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Retro open-world fantasy RPG by the grand masters of Nordic roleplaying, based on the award-winning Mutant: Year Zero game system.
Retro open-world fantasy RPG by the grand masters of Nordic roleplaying, based on the award-winning Mutant: Year Zero game system.
3,399 backers pledged SEK 2,828,267 to help bring this project to life.

The Final PDFs - and a sneak peek of the printed books...

Posted by Fria Ligan (Creator)

Hi all!

Today, we can finally share the finished PDF:s of the Player's Handbook and the Gamemaster's Guide of Forbidden Lands, along with the Legends & Adventurers booklet.

This time around, we will not share the files directly here - instead, you will be able to download the files by logging into your Pledge Manager. On your order confirmation/receipt page you'll be able to click the "Claim New Downloads" button to access the new PDFs.

While you're in there, take the opportunity to check your shipping address and make sure it's up to date. We will let everyone know a few days before the deadline to update addresses, but it doesn't hurt to have a look now. :)

LATE BACKER? If you made a late pledge via the Pledge Manager - welcome! You will also be able to download your PDFs via the Pledge Manager as per above.

DIDN'T BACK YET? You can still make a late pledge, using this link, but hurry - the Pledge Manager closes September 1. If you miss it, you'll need to wait for the retail release in November.

In other news - the Raven's Purge campaign book will go to print very shortly, but you still have about a week to check the Beta PDF for errors - see this previous post for more on that.

And finally - today we got a few reference copies of the printed Player's Handbook and Gamemaster's Guide to the office from our printer in Latvia. With the gold and leather covers and uncoated, cream-colored interior paper they're just as awesome-looking as we had hoped. See the video below!

Now, it will take some time before you get your hands on these books - the main shipment is now in Germany to be assembled into boxed along with the Legends & Adventurers booklet, map, and sticker sheet. The boxes will then be shipped to our warehouse in the UK, where the individual backer shipments (with all of the other items, such as dice sets, GM screens, Raven's Purge books, etc) will be packed and shipped to you. But at least you know the books are printed and waiting for you!

See you soon in the Forbidden Lands!

/Free League

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    1. Missing avatar

      Pablo on

      I cannot sign in in the Pledge Manager page. I tried as 'new supporter' several times but I didn't receive any mail. Today I tried again in 'find my account', with no results. I need some help. Thanks in advance.

    2. Johan Almsén on

      @frialigan Yes, thank you very much! I'm now a proud OGRE! ;)

    3. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      Hi! If you're having trouble, please email to

    4. Missing avatar

      Hiran Haun on

      Hello Guys. I have the same trouble. When I try to get to PDFs I get this instead:
      This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.
      HTTP ERROR 500
      What am doing wrong?
      Thank you

    5. Mathieu Brunet

      I'm unable to claim my digital download reward via the pledge manager.
      Http_error 500 for me as well.

    6. Pete Jones on

      When I click on claim my downloads I keep getting HTTP ERROR 500

    7. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      @Sean Tadsen: You're in the Pledge Manager, so I'm not sure why you didn't receive the invite. The mail we have on file for you is - is that the one you're checking? If you're having further problems, please email to

    8. Sean Tadsen on

      I asked for a password reset over an hour ago, and still haven't gotten any email.

      If it helps explain things, I backed at the Orc level, and when I check the Campaign page, under the description of my rewards, it says "no surveys sent."

    9. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      @Mattias Svensson: The stickers haven't changed, so if you want a PDF of them, you could use the ones previously shared. :)

    10. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      @Johan Almsén: Was your issue resolved?

    11. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      @Antonio Miguel Martorell Ferriol and Sean Tadsen: Are you still having trouble with the Pledge Manager?

    12. Sean Tadsen on

      @Antonio Miguel Martorell Ferriol I'm having some trouble, too. Can't log in, and the "new password/re-send invite" options don't seem to be working.

    13. Mattias Svensson on

      Will the stickers come as pdf as well or are we suppose to use the stickers from the update below?

    14. Antonio Miguel Martorell Ferriol

      Anybody else is having problems accessing the pledge manager? Can login and see other pledges but this one say i'm not invited?

    15. Johan Almsén on

      @frialigan: Yes! I've been poking around there for like 20 times ;) In the next steps I can only choose from Digital, Books, Add-ons and Misc Add-ons - nothing about upgrading my pledge/reward.

    16. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      @Johan Almsén: At the bottom of your Pledge Manager screen, there should be a button labeled "Unlock & Modify My Order". Can you see it?

    17. ThimGrim on

      Too bad I can't update to Troll box anymore. But it's only a box, right? Right... :P

    18. Michael Arnot

      So stoked this is so close to completion! Can’t wait!!!

    19. John Powell on

      Did I miss the link for the map?

    20. Missing avatar

      Christian Gullfeldt on

      Mycket fina böcker! Ser fram mot långa spelkvällar.

    21. Luke Walker on

      I didn't realise that these would be 6x9 rather than the usual 8.5x11, presumably so they fit in the box. I love the smaller book format and these look gorgeous!

    22. Johan Almsén on

      I'm trying to upgrade my pledge from Orc to Ogre, but I don't find that function in the pledge manager. How do I do that?

    23. Robert Nordberg on

      Här sitter man som gammal snubbe och blir barnsligt glad åt att snart så kommer det en låda med äventyr på posten. Ser riktigt fint ut och namnen Svärdets Sång och Korpens Klagan är som gjorda för varandra.

      "Drake jätte troll och gast
      Strid och trolldom utan rast
      Mörk är skuggan månlös natt
      Djupt bland valven finns en skatt
      Rov och ruiner bortglömt land
      Legenden ärrad av tidens tand
      Blodsdimman lättar så än en gång
      Bland berg och dal hörs svärdets sång"

      - kväde av Hrodebert Ginnarson efter en lyckad utfärd strax efter Höstvände år 1165 E.S.

    24. Zaarin on

      Oh my, those books are lovely.

    25. Missing avatar

      Rolunde on

      Wow, these books look amazing! I am So glad I backed this and can hardly wait to get them.
      Cheers! ~R~

    26. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      Oops - the link to making new pledges in the post is wrong - here is the correct one:

    27. Eric Coates

      Not sure if there will be a pdf of the sticker sheets for those of us who play online to use on a map on a VTT, but if not that would be a great tool to have :). Beautiful books so looking forward to getting this in hand!!!

    28. Tiago Santos on

      My bad. It's at the end of the Player's Handbook for anyone wondering :p

    29. Tiago Santos on

      Do we have a character sheet pdf? I'd like to try creating a character!

    30. ThimGrim on

      Ah, ok. 1st September... :P
      Sorry, but pdf and video were attached so I haven't focused on reading. ;)

    31. Martin Holinka on

      Hey, i have the same question as Birk Hauke Wildhirt, will there be separate map pdf/jpg ? Thanks

    32. Robert Andersson

      @People, please read the update, pledgemanager closes on 1st of September.

    33. ThimGrim on

      When you will be closing pledge manager?

    34. René Schultze

      So AWESOME!

    35. Jedra7609

      Excellent, thanks! The books are looking lovely!

    36. Stefan "The Moth" Ristic

      The books look fantastic! Can't wait until they show up at my doorstep :)

    37. Johan Almsén on

      @frialigan: Sweet, thanks! When do I have to do that, at the latest?

    38. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      @Johan Almsén: Glad you like it! You can add Korpens klagan / Raven's Purge by upgrading to the OGRE reward in the pledge manager.

    39. Johan Almsén on

      Böckerna ser otroligt fina ut! Gammeldags rollspel på riktigt ;)

      Är det möjligt att lägga till Korpens Klagan som bok i sin pledge såhär sent, eller går det bara att köpa den som pdf?