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Outwit your opponent in this tactical card game of bluffing and deduction.
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League of Agents: Take Advantage of What Your Opponent Doesn't Know

Posted by Monsoon Publishing (Creator)
League of Agents in action.
League of Agents in action.

When a player playing Tigris and Euphrates says, “I cannot do anything without Red Tiles,” I tell them, “Not if your opponent knows it.” In many games, it’s not just about executing what you know, but also being able to take advantage of what your opponent doesn’t know. The League of Agents in Warriors of Jogu takes this to an extreme. 

Twelve of League of Agents’ units are Smoke-n-Screens, zero-strength cards that are played face-down. When a new Agent player draws four Smoke-n-Screens, he might feel that his hand doesn’t allow him to do anything, but he would be wrong. Like Sun Tzu says, wars aren’t won by winning battles, but by not losing them. To us, drawing a hand full of Smoke-n-Screens is very exciting! This is because they allow the Agents to extract value out of a losing round like no other faction can.  

Play those Smoke-n-Screens in a way that makes the opponent think he has to commit a lot of his best units in order to win the round. He will either give up and pass, thereby giving you a free win for the round; or commit to playing lots of cards. Remember, in Warriors of Jogu, faction cards are not reshuffled, so by forcing your opponent into playing more cards, you might deplete his deck and get a free win in the final round. 

Think about it this way, in the long term you are going to lose half of the rounds, so half of the time, Smoke-n-Screens is the best card in your deck! They let you deplete the opponent’s deck in a losing round without your losing any morale. The challenge is telling a “nice story” that entices the other side into playing more cards. 

Then, the next level is making it look like you are telling a story when you are actually trying to win a round.

Monsoon Publishing

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