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Return to Simon Stålenhag's world of the Loop in this new RPG. It's the '90s now, and things are different. This time, you can die.
Return to Simon Stålenhag's world of the Loop in this new RPG. It's the '90s now, and things are different. This time, you can die.
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Status Update - and Honorable Mention reminder for HACKERS and RAVERS

Posted by Fria Ligan (Creator)


Sorry for the radio silence - we have been working very hard in the last weeks to complete the layout of the core Things from the Flood game book as well of the separate hardback mystery compendium - which will be called "Out of Time".

Both books will be sent to print during next week. This means they will be delivered in late February, or worst case early March. This means we will have a small delay on fulfillment, and for this we apologize. Another issue is that the production of the dice sets have been delayed at the factory, and we are waiting for word on the final delivery date. We will let you know as soon as we do. Hang in there!

Important note for backers on the HACKER (1,000 SEK) and RAVER (2,000 SEK) reward levels - make sure you have filled in the name you want to use for your honorable mention in the book. The last chance to fill this in will be Monday January 27.

/Free League


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    1. John Ostermiller on

      Will the factory delay affect those who selected Tales From the Loop Riksenergi (sp) branded/orange colored dice as an add-on? Thank you!

    2. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      Hi! The honorable mentions are only for HACKERS and RAVERS, for the simple reason that it's to unwieldy to have 5000+ names printed in the book. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Joshua Edwards on

      Hopefully it means the final PDF Will be ready soon.

    4. Missing avatar

      Lauren Frederick on

      Where do we fill out our name for the Honorable Mention? Is it just the shipping name in the pledge manager?

    5. MidnightBlue

      For those asking, the Hacker & Raver pledge level descriptions are the only ones that mention an Honorable Mention.

      Just FYI.

    6. Missing avatar

      No es el Máster, son los Dados on

      Are all the other backers (not Hacker or Raver pledge level) also mentioned somewhere? If it is so, the mentioned name will be the one of the Kickstarter account, or the delivery name in the pledge manager? Thank you

    7. Missing avatar

      Craig Baker on

      I am anxious for the next effort!

    8. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      Deadline for honorable mentions is Monday January 28, sorry for the mixup!

    9. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      @Josef: It should be in your pledge manager, if you are at the HACKER or RAVER pledge level.

    10. Missing avatar

      Josef on

      Hey! :)
      Sorry but where do I have to fill in my name for the mention?

    11. Missing avatar

      Rollin on

      Hej Fria gänget!

      Om jag är inte fel, nästa måndag är 28de dagen av januari.


    12. Darren & Kelly Sellars on

      Thanks for the update. No worries on the slight delay, it happens. :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Craig Iaim Roberts on

      Will you use our Kickstarter profile name for the honourable mentions? I didn’t see anywhere on the pledge manager to fill that information in. Thanks

    14. Neal Dalton

      When will there be an updated PDF be available?

    15. Sebastian D. on

      Thanks for the update! Early March should still be fine, I think - hopefully Gamesquest will get our stuff out sooner this time. I don't think I want to find out what happens with our shipments if Brexit really happens end of March.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jason E on

      Thanks for the hard work on this, hopefully it doesn’t run as late as Forbidden Lands. Will there be a good warning before the pledge manager closes? I need to add some stuff!

    17. Christopher Elizondo on

      Thank you for the update!