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Outwit your opponent in this tactical card game of bluffing and deduction.
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Guards of Keion: Information Is Power, Including the Power to Not Use It.

Posted by Monsoon Publishing (Creator)
Guards of Keion vs Gang of Mibits
Guards of Keion vs Gang of Mibits

Today I want to talk about two units in the Guards of Keion Faction. The Explorer allows the Keion player to look at his next Location Card. The Guardian Angel comes into play with a stay token, so she stays at her location for two rounds (normally units are discarded at the end of each round). 

The obvious combo here is to look at your location for next round, and preemptively put Guardian Angels there so you start the next round with a big advantage. However, another way to use the combo, is to look at your next location with an Explorer, and then play a Guardian Angel to this round’s location. Using the combo in both ways throughout the game makes it hard for the opponent to guess the purpose of your Guardian Angel’s being played to location X. Anytime you metagame in such a way that allows you to play units to your real battle location without giving any information to the opponent is a good thing! 

And there is a third way to use the Explorer-Guardian Angel combo. Play the Guardian Angel to neither this round’s location, nor next round’s location. This shouldn’t be done too often, but done sparingly in the right situations it can be very useful. Consider the Gang of Mibits for example. They have very small units. The only way for them to amass a proper attack on a location is by using Gangan Bits. However, this unit has a weakness: they, as a group, can only go to one location. So what the Mibit player often ends up doing when they have a small location for the round, is to guess your location and try attaining majority there if they feel like your location is bigger than theirs. 

If the Mibit player decides to do this and is successful, then luring them to a big fake location with a couple of Guardian Angels, while having a small unit at your own small but real location, can win you the round!

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    1. Monsoon Publishing 3-time creator on

      Thanks Hyrum, we try to make the game simple but interactive!

    2. Hyrum Baker

      I cannot adequately describe how excited I am about the design of this game. I adore games that are simple on the surface while offering players incredible depth. This combo is exactly what I mean. It looks to me like this game is riddled with interesting strategies and card interactions like these. I can't wait to find out firsthand!