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Return to Simon Stålenhag's world of the Loop in this new RPG. It's the '90s now, and things are different. This time, you can die.
Return to Simon Stålenhag's world of the Loop in this new RPG. It's the '90s now, and things are different. This time, you can die.
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Shipping Update

Posted by Fria Ligan (Creator)


The shipping of all of the juicy Things from the Flood RPG rewards is soon to begin. There are thousands of shipments going out from three different fulfillment centers (US, UK and Sweden), so this is quite a complicated process that will take some time to complete. This is the current situation:

  • Simon Stålenhag will sign all RAVER limited edition books in a few days, and these will then be sent from our office. The canvas prints will also ship shortly.
  • Shipping from the UK warehouse is slated to start in the next two weeks. From here, all shipments except a) those going to the US and b) shipments of the Swedish edition will be sent.  We estimate it will take up to two weeks for the warehouse to complete the packing and shipping.
  • Shipping from the Swedish warehouse will hopefully also start within two weeks - we are waiting for the last few items to arrive there. From here, all shipments of the Swedish edition of the game will be sent. As a small bonus, Swedish backers will get their dice trays in separate envelopes very shortly!
  • Finally, shipping of the US shipments will commence in late April. The reason for this is that the books are right now being shipped from the printer in Latvia to our local fulfillment center in Michigan, and this shipment has suffered some delays. We are sorry for this, but on the positive side all US shipments will ship domestically which means faster delivery and less risk of the rewards being lost or damaged in transit.

The things from the flood are coming soon!

/Free League


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    1. jhaelen on

      Yup, I really, really hope everything will be sent from the UK before they're no longer an EU country... :-/

    2. Sylvain Pronovost on

      What about Canada? Amazon delivers from the USA, but many online websites deliver things from the UK to Canada. Which one is it for your products? Thank you.

    3. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      @Matteo Crovetto: Please email to and we'll see what we can do.

    4. Missing avatar

      Matteo Crovetto on

      Ps: forgot to mention, I live in Italy

    5. Missing avatar

      Matteo Crovetto on

      I'm also going to move in the first half of April, although I still don't know the exact date.
      I was hoping it wouldn't be a problem (since it was due in April), but now I realise it might as well be.

      How much time do I have to let you know the change in my address? Is it possible for you to deliver the package at some DHL delivery point? (DHL or whatever your courier is).


    6. Sebastian D. on

      Well, lets hope, then, that GQ manages to send out the books as planned this time. Otherwise, I am afraid, they, and thus also we, might be fully hit by the Brexit-induced chaos.

    7. Richard Mimms on

      Great news! I will be moving in April, is it too late to update my shipping address? I tried doing it in the pledge manager but am running into issues

    8. Missing avatar

      Adam Grzegorczyk Ringtail Fox Prophet on

      @Mathijs Beaujean "Shipping from the UK warehouse is slated to start in the next two weeks" - start is the important word here, because the chances are slim the shipping will be done before the brexit date. Unless of course they will decide to prolong once more.

      Fria Ligan has to really think about changing distributor to someone that will be actually in Europe.

    9. Greg R

      Hi Fria. I just got PDF reward from DriveThruRPG and there's a lot of typos and grammar errors in the English version. Is that what will be printed for the physical copies? Is it too late to do anything about it?

    10. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      @Matthew: Flat River Group!

    11. Mathijs Beaujean on

      Two weeks: that's perfect, no matter what happens with Brexit. Dodged a bullet there 😄
      Great stuff. Can't wait!

    12. Missing avatar

      Matthew Sturm on

      Michigan! My home state. Out of curiosity, who is your fulfillment partner here?