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Outwit your opponent in this tactical card game of bluffing and deduction.
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Linen Card Finish Unlocked, and New Stretch Goals

Posted by Monsoon Publishing (Creator)

Dear Backers,

I think we have 50 FB shares (though we are not a hundred percent sure because some of the shares are not showing up from FB being weird), so we will go ahead and unlock the Linen Card Finish. We hope this adds to the touch of the game!

For the next stretch goals, we have extra bank style morale tokens and faction summary cards. With the bank style morale tokens, each faction will come with six more morale tokens (Tribe Wu will come with seven more), so that their morale can be tracked "bank style" without the need for a scoring board, adding a portable option to the game. With the unlocking of a previous stretch goal, the faction-specific VP tokens, the game already has enough components to track VP this way, so the scoring board can be replaced completely with bank-style tokens! 

The five faction summary cards are cards that a give general overview and unit counts for each faction. Even though it is only five cards, it makes the total card count an odd number for printing, so incurs a bit of an extra cost than one'd expect.

Monsoon Publishing


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