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From acclaimed artist Simon Stålenhag comes a new narrative artbook about a girl and her robot traveling west in an alternate 90s USA.
From acclaimed artist Simon Stålenhag comes a new narrative artbook about a girl and her robot traveling west in an alternate 90s USA.
5,008 backers pledged SEK 3,112,511 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Fria Ligan 11-time creator about 8 hours ago

      @Vladimir Kapustin: Hi! Sorry about that. Your order has been processed by Gamesquest, so we need to get the reply from them. Even if we send you a replacement, it will be sent by Gamesquest, as they have our stock of books. We have asked them again about this matter and expect a reply very shortly.

    2. Matthew A Herrboldt about 12 hours ago

      @Fria Ligan

      I just saw your comment for us to contact I have sent you my information. I still have not received anything.

    3. Missing avatar

      Denis Kulagin 3 days ago

      Good news!
      "Your recent order has been despatched today and you should expect delivery shortly".

    4. Vladimir Kapustin 3 days ago

      Well, a letter to didn't help much. It was forwarded to GamesQuest and that's it. Still no books and no update on my shipment.

    5. Andrew Godde 4 days ago

      Package received a little while back. It’s so beautiful. Thanks guys.

    6. Missing avatar

      Guillerm Jonathan 4 days ago


      I just send an email to and as I still did not receive my package

    7. Fria Ligan 11-time creator 5 days ago

      @Valter Ambrosius Östberg: Please email and we'll sort it out!

    8. Missing avatar

      Valter Ambrosius Östberg 7 days ago

      I haven't received my package yet. Seeing these other comments of people just receiving theirs is making me feel more relieved, but I'm still worried that something isn't right.

    9. Shakti Dash on January 8

      I haven't received my package either. Just emailed with my details. Thanks!

    10. Fria Ligan 11-time creator on January 6

      @jahue: Sorry to hear it. Please send an email with photos of the damage to and we'll send a replacement to you.

    11. Missing avatar

      jahue on January 5

      I received my book, the work is amazing... unfortunately the book was damaged significantly both corner are dented and there is a sizable dent in the top center. The packaging was no where near good enough for a loose book.

    12. Missing avatar

      Niall Gordon
      on January 5

      Hi, just to say I got my 3 books in the UK just before Christmas and they are beautiful. I see I’m missing the map, but I note from comments below it is delayed and will be sent out later.

      I’ve heard that Electric State will be made into a film. I do hope that’s true as it would make a one hell of a film.

    13. Fria Ligan 11-time creator on January 4

      Hi all!

      Sorry for being unresponsive here for the last few days. We had a few days of vacation over the new year.

      Shipping is completed, so if you didn't get your book yet, please email to and we'll check the status of your order. Please include your full address and backer number.

    14. Missing avatar

      Garrett Herzfeld on January 4

      No book for me in the US still. I emailed Fria on 12/27 who responded and copied GamesQuest with my order information. I never heard back from GameQuest, so 2 days ago on 01/02/18 I emailed GameQuest again, but still have received no response.

    15. Marco Antonio Valerio on January 4

      Hi, i have still not received the book here, Uk.

    16. Cody Blaine
      on January 4

      Still haven't received my 2 books. I sent an email to the support address provided but haven't heard back. Can I get an update?

    17. Missing avatar

      Javier on January 3

      Received my book in pristine condition along with the art prints and the ads/pamphlets.
      Surprised to see that The Electric State doesn't have a pocket to store the art prints or a page marker like the previout books.
      Also there's no readmap which was supposed to be printed separately.

    18. Lionel Mandrake on January 2

      I received everything and I’m so happy with the quality and production value of the product. Well packaged and beautiful art. Thank you!

    19. Missing avatar

      on January 2

      No book here in Norway either. Can you please give an update on when they were shipped and from where? Otherwise it is impossible to know if they are in transit or should have arrived.

    20. Missing avatar

      Stephane Sigouin on January 2

      Hi there from Quebec, Canada. I've received all 3 books and they are all in good condition. I was wondering if we will have some news soon about the ELECTRIC STATE CANVAS PRINT. I know it is sold, and sent separately, but if there is a way to get an approximation it would be nice.

    21. starvngartst on January 2


      I'm an American-backer and haven't received my copy of the book. Is there somewhere I can go to see shipping information? Please and thanks.

    22. Uberking on January 2

      Still No answear about the posters :( Gamesquest? Serious Company?

    23. Missing avatar

      Anders Karlsson on January 2

      Swedish backer here, No book here either.

    24. Missing avatar

      Karl Motherwell on January 2

      Still no books here in Stafford, UK - has it been dispatched? Is it lost?

    25. Missing avatar

      Haakon on January 1

      Norwegian backer here, unfortunately I haven't recieved the book yet, any way to investigate if it's been lost in transit?

    26. Missing avatar

      Javier on January 1

      Has shipping already started?
      Should I receive an e-mail when it does?

    27. Missing avatar

      jase ayers
      on January 1

      Same, no book?

    28. Missing avatar

      Anomalous on January 1

      Still don't have my book, in Sydney AU. I posted here around a week or so ago to see if they had been sent, but my comment appear to have been deleted.

    29. Vladimir Kapustin on December 30

      Same here: no books, no answer on my letter.

    30. Fria Ligan 11-time creator on December 30

      @Cameron Bennett - Sorry for the delayed answer. You should have an email now.

    31. Missing avatar

      Cameron Bennett on December 30

      @Fria Ligan I have received no tracking information or products. I sent an email, and I have received no emails back.

    32. Jynk
      on December 29

      @Fria Ligan got the posters two days later. Despite the tube being left in the rain, they were in pristine condition. Can't wait to hang them on the wall. Simon's artwork was the only art I wanted on the walled my new house.

    33. Missing avatar

      Richard H.
      on December 29

      My book arrived Dec 17 in western Canada; my posters arrived Dec 26.
      I never received any tracking information, but it doesn't make the results any less awesome!

    34. Missing avatar

      Edward Gan on December 29

      Received the book in Malaysia! Awesome and thanks!

    35. Fria Ligan 11-time creator on December 28

      @Denis Kulagin - Your email got stuck in our outbox, we apologize for the delay.

    36. Missing avatar

      Denis Kulagin on December 28

      No books.
      No answers from

    37. Sebastian D. on December 27

      Picked up both my books and poster(s) today. First of all: thanks a lot! They look great!
      Only minor complaint: I had unlocked and changed my order while the pledge manager was still live, but received the items I had selected before the change (two posters more, two dice sets less).

    38. Fria Ligan 11-time creator on December 27

      @PapaQ & @Ali Katırcıoğlu - Posters and books have been shipped. Email if suspect that your shipment has been lost in transit.

    39. Missing avatar

      Ali Katırcıoğlu on December 27

      Still nothing in İstanbul :( got the poster btw

    40. PapaQ on December 27

      I got my books several weeks ago (great quality once again), but there's still no sign of my poster. Have they all been shipped?

    41. Fria Ligan 11-time creator on December 27

      @Gunther - we read this comment section regularly, we have been on pause during the holidays (In Sweden we celebrate Christmas on the 24th). Email about damaged shipping and we will sort it out by email.

    42. Fria Ligan 11-time creator on December 27

      @Jynk - If your ordered posters, those are sent out separately in a separate shipping tube.

    43. Fria Ligan 11-time creator on December 27

      @Uberking - Alla posters skickas från England. Mejla om du misstänkar att dina posters har kommit bort.

    44. Missing avatar

      Gunther on December 26

      does anyone of the team read this section?

    45. Missing avatar

      Magnus Berglund on December 23

      The posters are sent from England.
      I received mine this Monday.

    46. Missing avatar

      Gunther on December 23


      I received my copy of the electric state with the extra pictures and booklets, but unfortunately the were nearly all damaged(the corner got badly dented - the cardboard box had been dented on the same corner). the delivery service (DPD) droped them somewhere and delivered them without any notification about it.
      I checked their website and their complaints page about damage states that I have to contact the sender of the goods to get things started. (find that very strange because they are to blame)
      I contacted the sender through their webform ( I guess this is gamequest). They state it takes up to 3 workingdays to get a respond but it's already day 4 and I'm afraid I contacted the wrong service.

      can you help? Am I at the right place?



    47. Jynk
      on December 22

      I got all three books, the t-shirts, and some of the prints today. Will the rest of the order come in a separate shipment? The books look great and the three prints arrived in good condition. Fria Ligan does it again! <3

    48. Uberking on December 22

      Poster Bilderna lyser med sin frånvaro, skulle de inte vara skickade inom Sverige?

    49. Missing avatar

      Karl Motherwell on December 22

      Still nothing in The Midlands, UK... any hope it'll be in time for Christmas? :-(

    50. Antonio Ros Calabia on December 22

      Received yesterday in Spain. It looks amazing! Kudos!

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