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pledged of $6,086 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

pledged of $6,086 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Fria Ligan 13-time creator 6 minutes ago

      @Richard Marshall: The short PDF scenarios are standalone, yes - they can be inserted into the Emissary Lost campaign, but they don't directly connect to its plot.

    2. Jargogle about 1 hour ago

      @Fria Ligan: Thanks. While I wouldn't expect PODs/prints of individual adventures/supplements, a compilation of the previous ones (such as Aram's Ravine, etc.) and the pdf-only ones from this campaign, would be fantastic.

    3. Missing avatar

      Richard Marshall about 1 hour ago

      Will the new stretch goal scenarios (Tailor, etc.) have advice on when/how they might best link into the campaign or are they just intended to be standalone and dropped in as filler whenever needed?

    4. Fria Ligan 13-time creator about 2 hours ago

      @Toby: Emissary Lost will have the same format (US Letter) as the Coriolis core rulebook, yes.

    5. Fria Ligan 13-time creator about 2 hours ago

      @Jargogle: Hi! We will make layered PDFs that can more easily be printed yes! We cannot promise at this point that every PDF produced will come in print too, but we'll see what we can do. :)

    6. René Schultze
      about 2 hours ago

      @Sebastian: It seems so. But I will not give up! It’s an old KS reflex ;)
      I think that the project will now really slow down until the last 48 hours begin. Even if the Emissary Lost has cool SGs it’s not a game but only a supplement. And I think that the interest in supplements aren’t as high as in RPGs rule books or board games.

    7. René Schultze
      about 2 hours ago

      +1 printer friendly

    8. Jargogle about 3 hours ago

      Please, please, please can we have print-friendly versions of the pdf adventures this time, thanks; all the black backgrounds absolutely destroy ink cartridges. Also, on that topic, can we possibly get a printed (or at least POD option) for the existing pdf adventures/supplements too, please?

    9. Sebastian D. about 10 hours ago


      I am afraid there is little hope for a hot list position at this point in time. It would probably be more effective to share the campaign on social media to spread the word.

    10. René Schultze
      about 11 hours ago

      And now we can begin to learn the Algebra of the Icons - only some 50.000 SEKs away ;)

    11. René Schultze
      about 11 hours ago

      Emissary Lost is still lost on the Hotlist!
      So please click on the following link and hit the Visit Project button:


    12. Toby about 11 hours ago

      Has the form factor of the book been confirmed? Would hope that it is the same dimensions as the core rule book.

    13. Sebastian D. about 12 hours ago

      Yep :). Although the description does sound a little ominous.

    14. Shatteredzen
      about 13 hours ago

      Looks like we get to meet the tailor of Mira!

    15. Christopher Pearson about 13 hours ago

      Is that 600k broken? I think it is;)

    16. FGFantasy about 15 hours ago

      If you can do the Supplement Bundle as a physical addon I would grab it, its the only book for Coriolis that I have as a PDF and it would be better as a book, what you reckon...go on you know you want to... go on...please :)

    17. João Mariano about 15 hours ago

      (As I didn't get any answers I'll repeat my question from some days back. I hope it is a pertinent one.)

      @Fria Ligan: considering 3-4 hour sessions how many do you think it will take to play through the first part of the campaign?

    18. Missing avatar

      Michal Soltysiak about 17 hours ago

      Thanks. I found file in google with background. Great work Tim!

    19. MidnightBlue
      about 17 hours ago

      Making nice progress toward another scenario!

    20. Missing avatar

      Michal Soltysiak about 18 hours ago

      Would I have this file? For Polish cheat sheet?

    21. Netobvious
      about 18 hours ago

      Yes, I would like the XCF version to alter the layers of text for English.

    22. Geneseed
      about 19 hours ago


    23. Geneseed
      about 20 hours ago

      @Tim Do happen to know if there is an English translation of that cheat sheet?

    24. Missing avatar

      Adam Grzegorczyk Ringtail Fox Prophet about 22 hours ago

      @Ronald @Richard i was also going to suggest Infinity Haqqislam but got distracted:)

    25. Missing avatar

      Richard Marshall 1 day ago

      There are a few minis in the Infinity Haqqislam faction that could fit the bill as adventurers, but most are too heavily militaristic really. I did buy a couple of their janissaries to use as Pariah Golim Armour, they look suitably soulless and menacing.

    26. Tim Charzinski 1 day ago

      We only used miniatures for the space combat and even these have become obsolete, since we have the spacecombat cheat-sheet.

      But the idea is nice, since I´m really sure, that there are so arab-themed sci-fi miniatures on the market, yet. But I don´t think we should water the kickstarter down. Fria Ligan has enough stretchgoal for one project, I guess. :)

    27. René Schultze
      1 day ago

      @Ronald: Don’t know anything about minis but I have an idea for a SG: PDFs with cardboard heroes of Coriolis! :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Brian Smith 1 day ago

      it would be great if pdf-only goals were also made available as at-cost print-on-demand coupons... but that's probably a lot of work. :P

    29. Missing avatar

      Ronald 1 day ago

      do you know miniatures that could be used for Coriolis?

    30. René Schultze
      1 day ago

      Emissary Lost is lost still on the Hotlist!
      So please click on the following link and hit the Visit Project button:


    31. Mary McMurtrey 2 days ago

      As long as it makes sense and isn't a money grab (blatant or otherwise), I'm happy to buy however many books it takes to frame the story. I don't mind paying for quality, and this looks excellent.

    32. Fria Ligan 13-time creator 2 days ago

      @David Voderberg: Happy to hear it, thank you!

    33. David Voderberg 2 days ago

      I already own all the other Coriolis Books. Great work on this. Compelling and original setting, and I love the theme and the texture of the universe. Just....read parts of the main rule book and fell in love.

      Happy to see a big campaign book and happy to back it.

      Keep up the great work:->

    34. Missing avatar

      Ronald 2 days ago

      hello just backed

    35. Missing avatar

      Jeff Mindlin 2 days ago

      For me the main thing is they are runnable without a large amount of gm work.

    36. Fria Ligan 13-time creator 2 days ago

      @Mary McMurtrey: Mercy of the Icons will be two or possibly three books - we are discussing this internally as we speak. The overall storyline is done, the only question is how to best present and package it. :)

    37. MidnightBlue
      2 days ago

      Work's keeping me from the comments, but I keep checking the totals each day.

      Doing great!

      Can't wait to see where this lands.

    38. Missing avatar

      Patrick Chapalain 2 days ago

      And another Ribbon. :)

    39. Mary McMurtrey 2 days ago

      I should probably clarify: the Emissary Lost campaign itself, not the Kickstarter.

    40. Mary McMurtrey 2 days ago

      I do have one question: How many books is this campaign going to end up being when it's all said and done?

    41. arkhos 2 days ago

      @Fria Ligan: a printed scenario compendium of all pdf scenarion released at a later time with discount for us backers, seems very cool. The actual list of SG seems fine to me, you're right to not overstretch this. Delivery in due time must be the first goal. :)

    42. Mary McMurtrey 2 days ago

      I would be cool with a discounted future print collection of the stretch goals that are only going to be PDF versions during the Kickstarter. I like having things in print and I understand that that is going to cost extra in materials and shipping, so I don't mind paying something for it outside the Kickstarter. Fullfill the Kickstarter, then later gather the PDFs and send out discount codes to backers. I fully agree with not biting off more than you can chew as far as stretch goals are concerned. Additional stuff is cool, but not when it ends up derailing the timeline of the main product. Time being money and all, I'd rather pay for something later than have it added as a freebie to the Kickstarter and significantly delay overall delivery.

    43. Sebastian D. 2 days ago

      @Fria Ligan:
      Perfectly fine! Of course, we like to ask you for things because we love you products, but I don't think any of us actually wants another inflated Kickstarter that struggles to deliver (side note: yours have always been fine, but I have backed other campaigns that are WAY overdue).
      Also, I like the new stretch goals. New game content is always appreciated.

    44. René Schultze
      2 days ago

      A book of recipes of the Third Horizon? Instant buy! :)

    45. Matthew Tyler-Jones 2 days ago

      @Fria Ligan, I for one fully support your reluctance to overstretch yourselves on stretch goals. I don’t want to see the core product delayed by ephemera. And I have seen companies almost go bust forfilling ill-considered stretch goals.

      That’s said, a Coriolis cook-book would be a vital addition to the line surely, 😜, eh eh? 🤣

    46. Fria Ligan 13-time creator 2 days ago

      On a general note - while stretchgoals are a great way to add value for you the backers, it's important to not overstretch and overpromise in a way that will hurt the core product. That's something that we have learned the hard way, and that's why we are a little hesitant in that regard. That said, we still feel that the current stretchgoals (both the ones already unlocked and the new batch) are pretty cool, and that the Kickstarter rewards overall are pretty good value for money. We hope you feel the same way. :)

    47. Fria Ligan 13-time creator 2 days ago

      @Thorsten Schramm: Aram's Secret will be in print. As for the others - no, at least not as part of this kickstarter, as it would risk delaying fullfillment of the main book. But possibly later. :)

    48. Fria Ligan 13-time creator 2 days ago

      @Jonas Falsen: Yes, adding a second shipping wave will complicate things - not just for us, but for you as well. :) Assuming we unlock the PDF goals, we are certainly open to compile them into a printed volume at a later time, and we're not against giving backers a discount on that, assuming this can be worked out technically. :)

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