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$5.00 pledged of $10,000 goal
$5.00 pledged of $10,000 goal


Live Edge Wood Slabs from reclaimed wood that has died because of the drought in east Texas gets transformed into the most beautiful natural wood furniture and wooden home decor. 

Our family owns property in Texas with thousands of acres of land. With many different tree species available and the art and design ingenuity flowing in the family bloodline we have a dedication to excellence when it comes to our wood work. 

We want to break into the market of supplying large dining tables and table tops for coffee tables, bar tops, and counter tops of the most beautiful woods to high end interior designers and home builders in California.

 There is a design show that we believe will showcase our work best and be able to put this infant company on the map. We want to let people enjoy our beautiful work and need to start selling products to continue funding our projects.

 With every fund we will send out a one of a kind cedar wooden candle holder or cypress tree limb candle holder with a fiberglass wick casing to hold lamp oil which will never burn out. We hope to raise money to fund our projects that will be shown at the design show. We need to transport the pieces and pay for a booth, tent, and travel costs. 

We believe this will help the world see the beauty of our work which has yet to be seen. Check out a website that in under construction still not ready yet but great just for some ideas!

Risks and challenges

The risks involved come in transporting peices, ofcourse they must come on time for the show. We have a house in California and would ship the prducts over to the show area extra early by about one week.

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