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Retro open-world fantasy RPG by the grand masters of Nordic roleplaying, based on the award-winning Mutant: Year Zero game system.
Retro open-world fantasy RPG by the grand masters of Nordic roleplaying, based on the award-winning Mutant: Year Zero game system.
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    1. Julien Corroyer 18 minutes ago

      @Chris Patterson : yes, I'm going to do that, but only when I know where I'm going :). And I'm afraid I will not know before August.

      @Demithyle the Exalted : yep, I definitly can do that, but I'm not really confident... In fact I think I prefer to forward the package to my parents', it will be safer.

    2. Missing avatar

      Pandatheist 1 day ago

      2 questions/requests: in the adventure sites like Weatherstone that can be turned into strongholds, could a followup paragraph or table be added on the requirements to make it functional for the pcs? Base repair cost, what functions are included, what it costs to get those functions up and running etc.

      Also are there terrain requirements for certain functions, or limits to how many? Seems weird to be able to build multiple mines on a plain, or fields in the mountains.

      Otherwise loving the rules and cant wait to see the campaign book.

    3. Chris Patterson 2 days ago

      @Julien Corroyer, I'm in the same boat. You can log back into pledgemanager and change your address. I just did it the other day.

    4. Demithyle the Exalted 3 days ago

      Can you not set up mail forwarding for a month?

    5. Julien Corroyer 3 days ago

      So... If I move in August, is it possible to postpone the shipping to September for exemple ? I don't want to lose my reward only because I changed home...

    6. Demithyle the Exalted 4 days ago

      Fair...would have been nice if they mentioned that here as you said.

    7. Mattias Svensson 4 days ago

      In the forum for FbL,…

      Tomas said:


      We aim to release a Beta of the Raven's Purge book in a few weeks. The shipment of the full physical game to backers will likely be delayed to August - sorry about that!"

    8. Demithyle the Exalted 4 days ago

      Where did they announce it?

    9. Mattias Svensson 4 days ago

      They have announced it, not just here. Which is strange since, in my opinion, would be the obvious place to announce such a thing.

    10. Demithyle the Exalted 5 days ago

      I wish they'd just announce the delays if they are aware of them tbh...

    11. Missing avatar

      Craig Atkins 5 days ago

      I think delivery has now been pushed to August due to beta testing of the rulebooks and apparently we will also have a beta of Ravens Purge to review in a few weeks.

    12. Jargogle 6 days ago

      Speaking of the Zone Compendiums, I wonder when 4 & 5 will become available in the webstore.

    13. Demithyle the Exalted on

      @Aldo - I think they mentioned a small delay in one of the updates that would push them into July fulfillment

    14. Aldo Montoya Reynaga on

      Hi Fria Ligan! Are the rewards still expected to be delivered in June?

    15. Earth Worm Jim on

      @Fria Ligan


      Is there any way to get the Printed Zone Compendiums from the mutant genlab alpha, and any extra material?


    16. ThimGrim on

      OK, It works. I didn't know how to get to the screen before add-ons section :P.

    17. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @ThimGrim: You can upgrade your pledge to OGRE in the Pledge Manager, no problem. :) And yes, you'll get the PDF once it's finished. :)

    18. ThimGrim on

      Hi, I have the ORC reward but I am not sure about the Raven's Purge - do I get a pdf? Or can I rise pledge to OGRE? Because I think I can't do this anymore, or maybe I missed something.

    19. Jan Franco

      When is the PM over?

    20. Missing avatar

      Seansicle on

      @Jason Absolutely. In the absence of one made by the League boys, I planned to throw one together myself.

      ...With that said, it still feels like something that they should officially support. There are a lot of mechanics that orbit around time and calendar management, from every block of the day having an action associated with it, to the nature of time-keeping in hex crawls.

      Imagine if the game shipped without a character sheet.

      We could create our own Character Sheet if one wasn't provided, but we'd probably think it an abdication on the part of the developer to not have created ones with professional polish and theme baked in. I wouldn't go as far as to say that an official calendar/time sheet is as necessary to the success of the game as a character sheet, but I think it'd go a ways to making the game better. At the end of the day, I just want to see this game be as much a success as I think it has every right to be.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jason E on

      @seansicle there are lots of blank calendars online. you can also create your own in Google Docs. I was actually tinkering around with that same idea last week and that's probably the way to go. you can also share the document with your players online and they can contribute to it as well.

    22. Missing avatar

      Seansicle on

      Having given the beta materials a once over, I feel like the game is missing an official calendar sheet, or at least further elaboration on the calendar structure of the Forbidden Lands.

      Any chance we can get a sheet with a few weeks worth of days printed on it, each day divided into quarters(how many days are in a Forbidden Lands week?).

      This way, GMs can track the elapsed time of their adventurers, and put clocks on events. This could also include a small reference detailing the actions that can be taken during the quarters of the day.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jason E on

      That’s great! Thank you for the info, I probably should’ve combed through the updates before asking.

    24. Missing avatar

      Stephen Paterson on

      Update 30 has the download link for the map. it was little over half a year ago at this point, but it should fit what your group needs for now @Jason E

    25. Missing avatar

      Jason E on

      is there a copy of the game map out there digitally yet? my group is itching to play and that's the only piece missing so far.

    26. Mattias Svensson on

      Yes, the monster attacks are just pure fantastic. The combats in FBL have been the interesting combats in an RPG in years. Both from a narrative point of view and from a rule point of view. The first monster my players thought (our first alpha test session) was against a troll. I haven't had that much fun in years. My players also had fun even though the troll was playing with them.

    27. CubicsRube on

      I love the monster attack tables. What an awesome idea! I like that it gives me options when i run a game, or if I'm not inspired, i can roll up a random move.

      Makes fights sk much more unpredictable. Will that death knight go for a power attack? Or maybe an area fear scream? Maybe even the dm doesn't know!

    28. Demithyle the Exalted on

      How's everything progressing? We still on track for July delivery?

    29. Christer Malmberg

      Give Saurians natural armor 2-3.

    30. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Gauthier Descamps: There will be a total of 16: 3 in the base game, 9 in Raven's Purge (all by Erik Granström), and 4 in a separate booklet called Quetzel's Spire (written by our guest writers).

    31. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Jason E: The character sheet will be like in the Beta book.

    32. Gauthier D.

      I didn't find the information anywhere: how many adventure sites will there be in total (core + raven's purge)?

    33. Missing avatar

      Jason E on

      will the character sheet pad be the same layout as what is in the book? or will it look more like what is pictured in the list of stretch goals? looks like someone requested the book version be added to roll20 recently and i don't know how digital friendly that will be.

    34. Missing avatar

      Craig Atkins on

      Just to add that the Beta is awesome and has got me even more excited for the full game. 😀

    35. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Pelle Nilsson: Happy to hear it!

    36. Pelle Nilsson on

      That was one great gamesmaster´s guide. Some layout work to be done of course, but the text and Nisses´ illustrations are fantastic.

    37. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      Thank you!

    38. Missing avatar

      andy reynolds on

      oh yeah the northern gods have certainly put something in the water because you guys put out great games on a regular basis cant wait to play this game.either can my group hooked on mutant year zero.maybe up my addiction to this game.

    39. Netobvious

      For those seeking artistic inspiration depicting a legit woman in the front ranks of combat, look no further than Lagertha, who rises to the rank of Earl in how own right.

    40. Netobvious

      Also, thank you for my favorite part of this Year Zero game, which is the dueling aspect using combat cards to strike and maneuver within an attack sequence. This is truly a great modern twist to old-school dice-rolling combat system.

    41. Netobvious

      Lest I forget the character sheet. Very evocative of that old-school vibe too. And thanks for also providing a black-and-white printer-friendly version. :-)

    42. Netobvious

      This is a welcome classic throwback to the old-school role playing games, and the artwork is simply amazing and beautiful. The rules mechanics are a bit deadly, but that was the norm for old-school adventures.

      All in all an excellent product, expect that blatantly inserted paragraph title inserted just to virtual signal "she and he" to the choir. I mean how can we reasonable expect readers to comprehend a book that refers to a hero character as "she" without a written explanation for it, right? Go figure.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jason E on

      awesome, thank you for the info. i was able to rearrange my order and got an extra map and the character sheet. you guys are truly the best.

    44. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Jeff Thomas: Yep! Hopefully in a few days.

    45. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @Jason E: Hi! You're at the ORC reward level, which does not include the physical Raven's Purge book. If you want it you should upgrade to OGRE - but don't forget to remove the card deck and one dice set from your addons, as these are already included in OGRE.

    46. Doug Pirko on

      Mattias Svensson: Thank you. Very evocative.

    47. Jeff Thomas on

      @Fria Ligan - will we get to see the Stronghold Sheet?

    48. Missing avatar

      Jason E on

      i was just double checking my order and i noticed that the Raven's Purge item says PDF, but the description says Hardcover book. is it one or the other? or both?

    49. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on

      @KFC: It's going well and yes, it will ship with (but not inside) the core box.

    50. Mattias Svensson on

      Svärdets Sång mean The Song of the Sword.

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