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The machines awake in this postapocalyptic RPG in the vein of Asimov and Westworld, set in the universe of acclaimed Mutant: Year Zero.
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The delay and the reasons why

Posted by Fria Ligan (Creator)


As you have probably already noticed, Mutant: Mechatron is delayed. This happens in many kickstarters, but we take pride in delivering on our kickstarters on time, and we feel terrible about it.

The reason for the delay is, as we have already mentioned in the comments, is that we made the decision to rewrite most of the Ghost in the Machine campaign, which is included in Mutant: Mechatron, based on feedback from players of the Swedish version as well as our own thoughts about it.

The reason for the rewrites is that we feel that the original campaign didn't align with the design pillars that we have set for Mutant: Year Zero, where it comes to both the plot, the tone and the campaign structure. We can't really go into more detail without spoiling the plot of the campaign. As a standalone product the original campaign was fine, but we felt it needed some major reworks to truly work as a part of the Mutant: Year Zero universe.

The rewrites are well underway, but the Ghost in the Machine campaign is a major part of Mutant: Mechatron and the work is significant. It goes beyond just writing, as new illustrations and maps also need to be made.

The original shipment date was based on a straight translation, and the rewrites have pushed us back several months. Of course, we realize that this situation is far from ideal, and in hindsight we should have made the decision about the rewrites before launching the Kickstarter and adapted the timeline accordingly.

As things look now, we will ship the book early in the new year. We cannot give a more exact shipment date for you at this moment, as we want to be 100% sure of the new date before we commit to it.

To sum up, we deeply apologize for this delay. Still, we feel confident it's the right call. Just publishing the straight translation, in time, would have been the easy way to go, but we are sure that these rewrites in the end will mean a significantly better experience for you, the backers.

We will get back to you with more information as soon as we have it. Should you want to cancel your pledge and get a refund because of this delay, that's fine, but we hope that you will bear with us just a little while longer.


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    1. Todd Dayton

      " Fria Ligan 11-time creator 2 days ago

      @Kobold King and Skelion: We're working hard on Mutant: Mechatron right now and it's turning out great. Apart from that, we don't have any hard news beyond what was said in the last update. We don't want to commit to a new shipping date before we are sure we can keep it. We're really sorry for the delay, but we do it will be worth it in the end. Hang in there! :) "

      There is a new update in the general Comments.

    2. Kobold King on

      time for an update please.
      thank you

    3. Missing avatar

      Jose on

      I will be moving to another state by January. How do I make sure my book gets shipped to the right address?

    4. Kobold King on

      I am okay with waiting but how about an update with how things are going?

    5. Missing avatar

      Anna Sladek on

      @Fria Ligan in the previous update:

      Thank you for the answer! I was really worried, because the date of our house-moving (or rather company-moving) is creeping closer and closer.

    6. Fria Ligan 16-time creator on

      @Anna Sladek: Sorry, I can't see where you asked this previously? We will make it possible for everyone to update addresses before shipping starts, so don't worry. :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Anna Sladek on

      As I have not yet gotten an Answer to my Question, I'll just post it again:
      How do I change the shipping address now? Your post (from October) says that it will be possible until otherwise noted and there has been no update on that since. The Pledge Manager says "Your order is locked for fulfillment and can no longer be changed."
      I really need to change the Address, because I'll be available util the end of December there.

    8. Shervyn von Hoerl

      No worries. It’s ready when it’s ready.

    9. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      Quality beats speed, every time :-}

    10. Missing avatar

      Brenton McKinlay

      Happy to wait for a more polished product. Besides, I've got plenty to keep me busy in the meantime anyway. Keep up the good work.

    11. Joshua

      It's all good! Things happen. Looking forward to the finished product when we get it!

    12. Todd Dayton

      I trust your judgement. You guys have always put out great content. Having backed dozens of Kickstarters with many delayed, the fact that this is your first with a major delay is still a good track record.

    13. Missing avatar

      Terry L Pike on

      I think it'll be worth the wait keep up the good work

    14. Johnny Freedom

      All good, I always prefer quality over schedule. You guys do amazing work. Don't listen to the squabblers, this is kickstarter, not Walmart. It's a group effort creative venture, schedule variance is the norm.

    15. Matt Kay

      No problems here, despite being eager to get my hands on it!

    16. Patrick P.

      No disappointment here. I'd rather it be improved and late than be shipped on time and mediocre.

    17. Jedra7609

      It’s not a problem for me. I would rather you released the game later and as good as it can be rather than early and disappointing.

      I haven’t had a bad Free League product yet, I have faith!

    18. kirkesque on

      I fall into the disappointed camp. Poor planning. Having been involved at some level for all your previous Kickstarter projects, I'm sad to say I may be seeking a refund on this one and certainly will be hesitant to back your future projects.

    19. Shawn Polka

      I understand the delay, and am perfectly fine with waiting for you to be happy with the finished product. Quality takes time.

    20. Michael Bedggood

      I have complete faith in Fria Ligan and everything they produce. I know the quality of product that arrives so a delay is no issue at all. Keep up the great work.

    21. Erzaad on

      No worries. I can wait. I'm still wrapping up my base M:Y0 campaign.

    22. Sebastian D. on

      Nobody likes delays - however, as long as they are the exception (and IMO that's clearly the case for Fria Ligan), it absolutely makes sense to prioritize quality over deadline. So take your time to polish the game as much as needed.

    23. Missing avatar

      David on

      I see a Fria Ligan Kickstarter - I back it. That's how it is and that's how it will always be. Plus I don't care about shipping dates. Love you guys and please continue your work.

    24. Missing avatar

      Liam McGintny on

      No issues for me -- I have received other books from you on time and with no issue -- quality is #1 and if the scenario was bad enough for rewrites, we'll all end up with a better product in the end.

      Clear communication is appreciated.

    25. Missing avatar

      Pedro Antonio Liberona Santibañez on

      Am glad with the constant communication and effort you put in the writting. I prefer a full developed product, and than the team have no regrets in put all the ideas correctly, and that take time. I have confidence than the final product will leave us amazed and happy. Keep up the good work!

    26. Missing avatar

      Johnathan Von Smashington on

      Honestly, I'm pretty disappointed. I understand the reasons for the changes but, as you said yourself, those were things that should've been changed before the kickstarter began. I was actually planning on contributing to the sword and sorcery game you guys were putting together as well (if the kickstarter hasn't ended) but I'm not so sure now. I guess I'll get my book sometime next year.

    27. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      Thanks for sharing your insights in the development and your efforts in making this game. Great to see that you find quality more important than a deadline.

    28. MidnightBlue

      Hey no worries here. This is a process.

      I like the fact that you all are being upfront on the issue and doing what you can to make the product opposed to just rushing through the quick and easy solution.

      Thanks for your efforts!


    29. Piotr Kraciuk on

      Thanks for the update! I am willing to wait a long time for the delivery as I'm sure that the final delivery will be an amazing product (as usual when it comes to your Kickstarters) :)