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A grand strategy board game of rival kings and dynasties in medieval Europe, based on the acclaimed computer game Crusader Kings. LATE PLEDGES AVAILABLE NOW!
A grand strategy board game of rival kings and dynasties in medieval Europe, based on the acclaimed computer game Crusader Kings. LATE PLEDGES AVAILABLE NOW!
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Check out the miniatures!

Posted by Fria Ligan (Creator)


Again, apologies for the not-so-frequent updates about the Crusader Kings - The Board Games. It certainly doesn't mean that nothing is happening with the game, quite the opposite!

After Essen Spiel - which was awesome, we ran three tables with demo games non-stop for four days straight, se picture below - we're now very busy finishing the final details of the game before going to print in just a few weeks. 

The plastic miniatures are already being finalized - check out samples from the factory below. The actual minis will have color and the bases will be smaller, but the designs and sizes of the figures are final.

As previously mentioned, we do have a delay on finalizing this game, caused by the additional work on finishing the unlocked stretch goals as well as a prolonged playtesting period. According to the current plan, the factory will ship the finished games to our warehouses in February, and then we will ship to all backers ASAP.

We apologize for the delay and hope for your understanding in this matter.

/Free League

 And a shot from the Paradox Interactive booth at Essen Spiel:

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    1. Cassill on

      They set the timeframe, not us. Holding soneone accountable to a timeline they themselves have set when they have previous experience and included minis day one is not unreasonable. To view the practice of giving overly ambitious timeframes and not meeting them as reasonable will allow the practice to become the norm and then who suffers?

      The lack of communication for the delay is mainly the issue here and the fact that (at least from what we have been told) the delay reasons all seem to have been forseeable and included in the original timeframes,

    2. Missing avatar

      John Albers on

      Wait...People thought this would be here before Christmast 2018?!? I am just hopeful to get it before Christmas 2019. Clearly ya'll have never kickstarted a game with mini's before

    3. Edmund Angel on

      Okay let me start of by saying delays happen and I am okay with that but, I pledged expecting to get this before Christmas (I knew there was a chance it wouldn't happen) So would you do us a favor for those that wanted to give this as a Christmas present and do a nice graphic that we could give instead of the game while we patiently wait for what will truly be an awesome game?

    4. Missing avatar

      Brent Littlejohn on

      As long as you keep us posted all is good. The pieces look great.

    5. Missing avatar

      dylan189 on

      So when is the new expected delivery date?

    6. Cassill on

      Thank you for the update. I hope they continue in a more regular fashion, even if there is no news. This will keep your backers in the loop.

      The miniatures also look great.

      I just wanted to say that I am dissapointed with the delivery date. I support a good and error free product but playtesting, proofing, manufacturing and distribution should be incorporated into any good schedule. All of the causes for delay you have mentioned (one of which was incorporation of your own stretch goals) one would assume to be included in your original november 2018 date. Your game will be delayed ~6 months and all of your reasons for that delay seem to have been forseeable. An unforeseeable delay could be unreasonable manufacturing, boat or docking delays or natural disasters - these do not seem to be applicable to this project based on what backers have been told. If these things are the reason for the delay, i advise better communication with your backers.

      I would advise you to overestimate your delivery date in the future if you are not certain.

    7. Missing avatar

      Holyhong on

      Thx for the update guys!

      Nope, this is not irony, I am serious: Take your time you need to create the perfect game for us!!

    8. Andrea Pavan "Ponch" on

      bad news for the paradox and its upcoming projects (Europa Universalis).....

    9. Windchild on

      @Johnny D
      Their original timeline was highly unrealistic (to the point of being near impossible to commit to)

    10. Johnny D on

      "Blah blah blah blah blah" your games are going to be 6 months late. Thanks guys.

    11. strewth78 on

      If the factory will ship in February, will that not get delayed till March (Chinese new year etc) and won't that mean 6 weeks of shipment time thereafter? So am I wrong to estimate late April/may delivery times for us, based on this update?

    12. Petr Svarny

      Looks great and thanks for the update. Although I am a little sad this will not make it for Christmas.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Meganck on

      Can you post video’s of the demo games, please?

    14. Missing avatar

      Pontus Magnusson on

      Miniatures are looking great! Really looking forward to playing this.

    15. Pieter De Schutter on

      The miniatures look great indeed, I'm sure it'll be worth waiting for.

    16. Tobias on

      Thank you for the update

    17. Missing avatar

      Matthew Gilkison

      Looking great!!! Keep up the excellent work!!!