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A grand strategy board game of rival kings and dynasties in medieval Europe, based on the acclaimed computer game Crusader Kings. LATE PLEDGES AVAILABLE NOW!
A grand strategy board game of rival kings and dynasties in medieval Europe, based on the acclaimed computer game Crusader Kings. LATE PLEDGES AVAILABLE NOW!
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Don't Forget Your Honorable Mention!

Posted by Fria Ligan (Creator)


It's time for another update about Crusader Kings - The Board Game. Last week, we compiled the results of the final round of playtesting, and now we are implementing the final changes before sending all of the paper components of the game to print (the plastic miniatures are already being produced).

Now, if you are a ROYAL EDITION backer, please make sure you have filled in the name you want to use for your honorable mention in the Pledge Manager. Please do so before the end of this week, if you haven't already done so.

We're really looking forward to sharing the game with you! Here at Free League HQ, we are starting to plan the first major expansion for the game. We are looking east, the plan is to expand the map to the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. It will likely be a stand-alone expansion with 4-5 new cultures and 10+ new dynasties, but also compatible with the core game, making possible a huge "mega game" of 9-10 players. Any thoughts on this?

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    1. Missing avatar

      Stephan Albrecht on

      The expansions sounds great...
      BUT as a few already stated having 9-10 people on a boardgame almost never happens! Its awesome to have that many countrys in the game but I would suggest having rules to have KI play them! I think there are already rules for that (?) but one thing that this game would hugely profit of would be an app like the "Mansions of Madness Second Edition has" so you can even play with 3 Games and still have 10 Empires fighting over europe and you in the middle

    2. Fnorder on

      I'm all for expansions, stand-alone or otherwise. It would be especially fun if they provided mre asymmetry, i.e. different sources of winpoints for Tribal/Nomad rulers, or significant rulechanges such as succession laws for different religious groups (Byzantine succession, Iqta etc.)

      Regarding playercount, 9-10 sounds great, but I find that I have most problems selecting games when I have 7-8 people over for game night. If those additions could bump the player numbers to that level that would be great too!

    3. Missing avatar

      Sebastian on

      One more thing: I would be more interested in actual expansions for the base game than a standalone expansion ;)

    4. Missing avatar

      Sebastian on

      9-10 player expansion sounds fun, but I won't be able to run it, so I'm not really interested in that. An expansion set in the east, that I could also play with 4 players for example sounds very interesting to me and I would heavily consider backing that.

    5. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      Some further comment on the expansion plans - we will make smaller expansions as well, adding new scenarios, dynasties, rules and other features to the main game. What we mentioned in the update was plans for the next major expansion, almost as big as the core game itself. And yes - we will not launch a new kickstarter until you all have had plenty of time to play the main game!

    6. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      @Clawtouch: Please email and we'll work it out.

    7. Missing avatar

      Per G on

      Would have been really epic with a 9-10 player game mode! Alternating between crusades and jihads to the Holy land.

    8. Kapitan Chrum on

      What about special additional rules for miniatures for the royal edition?

      As far as we know miniatures are only more visual representation of development cards that pop out and are easy to spot. You were supposed to work on some additional game variant/optional rule set that will make them actually do something more on the map.

      When will we hear something more about it? I'm still waiting for more info before upgrading to royal edition.

    9. Missing avatar

      Florian Stieghorst on

      Thoughts on the expansion idea:

      1. I personally do not enjoy standalones that much. I'd rather integrate new, interesting mechanisms into the original game.

      2. The megagame sounds fun - but as you said, that's really more of a gimmick, since few people will be able to get that to the table.

      3. As others have said: Please don't launch an expansion KS before everyone has had the chance to play the base game a few times. :-) If I enjoy it, I will most likely back an expansion, but if I haven't even received the base game, I will almost certainly skip it.

    10. Peter "Dia Fir" Andersson

      Sounds really cool! You can count on me backing it!
      And please consider expanding the solo game to full co-op...

    11. Alexander B. Hill on

      I really like the possibility of a mega game and I’m fortunate to have a gaming group large enough to actually see this happen. My concern is with the length of the game.
      Regardless, I’m intrigued with the idea.

    12. Eli on

      Expansion idea sounds interesting.
      If combined with the original for the mega game, would that change the crusade mechanics since Jerusalem would likely be on the map?

    13. Clawtouch on

      @Fria-Liga, I have some issues with the PM. I cannot pay the shipping fees.... the PM is blocked when I click on the "pay with card"button.

    14. Missing avatar

      Tony Anthony on

      Sounds like a great idea! Will backers of the core project get a discount?

    15. Missing avatar

      JJ Parus on

      Conceptually, I like the idea. Like many others here, I will be better able to provide an informed opinion after playing the original a number of times.

    16. Henrik Bergendahl on

      Love the mega-game feature!

    17. Missing avatar

      Greg Wal on

      I agree that though "mega-game" concept is intriguing, I think it's better to introduce a smaller expansion. For example, one that introduces Byzantine empire. And only some time after the release so we can enjoy the base game. :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Marcus Sundbom on

      Great to hear some news, but please please please get a playthrough video up, im dying to see more gameplay from the game!!

      About the expansion. If its standalone, its not really an expansion though. Whatever the case, im hoping the "expansion" comes with some addition for the base game with regular playercount, I will NEVER get 9-10 players together :/

    19. Adam Jorgensen on

      While the idea of a 9-10 player game is intriguing my experience with board games has generally been that games which are fun and well balanced with 4 people (E.g. Eldritch Horror, Scythe) are rarely as fun or balanced with a great deal more player (E.g. The Scythe board becomes very hard to move around on with more than 4 players, Eldritch Horror becomes extremely long and difficult with 6+ players)

      I think it would be great if there was a way to integrate the expansion and the base game but I don't think a "mega-game" involving both boards and twice as many players would be a good idea.

    20. Missing avatar

      Mark Buckley

      They can't sit on their hands while waiting for something to be manufactured you know...

    21. Missing avatar

      Shaddix on

      How can you form a valid opinion about any direction the game should go before you play it? Can you please finish (deliver) the base game first before you are thinking about any other income? Thank you!

    22. Missing avatar

      Willy on

      Nice to hear that main focus is standalone, but does this mean there won't still be smaller expansion(s) to add increase playercount? Because I'm sure there is a demand for a sensible rise to six players at least.

    23. Jedit on

      Is it not possible to make a Crusader Kings game without an expansion that adds 100 new provinces to the map?

    24. Jean-Philippe Theriault on

      1- Make sure it's possible to play the expansion with a regular sized cast. It took me a year to find 5+ players to play a game as long as New Angeles and I'd like to play this one at least once a year even with expansion.

      2- If at all possible make the expansion so it can fit inside the original box, or make the expansion box large enough to accommodate the base game as well.

    25. Fria Ligan 19-time creator on

      Thanks for your feedback! We should clarify that the expansion is mainly meant to be played standalone, focusing on a different geographical area. The "mega game" is just a bonus, not the regular way to play. :)

    26. Blake Coleman

      I'd love a map that includes the Byzantine Empire and Crusader States territories.

    27. Windchild on

      It sounds interesting, but I want to play the game for a few times before I would think about picking up the expansion.

      Also, don't overdo it with regards to game mechanics.

    28. Missing avatar

      Willy on

      While an expansion sounds cool and all and we all dream of "mega games", I think that the best course of action would be to start with a smaller expansion. Expanding to east sounds great, but I'd prefer for it to be contained into Eastern Roman Empire and MAYBE one muslim nation. They could easily have some interesting unique mechanics and add on top of that new action cards (or new "events" into them) new traits with some with unique effects etc. and you'd have a solid expansion. Standalone is just too much right off the bat when the game is not even out yet, and the mega game aspect sounds already way too time-intensive for it to be viable without heavily altering the mechanics. For example, players on other sides of the map are so far away that I'd hardly see them interacting, and downtime doubled from a five player maximum of base game sounds like it would be hard to make it work.

      These concerns CAN be of course addressed, but I'd hope for Fria Ligan to not overwhelm themselves with such a demanding work load just yet, instead I'd urge them to perfect and temper their game with something simpler and THEN move on to bigger projects.

      Apologies for bad formatting as I post on a mobile device. Keep up the good work FL, can't wait to play your game!

    29. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      I love the idea of being able to include more people. Up to 10 sounds fantastic, however one issue I encountered with getting people animated to play board games is sadly the length of a game. If you can still do a fast game with many people, and by fast I mean ~2h more or less, then it would be great, but also have a 'longer' version where it could go longer, with more people especially. I look forward to how it could be implemented. India then someday, eh??

    30. Missing avatar

      Mathias Langford on

      Make sure the boards can connect in a visually pleasing manner

    31. Pat on

      My thoughts on an expansion...

      * Up to 10 players? There are far too few 'deep' games that go to this number of players, so this would satisfy something that many other games do not. I for one would absolutely love a large scale game that has the depth that Crusader Kings does. However some of the main reasons I think these types of games are tough to pull off well.... How would the length of turns and downtime be handled? How would the table space be managed? How long would it take to play a game at this size?

      * Standalone: I would be interested to know how this would differ from the base game, and if the new mechanics would be far enough off to justify the expansion, but at the same time be close enough to the original to be able to support the mega-game mentioned.

      * Funding: Would this be another Kickstarter? If this is timed well, you may be able to get a ton of interest after players have had a chance to try out Crusader Kings when it hits tables in 2019.

      I for one did not back high enough to receive a copy of the game during the initial KS, and felt that I would rather wait til retail and see what others think. I had way too many questions about gameplay and did not see enough during the Kickstarter to justify a purchase. Noting how many gameplay changes there seem to have been, I feel that this was a good idea. That being said, I am very excited to try the game and if it turns out to reach the potential I think it has, a standalone would surely get my pledge, and likely many others in the same boat as I.

      I encourage you to get player feedback after the base game has hit tables, and I think the standalone game has great potential if approached from the right angle.

    32. Wesley Scott on

      lol keeping tradition with Paradox’s infamous DLC?

    33. Missing avatar

      William Sims on

      As long as the expansion is well thought out and balanced it sounds great, but please don't over-saturate the game with new "mechanics" and unnecessary "DLC."

    34. Michael McGrath on

      Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East? Time to reform the Roman Empire!

    35. Missing avatar

      Spyros Kamilalis on

      Thoughts on the Expansion: I've pretty much supported the whole endeavor in order to, some day, get to play as the Basileus of Constantinople. Bring it on! I'm looking forward to the extra goodies, if it goes through kickstarter again, that is.

      For now, I can't wait to get my hands on the game and start exploring!