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Return to Simon Stålenhag's world of the Loop in this new RPG. It's the '90s now, and things are different. This time, you can die.
Return to Simon Stålenhag's world of the Loop in this new RPG. It's the '90s now, and things are different. This time, you can die.
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Fulfillment is starting

Posted by Fria Ligan (Creator)

Just wanted to let you now that fulfillment now has started with these photos straight from our warehouse in England. It won't be long now!

/Free League


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    1. Andrew Cady about 1 hour ago

      Still waiting for any word on any pieces in the US.

    2. Matthew Petruzzelli about 23 hours ago

      Damian beat me to the question

    3. Missing avatar

      Damian Bruniany about 23 hours ago

      When is US shipping starting?

    4. Roger C. Jones
      3 days ago

      I received the art books on 4/20, but no RPG items. I sent a seperate message to inquire if they will be shipped seperately.

    5. Thomas Munkholt on

      Still no news (I'm in Denmark) …

    6. Don Hogan on

      I'm with Max - I only got 1 of 10 items. Hopefully there will be some follow up information?

    7. Missing avatar


      Got the books :-)
      Everything looks really good.
      I'm a bit dissappointed at the delivery guy who just dumped the package at my door instead of leaving it with neighbours or a pick-up point.
      I can't wait for the posters to arrive.

    8. Max Kielland

      Hmm, I only got the dice tray in an envelope... Is the rest on it's way or is there a mix-up in orders?

    9. Anjuli Clayden on

      Received mine yesterday and it looks great! Can't wait to get a game together and pump out so great 90s classics while we play!

    10. Karl on

      DHL are once again charging me for customs clearance in Canada- with their massive fees on top. Please stop using DHL they are absolutely useless!!

    11. Lotte on

      Not to brag about it, but it seems the dice don't have the Krafta symbol but the "old" Ricksenergi? ...

    12. Tim on

      Awesome! Looking forward to receiving my copy.

      Are the orders destined for Australia being sent from the UK or from the US ?

    13. Missing avatar

      Willem van der Poel on

      Sweetness in a box. Can't wait to see what goodies will arrive!

    14. Expletius

      Before Brexit. Awesome!

    15. Missing avatar

      il_fabbro on

      Hell yeah! Can't read a pdf I just want the solid stuff in my hands! I promise I'll put it to good use :)

    16. Jon Xuereb

      Excited for when US shipping starts. Thankfully I live near the Michigan shipping facility

    17. Missing avatar

      Ripleyludicrous on

      Sweet! Thanks for all your hard work and creativity guys. I've already read the PDF, but having the physical books are a bonus.

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael Artych on

      Yessss! Epic! Very much looking forward to getting a package!

    19. Missing avatar

      Peter Srek on

      Can I change my address still? Trying to get in touch with you guys for a week now.

    20. Mary McMurtrey

      Yay! Now I will obsessively watch my email for a shipping notice...

    21. Mathijs Beaujean on

      Better ship that stuff fast, before they close the borders 😁
      Looking great, and thanks for the update!

    22. Dan Early on

      I have to say that Fria gives the best updates of any KS I've supported. It's been a good experience every time

    23. Missing avatar

      H-D Gronewold on

      Great, also a very small Dice package! Sadly still plastic ;)

    24. Giuliano Gianfriglia on