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A beautiful 2D sci-fi metroidvania about love, hope, and redemption. Gameplay influenced by Super Metroid and Dark Souls.
3,014 backers pledged $54,007 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Robert smith on

      Columbus has the 16Bit Bar and Arcade now. Awesome place for a launch party!

    2. Jesus Antonio Rivera Muñoz on

      i would totally love to see this on the Wii U, i hope the goal is reached through paypal :)

    3. Sean Davis Nelson on

      Congratulations on the funding! I'm proud to be a backer. I think we will make it to $60,000 with the paypal purchases!

    4. Thom Snow on

      Can't wait to play, but will do so patiently while you make something incredible!

    5. Jacob Chambliss on

      @RPRezo, he's already said that is the idea, numerous times. The complete game comes first, the Wii U port after. Which is why he set the initial goal for it so high, so that he would definitely have enough to do both without gimping anything.

    6. Iván de Neymet

      Congratulations. I believe the reason this is possible is because when you do something you want to do (a game you want to play) then you're able to convey those emotions to the rest of us. Looking forward to see this game. Now take the time you need to deliver what you really want to create.

    7. E. Magid on

      Congratulations! This looks like one of the most exciting Kickstarters I've ever seen. Can't wait to play it, but I REALLY hope it comes to Wii U. I don't know exactly what the cost of porting it to Wii U would be, but I know that Unity is free for Wii U isn't it? Whatever the case, I hope I get to play this on the GamePad eventually!

    8. Peter Coffin on

      One more big congrats from me. Really happy this worked out. Hoping to see it on the Wii U regardless. Will be watching the Ghost Song site.

    9. dennis fuchs on

      Wow, the late comers brought in quite a few more dollars. When I went to sleep it was still 10k away with 3 hours to go and then you made another 4k in that time. Really nice. Bummer it didn't make the Wii U goal though.

      So many Kickstarters these days! Now I'm eagerly awaiting the game. All the best, Matt!

    10. RPRezo on

      I just hope your dream won't hinder of hurt the development of your game itself. You know, making ports is not all that easy. So yeah, you should probably start by creating what you promised and making it as good as possible, and only then moving to realizing your other dreams - like porting to Wii U.

    11. MαcKrø on

      Congratulations !!!!!

    12. Sander Harrewijnen on

      Congratulations on the funding! Can't to hear more about the plans you have for the game.

    13. Missing avatar

      Lorenz Jugel on


      I hope the team had a tiny (and well-deserved!) victory party. Now the interesting part begins. Good luck, and I hope you have at least as much fun making the game as I plan on having while playing it.

      Also, while I may not have a WiiU, I wish you all the best that you can release the game on the console as well.

    14. Stegalosaurus Game Company on

      We clap mightily for you, sir!

    15. KevinSensei on

      Good to hear that the Wii U version could still happen. That was my main goal in supporting this KS. This type of game would be perfect on the system.

    16. mabec on

      Congrats! :) And even reach above 3000 backers, i consider that equally important.

    17. Missing avatar

      Matthew Snyder on

      Glad to see this got a good amount! Love seeing good stuff out of Ohio and especially nearby in the state no less.

    18. Kyle Reese on

      I can't say I'm not gutted about being so close to reaching the Wii U goal though.
      This game would most likely sell the best on a Nintendo console too, I think.
      Well now that the goal wasn't reached for Wii U($6,000...), all I can do is hope and pray...

    19. Ian Chamberlin on

      Well that's cool...I'd like a game like this on WiiU. It's too bad it didn't quite make it. Very glad that all the other goals were realized though. :) They were some pretty good ones. Looking forward to seeing more of this game as development goes on.

    20. VulgarUnderoos on

      Sad to see we didn't hit that last bit, but still super excited for how far it went! Congrats Matt and good luck with all the work ahead! If you do ever get around to porting it to the Wii U, I'll be buying that for sure. Awesome job everyone!

    21. Saif on

      As much as I like the idea of this being on WiiU, a 3DS port would be even better! Anyway, glad this game got made and Im looking forward to all the updates and stuff. I tried to spread this around on Reddit to get that last 10k but oh well. Good luck!

    22. Zaranell on

      I stumbled across this project from /r/metroid. Saw about two minutes of gameplay footage and was already sold; I decided upon the beta access tier. I'm quite glad I managed to donate before it ended, and I look forward to seeing how this turns out.

    23. Jamie Dutton on

      Congrats and I look forward to see where you take this game! Now go get some sleep and eat something, ok! :)

    24. Francis Marier on

      Oops, I didn't consider the US-CAN $ difference. Mmm... It probably won't work, it's good the paypal method still works for now.

    25. Matt White Creator on

      oh, and jacob, like I said, I still want to do the wii u, but it's not official or guaranteed at the moment.

    26. Matt White Creator on

      jacob: the funds will be used to make the game as good as it can be. more dime, more time, more... I'm outta rhyme. anyway, I have many ideas. I think you guys will be pleased.

    27. Gianni Rosheuvel on

      Good luck with the project. Please be sure to keep us updated. Look forward to the end product.

    28. Jacob Chambliss on

      Just a thought, could that extar 15,000 be appropriated towards something else? (if it's not going towards making the Wii U goal a reality?)

    29. Matt White Creator on

      thanks guys :) @tyrone about $800 in total, I think

    30. Tyrone Wested

      how much has paypal added to the pot so far?

    31. Jay Shah on

      Thanks for the 19th UPDATE MATT! Get some rest and let's all look forward to this BEAST!

    32. Missing avatar

      Isaiah on

      I know some projects don't talk about it, but since it's a personal hope for you, I presume Paypal stuff actually brings it closer to the 60k goal over what just Kickstarter shows. I have high hopes for that. Not that I'm personally invested in a Wii U edition, but it's always good to spread the love of a game to multiple systems where more people can enjoy them :3 good luck, and congratulations!

    33. Mark on

      and now your invincible to create this beast :D keep up the good work matt and congrats again! btw I am originaly from Cleveland Ohio so Ohio represent haha.

    34. Joseph Huckleberry on

      You are a true inspiration Matt. Thank you for following your dream!

    35. David Wagaman

      Grats! I'm glad that you get to make this game with some of the nifty extras from the stretch goals. When this makes its way to the Wii U you can count on my money.

    36. François Potvin Naud on

      You are the one with enough guts to start a project like this. :P Without you, we would all be richer, but sadder and gameless. ;)