missing avatar

      HellBlazer on

      Hmm, I could be interested in a game jam, depending on timing and details.

    22. Héctor G. on

      Thanks for the update, Matt! You're fantastically communicative and modest... The industry (nah, the world!) needs more people like you. :) To answer your question, I have already purchased a PS4, and have owned a Wii U since late July, and I'd gladly purchase the game for whichever of those you decide to release the game on.

    23. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, Matt! I'm sure that if you do attempt Steam's Greenlight program, you'll get plenty of yesses to be approved, but I'll trust whatever route you decide upon.

    24. Joseph Huckleberry on

      I'll be getting an Xbox One over the holidays and it would definitely be cool to see Ghost Song on the platform; ultimately though, I am in love with my Wii U and it would be my first choice if it were available there.

    25. Missing avatar

      josh hensel on

      Thanks for the comprehensive update! I'd love to see the game on PS4, as I no longer have a WiiU.

    26. Peter Faden on

      Personally, I have a PS4. I will likely get an Xbone sometime around the new years as well though. Not sure which will be my preference. I enjoyed the Xbox over the PS2, but liked the PS3 better than the 360.