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Retro open-world fantasy RPG by the grand masters of Nordic roleplaying, based on the award-winning Mutant: Year Zero game system.
Retro open-world fantasy RPG by the grand masters of Nordic roleplaying, based on the award-winning Mutant: Year Zero game system.
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    1. Lars Quante about 8 hours ago

      and of course i mean pledgemanager and pledge level....

    2. Lars Quante about 8 hours ago

      @Fria Ligan
      is the pladge-manager still open? The more i read through the Alpha-version, the more i regret not to upgrade my pladge to troll level. Is that still possible?

    3. Hagalaz about 9 hours ago

      What are the playable character classes and races that are available?

    4. Fria Ligan 12-time creator about 15 hours ago

      @Pandatheist: Yes!

    5. Missing avatar

      Pandatheist on February 13

      Will the skull be on the 1's of the custom dice?

    6. Fria Ligan 12-time creator on February 13

      Lets park that particular subject for the moment, ok? We have said what we have to say on the matter.

    7. Mattias Svensson on February 13

      Note to self, don't feed ...

    8. Ron Niabati on February 12

      @ Mattias Svensson
      Thanks for the reply.
      All that is cool.
      So, the setting has females with the same upper body strength and testosterone levels as males, yet they still keep their feminine figures?
      The point I was trying to make was to please not change the setting just for the sake of “social equality”.
      But, if the setting truly has equal male/female combatants then Ok, cool, whatever, it’s fantasy.

    9. Mattias Svensson on February 12

      @Ron Niabati: FBL doesn't have a medieval setting, it has a fantasy setting, full of different types of culture groups, most of which is pure fantasy. The art from the 80s was mostly made for a Swedish RPG. That game was a high fantasy game. Neither game is a simulation-RPG that tries to mimic the real medieval age. This game's setting, just as the game from the 80s that some of this art is from, had various people in various occupations from both genders in them.
      Art should reflect the setting and most fantasy settings (that I know of) are very including regardless of they where written in the 80s, 90s, or later. I think it's great that the lack of variety in the art is finally fixed (over 30 years later) and by the same artist no less.

    10. Ron Niabati on February 12

      @Fria Logan:
      Regarding your comment about the lack of female characters in the art:

      “...back then [1980s] the imbalance in RPG art was really severe.”
      It sound like you’re saying this was a bad thing. It’s correctly representative of mostly medieval settings, where the people with combat prowess were mostly male, regardless of race/culture.

      By creating a “balance” of character gender representation, you are actually contradicting what is to be expected in the setting.
      I don’t expect to see pale-skinned people indigenous to the tropics, so why should I expect to see equal number of female knights in a medieval army?

      Sorry for complaining, but I have seen too many fantasy settings get watered down for the sake of “political correctness”.

    11. Fria Ligan 12-time creator on February 12

      @Pandatheist: Hi! You can comment on whichever PDF you like, we will check them all. No need to comment on the same thing in both PDFs however.
      Regarding female characters in the art - absolutely! The art in the Alpha is primarily classic 80s pieces, and back then the imbalance in RPG art was really severe. We will remedy this with the new art, that's not yet done - all of the gray rectangles in chapter 2 will be replaced by art of female characters, ie the human and half-elf kin pictures as well as the Druid, Minstrel and Rider profession pictures.

    12. Missing avatar

      Pandatheist on February 11

      So far I'm loving what I'm seeing in the Alpha. 2 quick questions. For comments on the first 6 chapters would you prefer I add them in the new complete alpha, or in the initial chapter 1-3 and 4-6 dropbox pdfs? Second, despite referring to player characters as she throughout the text, currently only the picture for the Ranger, out of all the Kin and Professions appear to be female. Will the missing art help to balance this out? Thanks!

    13. Fria Ligan 12-time creator on February 7

      @Erzaad: Correct. But the talents are now tiered, meaning there is still room for developing your character within profession-specific abilities.

    14. Erzaad on February 6

      Looking through the alpha PDF, are there no profession-specific skills like in MYO? Are the talents the only differeniators between professions?

    15. Fria Ligan 12-time creator on January 28

      On a general note - there's good feedback here, but this comments field is far from ideal to log typos and rules questions. If you can, please use comments in the dropbox PDF reader interface, or our forums:…

    16. Fria Ligan 12-time creator on January 28

      @Jeff Mindlin: The basic idea is that it's harder to parry a stab than a swing with a sword. Not impossible, just more difficult.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jeff Mindlin on January 27

      @mattais - ok I get the +2 for shield due to coverage. But a basic parry of a stab with a sword is fairly instinctive?

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeff Mindlin on January 27

      @rene - I don’t know - maybe you are right. In any case the English wording could be tightened up.

    19. René Schultze
      on January 27

      @Jeff: But isn‘t a backswing an attack that you use if you don’t hit with your first swing? Or even if you hit the backswing will be a second attack. This is my understanding of backswing.

    20. Mattias Svensson on January 27

      The initiative cards that will come with the deck has, besides the initiative number, also texts along each side saying "Short Action Used", "Long Action Used", "No Action Used", and "Both Actions Used".

      I believe that the deck will have two sets of tactical cards (2x7).

      Parrying a stab is +2 with a shield and -2 with a weapon. Parrying a swing is done with +0 regardless if using a shield or a weapon. It all comes back to how easy an action is to do and then rank them. A stab needs to bypass a shield which is not so easy due to the coverage of a shield and how the attack is done. To parry a stab with a weapon you need to use more technique, you can't rely on coverage to help you with the parry. At least that's my take on it. I have no problem with it.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jeff Mindlin on January 27

      (I just added another one one my pledge manager :-))

    22. Missing avatar

      Jeff Mindlin on January 27

      I know this has come up before as a general point but reading the rules on hidden combos - wouldn’t you need two card decks for this?

    23. Missing avatar

      Jeff Mindlin on January 27

      P84 -
      Swing weapon - the English could be better - this could be described as a “backswing” - (to take a more powerful attack - uses both fast action for the backswing and slow action for the attack)

    24. Missing avatar

      Jeff Mindlin on January 27

      Why the negative for parrying a stab? Especially sword on sword? Lateral, circular parry etc are made to deflect a stabbing point.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jeff Mindlin on January 27

      I agree with Jason E - the initiative card could have “fast action used along one side and “slow action used” on the other. Turn the card so the appropriate writing faces you.
      Or the centre of the card could show the initiative number and each edge could have “no actions used” slow, fast, all ....

    26. Netobvious
      on January 26

      @ChrisPatterson, thanks for the quick summary, maybe Fria Ligan can add that to a side-bar FAST ACTIONS: movement, minor
      SLOW ACTIONS: attacks, skill checks

    27. Netobvious
      on January 26

      Thanks for showcasing the magic chapter. That was the real unknown here, since Forbidden Lands is so different from the other Mutant Year Zero Games, due to a stronger magic theme here.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jeff Mindlin on January 26

      In the initiative example the order is wrong.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jeff Mindlin on January 26

      Page 58 path of the enemy “talet” “n” missing from talent.

    30. CubicsRube on January 25

      @jeff - i saw that too. Yep should be justify

    31. CubicsRube on January 25

      #mattias - agree. Almost mandatory - and thats not a bad thing!

      I can see that the talent trees are the heart of the "levelling" system. I really like how martial talents are treated like spell school talents. Great design.

      I do note that it seems rough that some spells cn create effects that cannot be resisted, but also aware that casting spells is dangerous. Will have to see how it plays in game.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jeff Mindlin on January 25

      On page 56 English should the word "motivate" be replaced with "explain" or "justify" ?

    33. Mattias Svensson on January 25

      @CubicsRube: Besides bonus actions due to talents, you only have two actions (one slow and one fast or two fast). If you attack and parry and is attacked again later in the turn, you have to parry with your flesh (i.e. take the hit, like a true hero) or hope that your armour can take it.
      Things like this makes the talent that gives you bonus parries, look better :)

    34. CubicsRube on January 25

      I'm confuaed however tthat if youve taken your slow and your fast action and tjen some attacks you, can you not parry? Or does this flow into the next round like coriolis?

    35. CubicsRube on January 25

      Youre right. I think the terminolpgy is confusing me right now.

      It'd be awesome if there was an official play video that showed a combat taling place. I think it'd be a great way to understand how it all flows

    36. Chris Patterson on January 25

      @CubucsRube I don't think its too bad, its very similar to other games like Shadow of the Demon Lord and even 5e, where you have a movement and then an action. Fast actions are your movements and minor actions, slow actions are your attacks or skill rolls. I think in play it will come through better than in writing.

    37. CubicsRube on January 25

      I like what in readong so far, but the fast and slow moves seem overly complicated and I'm not sure if i like them.

      Otherwise i love the rest of it!

    38. Missing avatar

      Christian Scharkus on January 24

      Hey there.
      I just got around to skimming the preview chapters and was just thinking to myself: Having this as an ebook to read through on the move would be really nice.
      Usually I just convert supplements and stuff myself so my reader shows each page as 4 pages instead (columns and stuff).
      But now I can just ask you: Could you please do a e-book version in addition to the pdfs for easy GM reading? Or at least look into it?
      Thanks in advance and thanks for the project in general. Keep up the good work.

    39. Missing avatar

      Craig Atkins on January 24

      @Fria Ligan: You weren't kidding.....

    40. Missing avatar

      Jason E on January 24

      in the new chapters of the book, it mentions turning the initiative cards left/right/180 for having used actions in a round. will those be on the cards? i think it would be handy to print that on the cards as an easy way to track it.

    41. Fria Ligan 12-time creator on January 24

      @Craig Atkins: Very soon now...

    42. René Schultze
      on January 24

      +1 to Craig‘s question

    43. Missing avatar

      Craig Atkins on January 24

      Any news on additional English chapters?

    44. Fria Ligan 12-time creator on January 24

      @Stefan Hagel: Thanks!

    45. Guerin Payne on January 23

      A thumbs down for "trauma" from me. It sounds to clinical. "Misery" is a good general term for the four woes that people suffer, with specific terms based on attribute.

    46. Missing avatar

      Stefan Hagel on January 21

      Ser på det hela finfint ut. Har dock upptäckt några "grejer".

      Inkonsekvens när det gäller OCH samt & i rubriker och mellanrubriker.
      &, exempel sidorna:
      2, 3, 8, 11, 33, 74, 78, 80, 81, 95, 132.
      Och, exempel sidorna:
      9, 45, 48, 78, 165, 167,
      Min tanke är att om ni använder & i omslagets titel ”Rov & ruiner”, kan ni gott använda & i samtliga rubriker/mellisar innanför pärmarna också. Tänker jag. Eller så använder ni enbart ”och”, bara ni är konsekventa.
      Två rubriker ”Hamnskifte” i kort följd känns otydligt:
      Sidorna 112 och 114.
      I rutan ”Terrängtyper”, sidan 129: Ordet ”Bild” finns med av okänd anledning.
      Sidan 176:
      Under rubriken ”Grip” respektive ”Harpyor”: Läs mer om … på sidan XX.
      Sidan 182:
      Under rubriken ”Skelett”: … se sidan XX.
      I tabellerna sidorna 183–186:
      Varje rubrik högst upp som inleds med ”Kritiska skador” bör ha en tankstreck mellan ordet ”skador” och t.ex. ”Huggvapen”, och inte en divis.

      Vänliga hälsningar,


    47. Missing avatar

      mike bowie on January 19

      more chapters coming soon? can't wait

    48. Missing avatar

      andy reynolds on January 18

      misery is s good word it just sounds more gritty than trauma(though im not really opposed to trauma) but then again its all up to the games master.its al the same thing just different words.

    49. 9littlebees
      on January 15

      NM, found the link in update 33.

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