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The Bingle Bus is going to be the first mobile audio/visual podcast set in a completely refurbished "short" school bus.
The Bingle Bus is going to be the first mobile audio/visual podcast set in a completely refurbished "short" school bus.
605 backers pledged $60,486 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Elochka Elka on

      Hi, for the items that meant to be arriving feb 15 I have changed my address since the pledge. What can I do to update it for delivery?

    2. Missing avatar

      Coreyg on

      Bingle all the way!!!

    3. Bill Henry on

      Sincere Congrats.
      The end of that marathon podcast marks the end of an era. It also starts the next chapter of something that we all agree is entertaining and keeps us coming back.
      Hope to see the bus roll in person someday.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jaime Pena on

      Good luck Eddy. I would of pledged more since I really wanted the old podcasts but I spent way too much money at Tahoe on gambling and strippers. No bad.

    5. Missing avatar

      Brett Hoopyface on

      Bingly bingly boo! Come to SAN JOSE! Do you know the way?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Congrats! I stoked about this. No only did Jason do the engagement song for me he is also sending a postcard to me with a nursery rhyme on it for my daughter.

    7. Missing avatar

      Patrick Voosen on

      Any chance that Wylde, Redban, and Hinchcliffe will be on the telethon at the same time???

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Acevedo on

      Ha ha I can't believe all you fuckers waited till the last few days to donate. Well done guys, made Eddie shit bricks.

    9. Missing avatar

      Dennis on

      HELL YES!!! Blue waffles 4 everyone!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Adrian Sanchez on

      lets get to working on the Bus now.... let me know if you need any help.

    11. Erich Bucky Loads Drexler on


      Congrats, you fucking dildos!

    12. Missing avatar

      Jason Fogo on

      Good fuckin work... you cunts!

      To another 364 or more

    13. Missing avatar

      Rob mcconnell on

      I didn't see an option for getting a daily hjs or a truckload of Mexican landscapers so I snagged this.binglebus bringing the rape cottage to you!


    14. Missing avatar

      Chris Rees on

      When it reaches 50k I think you could say thanks to the fans by releasing the infamous Talkin Sh#t about Eddie for free! #iaintgot1.5k

    15. Arturo Aguirre on

      Almost there with 3 days to go. Dropped $100 but since I'd rather not spend time with Jason, I opted for the $75 reward:P

    16. Missing avatar

      Jason Berthiaume on

      Came for Jim stayed for E D Die. Hope you guys get the funding your so close! Any little bit helps!

    17. Missing avatar

      Bradley O'Donnell on

      Finally got to donate a bit. Wish I could kick in more as I do believe The Bingle Bus is a GREAT way for this show to be able move on and adapt to inevitable change.

    18. Missing avatar

      Andrew Douglas on

      Just had to be the last to kick in

    19. Missing avatar

      Steve F on

      I assume the bear skin Jason will be featured on will serve as an area rug for his teepee. Have to work on that feng shui.

    20. Simon richardson on

      Is there another kickstarter for Jason's teepee?

    21. Missing avatar

      Emmanuel Marquez on

      Could only donate 15 cause I'm Jason broke, but glad I could help a little since this show has given me many hours of fun during work hours

    22. Missing avatar

      Jay Allan on

      6 grand more guy
      tell a friend to donate
      I need this so bad

    23. Shaun Cleary on

      I've got such an appreciation for comedy and podcasting all because of your show... Can't wait to hear what you come up with once this project gets going

    24. Missing avatar

      Mike Eidelbes on

      I already donated, but I'd give more for a picture of the dog eating a deuce out of the Indian guy's butthole autographed by Eddie (Indian guy), Yoshi (poop), and Jason (dog).

    25. Missing avatar

      Richard James on

      Holy shit this might actually happen!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Ken Hodel on

      I'd definitely pledge a couple of hundred more bucks if I could get a walking tour of Park Slope from Brian P McCarthy.

    27. Eli Reynolds on

      See you backstage Eddie!! I was going to make you sweat and wait till next week but hopefully we can get more than the 50!!

    28. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Are we there yet?

    29. Missing avatar

      Dave Whelton on

      Donated, even though paying through kickstarter is a pain the the arse if you didn't have Amazon! Good luck Eddie!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Simon Redfern on

      Have pledged twice for 450, will give more if needed

    31. Missing avatar

      Kent Wewzow on

      Come on Shitheads donate!!!

    32. Igor Stepura on

      For those wanting to do multiple pledges - You either will need to create another account (which will use the same Amazon credentials) or Eddie The Busmaster can keep track of multiple pledges by himself and your single pledge will be a total sum.

    33. Judd McKenna on

      Same here, I want to make another pledge, but don't want to cancel the other, not sure how to do this.

    34. Missing avatar

      Francisco Maia on

      How do I add another pledge without canceling the one I already made?

    35. Barry Dodds on

      Guys, I want the postcard, the shirt and the poster. I've pledged $15 for the postcard but can't do another for the $50 incentive? Help!

    36. Missing avatar

      Chris Rees on

      Eddie if you make the infamous episode a way more realistic price I'll donate again.

    37. Missing avatar

      Alex Wasik on

      Come on Shitheads!

    38. Alexander Kenneth Beltzer-Sweeney on

      Almost there. Cant wait to see this happen.

    39. Andrew Dougans on

      How abouta close proximity paintball or airsoft shot to the back of a mong? How much to stay in Jason's teepee? Love the bearskin idea, looking forward to my picture.

    40. Eddie Ifft Creator on

      Randy Puga, you already have a lifetime pass! ShitHead for Life!!!

    41. Michele Quier on

      I hope this shit makes it.

    42. Garth Willoughby on

      Delete and ban user :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Tim McLaughlin on

      I wish I had enough money to buy all 25 of the Jason being my personal bathroom attendant so I could make him be there for a month.

    44. Max King on

      I got $100 in. Will repeat again in a week. Come on shitheads we got this!

    45. Missing avatar

      Jeff Spencer on

      Is this seriously the best the Shitheads can do? Two free podcasts per week and you fucks can't even chip in ten bucks? Step it up guys!

    46. Natasha Christy on

      Pledged for by @scottjonesy . Thanks so much for YOUR pledge. #oprahsnipple :)

    47. Andrew Dougans on

      Was really hoping for a tasteful nude of Jason

    48. Missing avatar

      Hulone on

      Since I'm donating $250, can I get the scenic walking tour of Venice with Jason as well?

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