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A grand strategy board game of rival kings and dynasties in medieval Europe, based on the acclaimed computer game Crusader Kings. LATE PLEDGES AVAILABLE NOW!
A grand strategy board game of rival kings and dynasties in medieval Europe, based on the acclaimed computer game Crusader Kings. LATE PLEDGES AVAILABLE NOW!
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Gameplay Video and Production Update

Posted by Fria Ligan (Creator)


Two pieces of news about Crusader Kings - The Board Game today!


Many of you have asked for a proper gameplay video of the final prototype of Crusader Kings - The Board Game. As your wish is our command (we try, anyway!), we have made a 50-minute video presentation of the game for you. Check it out below!

PS. I actually make a rules mistake in the demo - can you spot it?

Note that the demo is for the Kickstarter Standard Edition of the game, it does not use the additional miniatures (or the rules for them) from the Royal Edition on the Kickstarter. We felt it was most important to show the core gameplay. You can check out the bonus rules for the Royal Edition here - as you can see, the 24 bonus miniatures will come in a separate box.

Some of you have asked about the backer honorable mentions - these will be on the sides of the bottom of the game box itself, for all to see once the box is opened!


Also, we finally have a final shipping date from the factory - it is April 10. Clearly, this is far later than we had estimated and we are not happy about this further delay. It has been difficult getting a solid date, but at least now we have one. Unfortunately, it means that you the backers will likely not receive your game until May.

We are very sorry for this further delay, we certainly did not plan on being six months late when we started the Kickstarter back in May of last year.

The first delay of three months was an intentional decision, as we felt we need more time to playtest and improve the game, based on feedback on the first prototype revealed in the Kickstarter. We simply felt it more important to publish a more polished game than to meet the delivery estimate in the campaign.

This second delay of three months is wholly a result of production delays and quality controls. Just a small thing like making sure the miniatures are the exact right color (the ones in the gameplay video are generally to bright) set us back several weeks as new samples needed to be made and sent across the world from the factory to us. The plan was to have production completed before the Chinese New Year, but that turned out to be impossible.

We are simply not prepared to take any chances with a game that is so important to us (and hopefully all of you) as Crusader Kings.

/Free League

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jan on

      Feels like Limbo, no real information, no real dates and so on... "are we there yet" ???

    2. Missing avatar

      John Albers on

      I get so confused when creators making board games in china are surprised by production delays and quality control issues. It is 100% guaranteed that it will happen, I've backed many games with these issues...I will be thrilled to receive my copy of the game by THIS Christmas.

    3. Edmund Angel on

      I backed this as a Christmas present then with the delay it was to be a birthday present. Now the delay will miss the birth date. Can you make a cool digital card I can use as a birthday card?

    4. Missing avatar

      Brent Littlejohn on

      Looking forward to getting the game. It's nice to get an update. Keep up the good work.

    5. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      @Martin Mørk Kjær: Please email to and we'll work it out. :)

    6. George Charles Lichty on

      I fully admit, I'm disappointed it'll take so long to get the game (I intended to take it on my trip up to Canada in late April/early May) and play some board games with my fiancee and her friends up there during my visit.

      Regardless, glad for the update. Look forward to when I can finally play. :)

    7. Presley M Cheshire on

      I am very happy with the way things are shaping up. A bit more time to make it, just right. Absolutely!!
      Carry on...

    8. Jonathan Bryant on

      As Long as it arrives for my birthday, at the end of may im happy :D

    9. Broose on

      It's okay. I mean, I don't like the delay (as I want to play the game) but you guys have gotten no where near the Devil Pig Games level of YEARS delay on a kickstarter. When I finally got my kickstarter from them I set it in a corner of my game room. It's still sitting there in the postage box unopened some 3 years or more later. They actually ran a whole other kickstarter BEFORE we got our stuff (which I didn't fund).

      Looking forward to this May!

    10. innovan

      Quality assurance is always an issue with manufacturing.

      Glad to see you're actively working with the factory to make sure the quality is up to the standards you're establishing for your line. A six month delay to get a better end product is pretty standard, and for your first board game production, you're far above the kickstarter average delay.

      Everyone forgets how long it took to produce a product about two weeks after it becomes available. Then, the public shifts only to "How good is it". The first phase of impatient people crying "ship it now" lasts 1-3 years. The last phase is forever. Ignore the impatient people, delay as necessary until you make something good.

    11. Martin Mørk Kjær on

      @Fria Ligan

      I would like the refund, but, what about the 150 sek or about that amount, i already paid for shipping?

    12. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      @Haraldur Sigfússon : Correct, the trait bag represents the collective traits of the dynasty as a whole, not just of the current King. Traits can removed from the trait bag under certain conditions yes - one of which is when the King gets his fourth Age Token, as a result of wisdom at an old age. :) This was not shown in the video unfortunately.

    13. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      @Martin Mørk Kjær: We fully understand your frustration, and if you want a refund that we can do that. It won't get you the game any faster though (quite the opposite in fact). We are working as hard as we can on getting the game to you. :)

    14. Rena on

      Good video, would be nice to see how it interacts with others as well, but I'm sure there will be plenty of those videos in time! I'm terrible at making sense of rules, watching is how I best learn them!

      To @Martin Mørk Kjær, I would say, be patient, the product is going to get to you, and the delays to make it better will be worth it! When I saw Free League were making this game, I could think of few companies more qualified for a task, I know people who have played some of their other games, like 'Mutant: Year Zero', and enjoyed it. They've made a lot of beautiful stuff, so I would say, site tight, you'll get a product at the end of it!

      I am really looking forward to playing this game though :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Marcus Sundbom on

      @Martin Youre kidding, right? While I have some opinions on what I think Fria could have done better during the campaign, running into delays is definitely not something to be upset about. And 6 months is probably still less then most similar projects end up at.

      You should also realise what kickstarter is, or more importantly what it is not. Because your entitled comment make it seem like you have absolutely no idea.

    16. Iani_Ancilla on

      I just wanted to say... Thanks for the video, thanks for making the game, and thanks for your hard work. Kickstarter is not a shop, delays are actually the norm, and yours were perfectly justifiable if maybe not all unavoidable. I hope the people who are most vocal in the comments do not represent the majority of backers, but I felt I should comment for once and just say I think a lot of us are patiently waiting, and supporting you in what you do. Been avoiding the comments section since I saw people that were angry at you for having a small holiday like every working person has a right to, but I felt this should be said. You're doing great, I saw the game at Essen and I liked what I saw.
      thank you, and keep up the good work, don't let angry backers stress you!

    17. Sgt_Bilbo - Son of Merle Highchurch #D6 on

      @Martin You do understand that there are, in fact, risks with Kickstarter, and that we should be grateful that they merely delayed for our benefit, rather than cancel the project outright. Generally, some Kickstarters do offer refunds, but only when eggregious issues arise and they don't have an option. In this case, they delayed for design improvements, then QC issues. I'd rather them take their time and deliver a better game than rush through with not-insignificant flaws that will ruin the game experience. Our patience will be rewarded. As for the delays being ridiculous, I think you're blowing this well out of proportion. I've seen delays upwards of a year, and this one at least has legitimate reasons. Keep your cool, my man.

    18. Missing avatar

      James on

      If i will be changing addresses late april early may what should i do as far as shipping info and correcting it? Note: do not have a new place locked in yet so might be marh before i know my new address.

    19. Martin Mørk Kjær on

      Can we get our money back? Lots of kickstarter offers this, when they are delayed, your delay is just ridicules!

    20. Missing avatar

      Haraldur Sigfússon on

      Thank you for the update and the gameplay video. After watching, I'm wondering, are traits ever removed from the trait bag at any occasion, like succession? Does the trait bag more symbolize the rule of the dynasty itself rather than the current monarch so it all stays within the bag throughout the game?

    21. Missing avatar

      Danny Field on

      Thanks for the update and the video. I know it's later than you'd like but this is a game I'll keep (and hopefully play) for years. I don't mind waiting a little longer to get the product as best as it can be, so well done for not taking shortcuts or settling for less than best.

    22. PriorDread on

      I have backed 5 Kickstarter projects in my lifetime, not including this one. Of those 5 projects:

      1 failed to get enough money to begin

      1 had the creator waste all the money in a legal battle and then vanish

      1 successfully got off the ground, but was then abandoned as the scope of the project grew larger than the team devoted to it

      And 2 had successful campaigns, made the product, shipped it, and satisfied all their backers.

      With this track record, a 6 month delay doesn't concern me at all. I would much rather the product be delayed than cancelled entirely.

      As long as the delays were in pursuit of delivering a product that would satisfy your consumers, you're doing the right thing!

    23. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      @Fnorder: Our distributors say they have contingency plans for Brexit, but of course, the situation being what it is, it's hard for us (or anyone) to know exactly how Brexit will play out. But you can rest assured that we will get your games to you.

    24. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      @Ian Noble: Fair point, but we also don't want to communicate new timelines until we have solid information. It's a tricky balance. :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Ian Noble on

      Some more regular updates would of been nice. =/ basically waiting til you were on the previous deadline and then extending means I’ll be very reluctant to back you again. Communication has been awful.

    26. Missing avatar

      Marcus Sundbom on

      Thanks for the update, cant wait for the game!

      Fnorder raises a good point, will brexit have an impact on delivery for european backers and will this involve additional fees for us?

    27. Fnorder on

      That is potentially dire news for all of us in continental Europe. How will potential additional charges due to Brexit be handled? Assuming you will still send from the UK.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jason Prozinski on

      Thanks for the update, looking forward to finally playing the game.