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From acclaimed artist Simon Stålenhag comes a new narrative artbook about a girl and her robot traveling west in an alternate 90s USA.
From acclaimed artist Simon Stålenhag comes a new narrative artbook about a girl and her robot traveling west in an alternate 90s USA.
5,008 backers pledged SEK 3,112,511 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Deximer on July 27

      Really want the TFTL rpg cover poster, but it seems a bit crazy that its 350 for an entire art book and almost half that for a single poster. I've pledged for it, but geez.

      Also, same here to comment below, the TFTL and TFTF art books are cheaper on Amazon, but that's to be expected imo. Will probably pick them up from there.

    2. Uberking on July 27

      Why is poster prices higher at kickstart than 150:- and 125:- Also if I order both previous books at I only pay 611:- and kickstarter 700:-

      Strange! :S

    3. Missing avatar

      Steve Hersey on July 27

      I'm interested in getting Tales From The Loop, but the Kickstarter add-on price of 350 SEK is significantly higher than Amazon's selling price of US $33.79 (~277 SEK) for the same book. Is there a compelling argument for paying the higher price for the Kickstarter add-on?

    4. Kirk Fredrichs
      on July 27

      Fria, will the prints in the Drone Pilot level also be numbered out of 50, in addition to being signed? Thanks!

    5. Aiden Coutts on July 27

      How do you order posters?

    6. Missing avatar

      Deximer on July 27

      Its 150 sek per poster, is that correct?

    7. Missing avatar

      Johan on July 27

      'Please note that you can only order addons if you are a backer at level ROBOT RUNAWAY or above.'

    8. Aiden Coutts on July 27

      I'm still a bit confused... what level do you have to be to get all the new addons?

    9. Missing avatar

      Rollin on July 27

      @Fria Ligan: Toppen! Tack för allt!

    10. Uberking on July 27

      Plz one more art unlock if we hit 3m :)

    11. Sebastian D. on July 27

      @Fria Ligan:
      Ok, thanks! I'll hope things go well then - some of the add-ons for which I added "padding" to my pledge are supposed to be presents for a friend in the US. I have a plan B, but of course it would be even better if everything works out as planned.

    12. Fria Ligan 11-time creator on July 27

      @Sebastian D. : Everything ships together in one shipment, except possibly the posters which will likely ship separately.

    13. Fria Ligan 11-time creator on July 27

      @Sebastian D. : Everything ships together in one shipment, except possibly the posters which will likely ship separately.

    14. Fria Ligan 11-time creator on July 27

      @Lars Ivar | AoUA : Yes, there is no additonal shipping for addons!

    15. Fria Ligan 11-time creator on July 27

      @Rollin: Ja, SL-skärmen finns även på svenska! Du indikerar vilken du vill ha i backer-enkäten sen.

    16. Missing avatar

      Rollin on July 27

      Hallå alla allihopa!

      Finns det någon GM-skärmens version på svenska?

    17. Missing avatar

      Denis Kulagin on July 27

      Please let one of the add-on picture will be "drone sweet drone"? it looks so great!

    18. Lars Ivar | AoUA on July 27

      I'm finally getting my act together to get all three books (the earlier ones as addons) - but how does shipping work for those? Is it included in the shipping for this new book?

    19. Sebastian D. on July 27

      So first, I want to support what Edvin said: whoever did the English texts for the previous art books (and the TftL RPG book) did a great job; and I hope he/she works on this book, too.

      Will everything ship in one large batch oder will existing add-ons be sent out earlier?

    20. Missing avatar

      Edvin Ullman on July 27

      Two questions and some wishful thinking:
      1. I have the Tales from the Loop RPG book as an English pdf, and the language is pretty dang great, will the same translator be employed for this book?
      2. On the same topic, was the same translator employed for the previous two books?
      3. Pretty pretty please, consider making a short adventure for the new setting!!

    21. Joshua Garrett on July 27

      Just updated my pledge for that sick shirt. Also keep the design minimal as the photo shows. Less is more and I love the logo text and symbol placement.

    22. Mnemonaut on July 27

      T-Shirt with Sentre logo? Increasing pledge. Now.

    23. Fria Ligan 11-time creator on July 26

      @Lev: We will go with the Sentre logo T-shirt design.

    24. Fria Ligan 11-time creator on July 26

      @Telgar: Posters will be shipped rolled. And check out the new and expanded posters selection!

    25. Missing avatar

      K2 on July 26

      Would it be possible to have the Carson pass image as an add-on? (And I second the idea of Riksenergi or Krafta tshirts :) )

    26. Missing avatar

      mike on July 26

      Current shirt design with the red SENTRE logo looks great. As Lev else said, please don't put more text on it on it. It doesn't need text on the back.

    27. Lev on July 26

      Agreed with @Phlorian. Would love to pick up tshirts from previous KS because they were too expensive that time around.

      Please let us know ASAP whether the tshirt design has been finalized. IMHO it's great now as-is and I'd hate to get blindsided by a last-minute change.

    28. Lev on July 26

      Thank you for quick response and tshirt design update. I increased my pledge to get it because now it fits perfectly with the rest of the book look/feel.

      Please don't add any more text to the tshirt.

    29. Missing avatar

      Telgar on July 26

      Not sure how you plan to ship posters, it would be nice to have a rolled one, in a carton tune. Folded , please not. You have the folding lines then you can't have a nice frame.

    30. Uberking on July 26

      Why can't you add the text from the book cover at the back of the T-shirt? Come on Fria Ligan!

    31. Phlorian on July 26

      Thanks a lot for changing the T-shirt design! Now I increased my pledge again. I would love to also be able to get a krafta and riksenergi shirt. The triple would be soooo cool!

    32. Vlad on July 26

      What an awesome art book, I am really excited! I actually found out about it when I got an email from Kickstarter saying that Josan, creator of the amazing "The Future is Now" Kickstarter books backed this project. After checking it out, I immediately got on board.

    33. Missing avatar

      Christian Trondman on July 26

      New t-shirt design is better!

      Really looking forward to both Simon Stålenhag and Fria Ligan´s stuff so this kickstarter was easy to throw money at :)

    34. Kirk Fredrichs
      on July 26

      yes! nice shirt design. i will be getting this. now i just need for one of those signed print slots to open up...

    35. Missing avatar

      Johan on July 26


    36. Fria Ligan 11-time creator on July 26

      The new T-shirt design is up! Check it our under the Addons section.

    37. Fria Ligan 11-time creator on July 26

      @Uberking: Shipping to the UK is less expensive because we have our main warehouse for international books and games there. Also, even domestic shipping is considerably more expensive in Sweden than in the UK. These are costs that we cannot control.

    38. Fria Ligan 11-time creator on July 26

      @Valter Ambrosius Östberg: The text is written by Simon in Swedish, then translated to English by a professional translator.

    39. Uberking on July 26

      Another Cool design on the T-Shirt could be Sentre Logo on the front and " Simon Stålenhag The Electric State" on the back :)

    40. Uberking on July 26

      You could go with the name as it stands on the book cover "Simon Stålenhag The Electric State" and the Sentre logo below, on the T-Shirt.

      I want the picture Cable work ahead. Alpine county, CA and The Sentre mushrooms as addons or Art print unlocks :) Names taken from Stålenhag Tumblr.

      How come the shipment cost in Sweden is 99:- and to UK 69:-
      Fria Ligan Swedish Company? Shouldn't it be lower to Sweden?

    41. Kirk Fredrichs
      on July 26

      i would like the sentre logo. that way it will match my book.

    42. Missing avatar

      Valter Ambrosius Östberg on July 26

      Eftersom den här boken utspelar sig i ett engelsktalande land, skrivs boken fortfarande på svenska i första hand för att sedan översättas till svenska, eller är det tvärtom? Jag blir lite oroad om boken skrivs på ett språk som inte är författarens modersmål.

      P.S. Jag håller också med om att tröjan skulle se snyggare ut om den har Sentre-loggan.

    43. Mnemonaut on July 26

      Yes, the Sentre logo is the way to go here.

    44. Jonas Blomgren on July 26

      No, please go ahead. The T-shirt should definitely (only) have the Sentre logo!

    45. Fria Ligan 11-time creator on July 26

      @Johan and Lev: We'll see what we can do! Would anyone be strongly against changing the T-shirt logo to the Sentre logo?

    46. Missing avatar

      Johan on July 26

      Any chance of getting the Sentre logo on the T-shirt?

    47. Lev on July 25

      Also super disappointed in the tshirt design and will be reducing my pledge amount. Thought it would be the Sentre logo, that's much more interesting.

    48. Missing avatar

      Erik Hall on July 25

      Nice to see all the stretch goals in the bag!

    49. Missing avatar

      LittleRedGeek on July 25

      @Fria, thanks for the reply. No worries on the timeframe, just wanted to make sure I didn't need to add-on. Many thanks!

    50. DV on July 25

      @Fria Ligan about more add-ons, for example different posters from this book or the past campaigns/books from Simon. The Tales from the Loop campaign has 7 posters & 2 canvas to choose, this campaign only 1 single canvas and 1 poster. I'm interested on the TFTL RPG Poster.

      For possible rewards i would like to see the Paleoart paintings beside this book (on a booklet or small prints).

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