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Return to the Third Horizon in this massive campaign module for the multiple award-winning Coriolis scifi RPG.
Return to the Third Horizon in this massive campaign module for the multiple award-winning Coriolis scifi RPG.
1,657 backers pledged SEK 1,119,447 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. René Schultze
      3 days ago

      Jeff is right, thank you very much for the novel! Started yesterday but was so tired I have only read two pages and then I lost the grip on my reader ;)
      Will continue today :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeff Mindlin 4 days ago

      Very cool thanks for the novel. Was looking for something to read 😀

    3. Mary McMurtrey
      5 days ago

      Did anybody ever ask about the music that was included in the Kickstarter before? I'd love to be able to get that. Or is it available to buy from somewhere? I've been able to hear snippets of it and I really like it. Plus, I'd like to use it while I'm running the game.

    4. René Schultze
      5 days ago

      Ok, and what news about then novel?

    5. Fria Ligan 14-time creator 5 days ago

      @Arne Röcke: Email us at and we'll sort it out. :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Arne Röcke 6 days ago

      Hi, quick question. I got the Atlas Compendium back in the original Kickstarter, where it only was a physical copy. In this kickstarter, it was possible to get the pdf if you purchased the hardcopy of the Atlas compendium. Is there a way, to just get the PDF, because I already have the hardcopy.

    7. René Schultze
      on June 4

      When will we get the novel? I’m very keen to read it :)

    8. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on June 4

      @Simon & Fabrice: Just to make sure, it's only addon PDFs of previous products we're talking about (core book, Atlas Compendium, Dying Ship), not PDFs of Emissary Lost - those will be sent later. If you're still missing PDFs, please email to

    9. Missing avatar

      Fabrice LETARD on June 3

      I there, seems to have same issue here no download links at all

    10. Simon Kopljar on May 31

      As Duccio bellow, I too have completed my order at the Pledge Manager, but I have no download links at all.

    11. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on May 30

      @Joris Van der Vorst: I find two backers with your name, did you make two separate pledges? Please email to and we'll work it out!

    12. Missing avatar

      Samuel on May 29

      Is there a forum or discord maybe where I can ask questions related to Coriolis? Because all i've found is the subreddit but that only has like 1-2 users on usually.

    13. Missing avatar

      Duccio Tassini on May 26

      I've complete the order on the pledge manager but i can't see the download page.

    14. Joris Van der Vorst
      on May 25

      @Dani: Yes, I already sent them a pm 2 weeks ago, and gotten word back from them that everything seems to be in order (but clearly something -is- wrong). The last message I got from them was from over a week ago, so I'm trying here in hopes that someone else from Fria Ligan might see it and can maybe help me sort this out. :)

    15. Dani Jang
      on May 25

      @Joris did you PM Fria Ligan like I told you to several days back? I think that's an technical error be sure to check up with them.

    16. Joris Van der Vorst
      on May 24

      Can someone please take a look at my pledge manager? I've payed for the Ambassador pledge (SEK 649 incl shipping) during the campaign, but I'm only given SEK 200 funds to cover the Martyr pledge in PM. If I upgrade to Ambassador in PM, I'm being charged an additional SEK 449.

    17. SerPe on May 23

      Hello, I've read the new update, but what about "dark between the starts" novella?
      When we'll get it?

    18. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on May 23

      @Shinji: All of the addons in this Kickstarter are the English editions only I'm afraid. You can get all Swedish products here:…

    19. Dani Jang
      on May 23

      I'm happy to say I have all of Coriolis books in digital through past kickstarter campaign and purchase through dtrpg. Great stuff. Hope everyone new to this game love the contents, it's what makes me keep coming back, despite minor inconviniences of digital downloads that is totally ignorable. ;-)

    20. Missing avatar

      Adam Grzegorczyk Ringtail Fox Prophet on May 22

      I got my 3 PDFs and im really happy:) now the wait for physical copies begins..

    21. Missing avatar

      Shinji on May 22

      Hi, sorry if this has been answered. I can only seem to download the English version of coriolis, but would like the Swedish one. Is it not available?

    22. Michael Parker (The Closet Gamer)
      on May 22

      Nevermind. I see my error. I messed up in my pledge manager.

    23. Michael Parker (The Closet Gamer)
      on May 22

      Same as Angel, here.

    24. Missing avatar

      Angel Garcia on May 22

      My oder is complete on backerkit (has been for some time now) but I see no downloads available... Nothing but my receipt. I must miss something.

    25. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on May 22

      @Jon: It should be open at least until August.

    26. Colm Doyle
      on May 21

      @Jon, it’s a bit naughty of them to ask for copies and not send the money to you :-D

    27. Jon on May 20

      @frialigan can you advise how long the Pledge Manager will be open for? My group want me to order some extra rulebooks but I’m waiting for the money from them.

    28. Paulo R. Alves de Oliveira (300 club) on May 17

      Great news! I had sinked head on to complete my coriolis collection. Eargerly waiting the e-mail.

    29. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on May 17

      @Tim Charzinski: This is PDFs of the Coriolis core book, The Horizon Atlas Compendium, and the Dying Ship scenario, for backers who added these as addons. We're still waiting for word from Pledge Manager - hoping for an update today!

    30. Tim Charzinski on May 17

      Which PDF will this be?

    31. Missing avatar

      timmah on May 17

      Amazing news. Now checking my emails every hour/minute/second

    32. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on May 16

      Hey all! We're just waiting for Pledge Manager to export a backer list, and then we'll start sending PDFs of existing addons!

    33. Buddha Meeple on May 13

      For those of you who are on boardgamegeek/rpggeek I have created microbadge "Coriolis RPG Fan"

    34. Krma on May 11

      PM done, looking forward to getting digital downloads!!!

    35. Colm Doyle
      on May 10

      PM completed! :-)

    36. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on May 8

      @Buddha Meeple: We don't have a date for the retail release of the Compendia yet. It will probably be after the summer.

    37. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on May 8

      @Nia Jones: The addons are printed items.

    38. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on May 8

      @John M. Kahane: Everything looks fine from our end. :)

    39. Buddha Meeple on May 8

      @Fria Ligan
      I saw that preorders for Mutant Mechatron have started. When will Zone Compendiums 4&5 be available? It would be best to be able to order them together with Robot Bundle to save on shipping.

    40. Masaki on May 6

      I've just found, the add-on of Coriolis RPG Core Rulebook for this KS is SEK50 lower than the same for the Forbidden Lands KS ... I had paid for the latter way earlier, ouch X)

    41. Jon on May 6

      Hi John K. Just so you know when I payed the 69kr they took the money immediately from my bank account.

    42. Nia Jones on May 6

      With the addons like the Dying Ship Scenario, Atlus Compendium and map, will they be physical versions or just pdfs?

    43. John M. Kahane on May 5

      @Fria Ligan,

      Just took care of the pledge manager thingie, and had to pay 69 SEK for the Compendium print version shipping. My credit card expires this month (May). Have they already taken the pledge add-on money or will that be later?


    44. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on May 5

      Correct - The Dying Ship was a separate release and not part of a Kickstarter.

    45. Sebastian D. on May 5

      Others may correct me, but I'm quite sure that "The Dying Ship" came later and was not part of the original Kickstarter - I was a backer back then and I don't have it yet (i.e. I added it as an add-on now).

    46. Enrico Magnani
      on May 5

      Hello! :)
      Was "THE DYING SHIP SCENARIO" included in the KS campaign for Coriolis Core Book or is it a new addition? I don't remember and don't have access to my books right now.

    47. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on May 5

      @Garcia: Until August.

    48. Fria Ligan 14-time creator on May 5

      @Samuel - you can pay the added shipping for the Adventure Compendium in the Pledge Manager if you like. :)

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