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Outlasting the Dead is an action packed 3rd person zombie shooter that tests your reflexes and survival skills. Read more

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Outlasting the Dead is an action packed 3rd person zombie shooter that tests your reflexes and survival skills.

Outlasting the Dead Developer Diary 2


Hey everyone, welcome back to SilverHelm Studios Kickstarter project for Outlasting the dead. This episode we are talking about the Taunting, Environmental Interaction and Bracing systems. The information below highlights the information straight from our game design document. Thanks so much for stopping by!!! Tell a friend and help us out by pledging!.

Taunting:  Every Avatar has a specific taunt with corresponding animation that temporarily disables combat abilities in order to draw the attention of nearby zombies. This is an excellent tool to use to lure enemies into traps that have been laid, to save a downed team mate that needs reviving or give your teammates the opportunity to strike enemies in their weak spot.


The taunt ability lasts only as long as the player chooses too, and upon ending reactivates full combat abilities. This also ends the temporary lure to the taunting Avatar and any nearby players become instant targets for any zombies. Be warned that fast moving zombies become enraged when taunted and are able to clear obstacles faster than usual. Also if the taunting Avatar is injured the taunt automatically ends and all effects cease.

Interactive Environments: Within every level there are certain objects that can be dragged or manipulated by the players in order to create obstacles, routes or whatever the players deem appropriate to defend their section of the map. These interactive object can be moved by one player, or in some instances requires two.

When the object is placed, it will act as a temporary barricade against zombies that approach from the ground. Even the best defense however isn’t fool proof and can be moved by zombies given enough force. Players can stop a zombie advance by utilize the Brace ability.

Brace:Players standing near a moveable object are able to use the brace ability in which they force their own bodies against a given barricade preventing the movement of the object and disabling zoomed aiming. This then gives the player a close quarters aiming reticule for enemies immediately across from them at the barricade. Ceasing the brace ability returns the player to regular game play.
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