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Update #7

Abyss audio

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Dear Abyss supporters,

As you hopefully all have heard, Abyss was tremendously successful on many levels. We succeeded in challenging so many of the boundaries typically present around Yale events, Yale-New Haven events, collaborations between multiple schools at Yale, and of course, most importantly, the boundaries between multiple forms of live entertainment including classical music especially. We are eager to keep development of this show moving in the future, and have been taking small but important steps toward that goal. In the meantime, we wanted to link you to the soundtrack to the show, as promised: It is, of course, a live recording so everything is somewhat distant from the microphones but it should still be a clear document of the music from the show. We are combing through massive amounts of video now, eager to put something visual up on the website within a few weeks, which we will certainly alert you about as well.

Thanks so much for your support and belief in our project. Please get in touch with us about anything, as we owe the world to you.



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    Whoa! You will get the full soundtrack to our show!

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    Woop woop! We're going to record an official apocalyptic-themed voicemail for you to use on your phone!

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    Guess what! We'll reserve you seats for any night of your choosing and list your name in our program.

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    Alright! We will give you a signed copy of some of the documents from our planning stages of the show--drafts of the script, drafts of musical scores, behind the scenes stuff!

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    What do you know! We'll incorporate in image of you (or some other image if you want to keep your likeness private) into our visuals projections that occur during our show. The context for this will probably be terrifying though.

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    Nice! Stephen will write you an original song using your name as all of the lyrics.

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    Hey hey! We'll take you to dinner in appreciation for all your support. We may also involve you in the audience participation part of the live performance, with your permission, of course.

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