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From acclaimed artist Simon Stålenhag comes a new narrative artbook about a girl and her robot traveling west in an alternate 90s USA.
From acclaimed artist Simon Stålenhag comes a new narrative artbook about a girl and her robot traveling west in an alternate 90s USA.
5,008 backers pledged SEK 3,112,511 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Mick Moss - I have answered your email, and you should be sorted now.
      @Uberking - The map is on the way, sadly it has been delayed If you have any further questions and complaints, I will gladly look at it. Just send an email to the address below.
      /Jenny -

    2. Uberking on

      @Mick Moss

      Yes "Big Problems" all campaign with the shipping cause they chosen the worst shipping partner ever on Kickstarter. Bad wrap materials so lots of the books got dents. They sent wrong posters too many of the backers or they didn't sent posters at all

      Come on now Fria Ligan just send us the MAP!! You promised us!!

    3. Mick Moss on

      I haven’t yet received either digital or physical versions of the there a problem?

    4. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      Hey! Real sorry about the delay on the map! It is coming, promise!

    5. Klaus Ole Kristiansen

      Today I actually got my book.

    6. Uberking on

      They played us, no map!

    7. David Keener on

      Any news on that lovely map?

    8. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Robert Altman / Stefan Tobiasson - Please email so that we can help you out. Thanks!

    9. Jeff Constable

      Book arrived today. Read the book today. Absolutely amazing. I am broken, in the best way.

    10. Robert Altman on

      Hi there! I haven’t received my book or PDF. Any thoughts on when they might arrive?

    11. Uberking on

      Yes, when will we get the map? :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Stefan L

      Any news on the map? The book and all the other stuff looks amazing!

    13. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Guy Alter: Sorry to hear it, please email to and we'll sort it out!

    14. Guy Alter on

      Hello again Fria ligan! I am a backer (again) but this book never arrived :(
      Can you help me please
      Thank you!

    15. Philoctetes

      Book and prints received and there lovely!!
      Really impressed with the book, have to definately pick up the others now.

    16. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Per Stalby and Philoctetes I have sent you emails regarding your orders /Jenny - customer support

    17. Per Stalby

      I'm still waiting for the book. When will it arrive?

    18. Missing avatar

      Terry L Pike on

      I finally got my book the book was in great shape and it's beautiful thank you very much.

    19. Philoctetes

      Just wondering how this is going and if there's an estimated shipping date yet?

    20. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Jussi We are sorry for the delay. I have answered your email with more information. /Jenny -customer support

    21. Jussi Myllyluoma

      Some emails later, now March, and still no book. And GamesQuest aren't being terribly responsive.

      I emailed you this morning about an alternative solution; I'll need you to respond within the next 24hrs however for it to be viable.

      So, please check your email.

    22. Missing avatar

      Philipp on

      Got my canvas print, it looks great! :-)

    23. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Daniel Rosendal: Sorry about that, your shipment should have arrived by now. We'll look into it asap!

    24. Missing avatar

      Daniel Rosendal on

      I still havent received my order. Mailed you about a month ago on this aswell. You replied that you would look into it, and I havent heard anything since.

    25. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Joseph Sweeney and Andrea Repele: Sorry for the delays on the map! We're working on it.

    26. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Les Green: The pledge manager for The Electric State is closed so you cannot buy them from there I'm afraid.

    27. Missing avatar

      Les Green on

      Is it still possible to get pdf versions of Tales From The Loop and Things From The Flood (English version)

      Is the high quality FLAC version of The Electric State soundtrack available yet?

    28. Joseph Sweeney on

      Any news on the road map?

    29. Missing avatar

      Joe Buller on

      Got my copy - it’s great! Good job

    30. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Anders Karlsson I have sent you an email about the status of your order. If you have any further questions, just email

    31. Missing avatar

      Anders Karlsson on

      Still havent received my copy of The Electric State or any of the stretchgoal rewards. Contacted Fria Ligan by email in mid January and got a answer that they would look into the matter. That was a month ago and I have received no further information or update.

    32. Andrea Repele on

      @Fria Ligan
      Any update/news regarding the Road Map?

    33. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Terry L Pike We have sent you an email regarding your shipment. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to email

    34. Missing avatar

      Terry L Pike on

      I have not received any word on my reward can you help me find where it's at?

    35. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Lev This is of course, of great concern for us. We would really like to help you, and all others that are having problems with their delivery. Please, email to and we will look into it all.

    36. Lev on

      @Fria Ligan - Your fulfillment and customer service is not judged by "tens of thousands of items sent from different warehouses to backers all over the world". The people still posting here, trying to get the rewards they _paid for_ certainly couldn't care less about that.

      Your fulfillment is judged by how you handle cases where mistakes or problems arise, _especially_ cases where these mistakes are YOUR fault (per your own admission)!

      The ticket Gamesquest opened for me on has been closed for three days and I have received zero communication before or after this. I am having a hard time understanding why you're allowing Gamesquest to treat your backers in this way. I will be reaching out via email again.

    37. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Mark Argent Thank you for notifying us. Could you please send an email with your order number to, so that we can look into this? Thanks!

    38. Mark Argent

      I never received my copy of The Electric State. Fria Ligan were very responsive and helpful, and they got GamesQuest to send out a second package, but it contained the wrong item. I notified FL and GQ again, and haven't heard anything back.

    39. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Vladimir Kapustin We are happy to hear you received your book, and that you like it. We just hope you still can enjoy it even though it was a bit squashed.

    40. Vladimir Kapustin on

      The books are stunning. Just got them and I am thrilled.
      My copy The Electric State has the same defect as @Cadd's one had—one corner is squashed a bit.

    41. Vladimir Kapustin on

      @Denis Kulagin Мне в Питер вчера привезли. Попросили назвать адрес организации, я дал адрес приятеля. И потом сама доставка заняла буквально сутки. Но с момента смены адреса до собственно отправки прошла почти неделя. Геймквест тупит, ДиЭйчЭль на высоте.

    42. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Nicolas Delbos & Denis Kulagin Could you please send an email to with your order number and we will check if we can help you with your issues.

    43. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Delbos

      Totally agree with Lev. Never received my package and was put in contact with Gamesquest. It's been 12 days since I last heard from them.

    44. Missing avatar

      Cr4zy on

      Did the FLAC version of the soundtrack get released yet?

    45. Missing avatar

      Denis Kulagin on

      Друзья! Кому-нибудь в Москве доставили уже книжки?
      Мне написали, что проблемы с таможней и нет возможности доставлять на домашний адрес, только на адрес организации.

    46. Vladimir Kapustin on

      Looking forward to it! ;)

    47. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Lev and Vladimir Kapustin: We are working actively on your cases. As Gamesquest keep our entire stock, they are the only one who can send the books to you. We are very unhappy with this delay, and we have made this very clear to Gamesquest. Overall, the fulfillment of the Electric State has worked well - we are talking about tens of thousands of items sent from different warehouses to backers all over the world - but some shipments have been gone astray and we will not rest until these cases have been resolved.

    48. Lev on

      Working with Gamesquest has been an absolute hassle. I hope that Fria Ligan (and anyone reading this) never use their services for anything. Unfortunately communication with Fria Ligan's support team has not been much better.

      What's really upsetting is that if I had said nothing then I would have never received my rewards at all! Fria Ligan had a "technical error in the order export from the Pledge Manager" (whatever that means) and never followed up to see if the expected number of orders was shipped out.

      Simon creates great art and wonderful books, but I think next time I'll skip his KS and just wait for a wide release instead.

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