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Outwit your opponent in this tactical card game of bluffing and deduction.
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Gang of Mibits: Making More with Less

Posted by Monsoon Publishing (Creator)

What I like about Dominion is how sometimes a single card is useful by itself (e.g. Witch, Adventurer, and Chapel); and sometimes a single card doesn’t achieve a “complete” effect, but a collection of cards do (e.g. you need 4 Villages and 3 Smithys to make a Village-Smithy deck). The Scrambler and the Good-for-Something belong to the second type, and we'll talk about the Scrambler in this article.  

When an opponent plays to the Scrambler’s location, the Scrambler must move to another location. This seems like the worst ability in the game, and it is definitely hard to use, but when you accumulate a group of Scramblers at your battle location late in a round, it can be very troublesome for your opponent, especially if your battle location is smaller than your opponent’s!  

What ends up happening is, since the Scrambler just runs away, the Mibit player usually plays the Scrambler to a non-battle location at first. Knowing this, the opponent often leaves the Scrambler alone and ignores it, and plays to their own battle location instead. Late in the round, the opponent might have a 6-4 advantage at their battle location, location 5 for example, for a net strategy rating of 10 points. However, the Mibit player might have four Scramblers at location 3, for a net strategy rating of 12 points. Usually, the opponent can catch up by playing to location 3, now that he also knows what the other side’s battle location is. But here is the catch, and why it works if the Mibit’s battle location is smaller: when the opponent plays to location 3, the four Scramblers can move to location 5 for an even greater advantage!  

Now, the obvious solution to this, from the opponent’s perspective, is playing to location 3 earlier and not allowing the Scramblers to accumulate. However, the Scrambler might be there to lure opponent units into a non-battle location instead! When used deceptively, Scramblers can be quite useful.


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    1. Monsoon Publishing 3-time creator on

      Thanks! We have one more. :)

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      MingYang Lu on

      These articles are really fun to read and seriously make me so excited to get this game.

      Looks awesome~~~