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$30,701 pledged of $13,000 goal
By Soda Pop Miniatures
$30,701 pledged of $13,000 goal

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New Stretch Goal 50K!

Well everyone!  According to Kickstarter's clock, this party is over in 18 hours... we cry bollocks on that!  Join the Tentacle Bento drive over at our site: http://girls.sodapopminiatures.com/content/fund-tentacle-bento .  We are over 43K and still going with pledges rolling through until June 17th on our site!  We hope to hit 50K here soon to meet our next stretch goal.  We will be getting final quotes back tomorrow on our own Tentacle Bento branded Bento Boxes!  Delicious lunch box, or awesome card case... you be the judge!

Artwork is all in, just waiting on some packaging stuffs to start sharing some more details!  Thank you all for your support!

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Nearing 40k! - New Stretch Goal TBD

Hello Everyone!

Given that it is a holiday weekend, we are sorry that we cannot confirm our new stretch goal to everyone just yet... pricing and production questions outstanding, we expect to hear back very soon.

Question to everyone, regarding artwork and posters.

We have had a number of questions about our posters and how we will be delivering them.  And at present, it is standard to deliver artwork and posters as folded posters in mailers with the rest of your rewards.  We would like to offer up a "tube mailer" option for anyone who wants rolled artwork as an upgrade to your pledge as we would have to mail it separate in a secure/crushproof container.  Please let us know your thoughts.

We are moving things right along!  Here is a preview of the "pre-layout" art print for Tentacle Bento featuring the aliens and our star students - needs some polish and other graphic elements, but you can see where we are going  :)

Thanks for your continued support, things are still swinging on our site: http://girls.sodapopminiatures.com/content/fund-tentacle-bento

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Hello everyone, 

We are working on getting together quotes for our next stretch goal - we want to be sure we can deliver on-time and with the rest of your goodies, so thank you for being patient!  More news to come!  The school year will be starting soon. 

(PS - OVER 36K folks... )

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First Sketches of the REIQ Poster

All backers at our site - http://girls.sodapopminiatures.com/content/fund-tentacle-bento will be getting a newly commissioned Tentacle Bento poster! Early character sketches are coming together, our artist is hard at work. 

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Hey Everyone!

Just a heads up, thank you all for your continued support, we have really rallied, and there is no way we could have done that without you!

So far, Tentacle Bento has now achieved 32,000 in funding -

We have opted to honor all of our stretch goals up to 35K, but starting next week, we will announce new stretch goals, and some fun treats for everyone.  

More updates coming soon!

All the best from Soda Pop! Happy Weekend.