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From acclaimed artist Simon Stålenhag comes a new narrative artbook about a girl and her robot traveling west in an alternate 90s USA.
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About that map...

Posted by Fria Ligan (Creator)

Hi everyone,

As you have probably noticed, we still haven't delivered one stretch goal from this Kickstarter - the road map of the 1997 alternate America depicted in the The Electric State.

As you may have heard, The Electric State is being turned into a movie. In that project, the world of The Electric State will likely be fleshed out in different ways. Now, as a "world map" contains lots of information and establishes what does and does not exist in the world of The Electric State, we cannot publish the map until the movie project has come further along, so that the map and the movie won't contradict each other.

This means you'll need to wait some more time for your copy of the map, and we cannot give you a delivery date at this time. For this, we are sorry. On the other hand, when you get the map, it will be of a more fully-fleshed out world that fully ties in with the upcoming movie of The Electric State.

In other news - as you are all fellow travellers in Simon Stålenhag’s world we thought that you would appreciate a heads up that we just launched a kickstarter campaign for Things from the Flood - the much anticipated sequel to the award-winning Tales from the Loop RPG. This standalone expansion is based on the Things from the Flood art book and takes the world of the Loop into the dark 1990s. You can continue your adventures with the Kids from the original game or create new Teens. But remember - this time you can die!

You can check it out here!


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    1. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      Again, we are sorry about the delay on the map. We have delivered all other items from this Kickstarter long ago - the main book, the two in-game ad leaflets, and three art prints. The only thing remaining is the map, and we WILL send it as soon as we possibly can. That said, we're not happy about the situation either, and we will definitely not make this mistake again.

    2. Missing avatar

      H-D Gronewold on

      I like you guys very much, and I back most of your stuff. But this right now is a real downer. The Pre Production of a Movie can take years and the actual time from shooting to release is another couple of years. If the movie is not budgeted then it can take even longer. What happens when the Movie isn´t made and the production company will hold the rights even longer?

      Sorry again, but it is the fans and your dedication wich made "Electric State" such a big deal, and now we have to accept the concequences.

    3. Joseph Elkhorne on

      Of course, I'm a very old curmudgeon, so I don't fit into this world of IP gone wild. It's us little people who make projects live, only so we can be relegated to the back end of the bus.

      The GFC2 that's coming will clear out a lot of this presumtivenous. You heard it here first. Rnjoy.

    4. Missing avatar

      nick eden on

      I think the link at the bottom is to Electric State (so where we are) rather than to Tales of the Flood, where we want to be.